No, this is not a joke. Nintendo has in fact announced the 2DS. As the title suggests, it is essentially a 3DS without the 3D aspect of it as it retains all of the standard features such as Wifi and local multiplayer. There is one big physical difference however. It will not keep the compact flip model of the 3DS. Instead, it will be one flat, portable system. Nintendo describes it as “seriously affordable”, getting at the intention behind this release. The system is set to be available on October 12th. Hit the jump to watch the official trailer that Nintendo has released for the 2DS.

Source: Nintendo
Via: IGN
  • Caleb Carpenter

    Hey, my name is Caleb Carpenter and I thought the advertisement for the Nintendo ds was awesome! :)) My brothers have the Nintendo ds, but once I save up some cash I think I'm going to get them the Nintendo 2DS version. I like it. Anybody agree or disagree? :))

  • Metal Man

    The intention behind the 2DS is to provide an affordable, durable, entry level gaming console and 3DS alternative for children under 7 years old (according to health and safety information for 3DS, stereoscopic 3D can cause vision damage to children 6 and under). The fact that it's more affordable though would probably appeal to a broader range of people than just parents looking for something for their kids. I can also see older people or people who struggle with stereoscopic 3D going for the 2DS too.

    • Dartpaw86

      Why is this a problem? People can "Turn off the 3D" as well as set parental controls to lock the 3D off.

      The only reason they're releasing this, not because of the 3D, they're just milking the fact that more people will want cheaper access to Pokemon X and Y.

      • MikeL

        So providing a cheaper alternative where the buyers wont have to pay extra for a feature they never intend to use is somehow bad in your opinion?

        • Dartpaw86

          1- It's not bad, for the consumer or developers at all.
          2- I never said it was bad. I used the term "Milking" as in they're squeezing as much money as they can out of this, I never said I had a problem, they've been milking Pikachu for years and I never complained.

      • Metal Man

        This is for people who don't have a 3DS already, hence "entry level". It costs less than a 3DS. People who aren't going to use the 3D feature would probably choose the cheaper alternative for their children. Where's the problem? Do you think people who already have a 3DS are supposed to go out and buy a 2DS too? As for disabling the 3D with parental controls, most people don't even know that's an option, especially parents with no experience with 3DS.

  • Ren

    I have a 3DS and I’ve probably used the 3D aspect of the thing for probably a total of 10 minutes. No loss there. The 2DS looks a bit thick considering it’s losing a hinge, and I’m not sure if the button placement will be more ergonomic despite more surface area. But maybe it’ll be fine for tinier hands rather than long, grown-up fingers. Otherwise, it just looks like a taller Wii U controller.

    I don’t really have an opinion, positive or negative. It’s kind of a concession on Nintendo’s part that the 3D part of their handheld games doesn’t really matter. Will it create better games? Probably not, unless it’ll save developers money from dealing with 3D. It’ll probably confuse parents and gift-buyers because it seems weird that the #2DS is newer than the #3DS. Will we then have DS, 2DS and 3DS sections at game stores? *head explodes*

  • mary

    stupid idea. just simply turn off the 3d function how hard is that? then i bet you cant even use 3ds games on it because the 3d function is in the games. then everyone will want the 2ds which is basically a nintendo DSi that cant flip to be more compact. and then every 3ds game will become obsolete.

    • MikeL

      Why don't you at least read the information before you complain? It is built without the 3D functionality to make it cheaper. It has the exact same processing hardware as the 3DS which means it will play every single 3DS game exactly like a 3DS does with the 3D off. It is not a DSi anymore than the 3DS is a DSi.
      Maybe you're just clueless when it comes to technology but the DS family and the 3DS family is an entire generation apart in hardware.

      • Timothy

        Actually according to certain people even off certain people can still have issues. with the 2DS they are taking out the 3d screen and putting a 2D one in. Even when my 3DS's 3D is turned off I can still see the split imaging because my eyes are just weird like that..

        • DarkLink1996

          That's not possible, the screen or the slider in your 3DS might be faulty

    • Felix

      Come on, mary. Get your stuff together and read the description and a comment or two before saying something like that.

    • Kagura

      I think you've been chewed out enough… I just think your comment is Anderson Stupid :l if only people nowadays knew how to read. /shrugs/

  • mango561

    How will you do the map stamping puzzle in Phantom Hourglass where you have to close the ds/3ds? It doesn't fold!!!

    • craZ

      They said most of the DS games. Phantom Hourglass may be taken out of the games made for this thing.

      • craZ

        I just hope they don't make 2ds exclusive games. Because then I would get mad.

    • MikeL

      I don't think the game was actually aware that the lid closed but rather used the fact that the system was put in sleep mode when closed. So putting the 2DS in sleep mode with the button will probably make the game think the lid was closed.

      • Mr. Man

        Smart thinking. You're probably right.

    • DarkLink1996

      There is a sleep mode button, that should do it just fine

  • Arthur

    I would of liked one if it didn't look so hideous and hard to hold, I like the no 3d idea for price but there's no reason to get rid of the hinge.

    • Metal Man

      The reason to get rid of the hinge was so the age range it's intended for (6 and younger) won't snap the top screen off. Not a very difficult concept to grasp.

  • Linkxy

    This design takes me back to the good old days of Game Boy color. I'm guessing their going to have a 2DS Pokemon X and Y bundle based on the last few color schemes they used. Actually, they look a bit like game cartridges. Sigh… Nostalgia kicking in.

  • John

    What is the intention of the games that are designed with the stereoscopic 3D in mind? I am one that always turns the 3D off, so this would have been a no-brainer for me if they would have had it back then, seeing how I paid 249.99 for my 3DS…..but curious what the 2DS will do to the games that were intended for the 3D effect

  • craZ

    This isn't Zelda News.

    • gravyfan

      Since there are Zelda titles you can use on this system, I'd say it most definitely is Zelda news. If what you say is true, then anything concerning the Wii U (or any other Nintendo system for that matter) is also non-Zelda. This is clearly not the case. 😉

  • wandersage

    I was just thinking how I'd like a 3DS but didn't want to spend a bunch of money on it. I was gonna try and find a used one but this is just perfect timing. Not sue if having no hinge is all that great but I can't wait to see what it'll cost and see if it's worth it.

  • shadow_link

    It does look good, but seeing as I have a 3ds I would not purchase it

  • shawntl2010

    At least The mic. is on the front and not the bottom.

  • Baker1000

    I had to actually pinch myself and question if this was all a dream when I saw this. I think it's daft, it looks awful and I don't think it's going to sell all that well. I know the intention is the make it affordable, but I don't think it looks appealing enough to make those who haven't picked up a 3DS yet, want to actually purchase it.

    And does removing the hinge really make it that much cheaper? It's just literally removed the portability of it as you can't get the thing in your pocket. I've just noticed it's only got one speaker…odd.

    • MikeL

      Yes, they definitely save a lot in manufacturing costs. One back plate, one front plate, one circuit board and no complex mechanical part.
      It certainly looks like a toy, which makes sense since it's targeted at children and I'm sure it looks appealing enough to the people who are going to buy them: the parents of those children.

  • GreatMidnaFan

    Wait would you be able to play 3Ds games on the 2Ds?

  • Michael Drewitt

    Hmm, well I don't own a 3DS and was planning on stealing my friends for a week to play, and beat A Link Between Two Worlds- but if this is cheap, I may just have to pick one up with a copy of the game.