Super Smash Bros - Link Attacking

In today’s screenshot from the daily updates from the official Super Smash Bros. website, you can see Link in action in the Wii U version of the game. Director of the upcoming instalment in the Nintendo all-star brawler, Masahiro Sakurai, uploads these screenshots during development. On Miiverse, he noted that Link is finishing off a move while Kirby is dancing in the background. The blue glow and Sakurai’s words lead me to believe that this captures the end of a forward smash attack–or maybe even a new Final Smash?

Source: Super Smash Bros.
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  • Khao

    I… think this is obviously Link’s forward tilt. Notice his position, and the sword being so close to the floor means it won’t be moving any further down.

    Screenshot from brawl to compare:

    • Dood

      Yea, definitely the forward tilt.

    • craZ

      from these comparisons you can see how much SSB4 is better, graphic-wise

  • Reece

    People are welcome to discredit me as a noob but, "forward smash", "forward tilt"… it's all the same to me. And I play these games a lot. Just be glad I didn't describe it as "the stuff that happens when you mashy-mash the controller thingy". I did try to be down with the cool kids 🙁

    (And I looked up the difference, before anyone goes on to explain). :3

    • Name

      You're forgiven 🙂

  • XxGaGaStarxX

    ewwwwww thats the link from skyward sword -_____-

    • Anon

      kill yourself

      • Cribbs


    • Doc

      That's actually TP Link, you can tell by the details on his clothing and the items he uses.

      I would have preferred Skyward Sword Link by far

    • craZ

      Lol guys, some Zelda fans like SS, some don't. It's all good.

  • XxGaGaStarxX

    I hope u can change the skin

  • Mickii

    How can anyone be content with SSB4 Link?? He's just TP Link (Brawl) but with slightly different colors. Can't he look more like SS Link? They just didn't make much of an effort. He'd better have significantly different moves. At least a Skyward Strike..?

    • Jenny

      I agree. To be honest, I was outraged when I saw that they'd used the same design, as much as I love Twilight Princess. Skyward Sword is brilliant, and I was expecting and looking forward to battling as my favourite incarnation of Link. What possible reasoning could they have had behind it? They upgraded Samus's look, so why not do the same with Link? It doesn't make any sense.

      And I think that it'd be really cool if you could choose which Link you can fight as (OoT, TP, and SS Link could all be playable?). It seems a more flexible idea now that they've gotten rid of the story mode – which I am also still annoyed at.

      • Mickii

        My thoughts exactly. I was really excited to play as SS Link, but ended up being dissapointed. Everything else in the game looks epic (other characters, stages, etc. ), but couldn't they have made more of an effort for us Zelda fans?

        But with another year for dovelopment, I hope they tune up a few things. If they arent planning on fixing Link, they should at least make up for it one way or another. That suggestion of yours sounds pretty cool.

      • X_factor

        Ya wanna know why TP Link is still being used rather than SS? It's because….. shhhh… he's…. Left-handed. Boom! Reason for life! 😉

        • Ixbran

          technically hes right handed.

          when wielding a sword and sheild, it is always advised you use your dominant arm to wield the shield. you'll need the extra muscles in that arm for when blows impact the shield. If you used the shield with your weak arm, there's a great risk of damage to the muscle tissue and bone in said arm.

          So technically Link has been right handed this whole time, due to wielding the shield on his right arm. Not becoming left handed until the Wii version of TP, and SS.

          • X_factor

            Miyamoto says left-handed … that's good enough for me 😀

          • Ixbran

            Then Miyamoto never bothered to do his research regarding how one properly uses a shield then.

          • X_factor

            To be honest, beyond you, I don't think anyone really cares…

  • lulles

    Not gonna complain that this is TP Link. I love his design, AND he's left-handed.

  • 900yr Old Green Guy

    Strong with this one the force is…

  • Mik

    Wow, Link looks lame in that upcoming SSB game. Why did they have to based him on the lame-looking SS Link? Why couldn't they make him look more like he did in the Wii U Zelda tech demo?

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Is that… Is that Sector Zero in the background of the stage…? Looks strinkingly similar.

  • Tareirareirara

    TP Link's design is by far the best, so even though I was expecting SS Link I'm still pleased with how he will be, looks actually like a mix of the two; the colors of the garments and his hair match SS Link, while the outfit design is TP's, and he's holding the sword with his left hand as he always did! Q u Q THAT's something it would have pissed me off, if he held it with his right hand, the only reason he's right handed on SS is because most people are and fits the remote, otherwise he'd still use it with his left <3

  • Izumi

    Thats strange