A Link Between Worlds US Box Art

Nintendo have revealed a more specific release date A Link Between Worlds than the previously announced “November 2013” window. US fans can expect the game to launch on November 22nd at the suggested retail price of $39.99. There are still no specific dates for other territories yet.

The official box art for this release was also revealed as you can see above. Doesn’t that gold tone seem similar to another recent US box art reveal?

Source: My Nintendo News
  • Benny


    Great cover.

  • zordons ghost

    This game looks boss…
    Definitely going to buy it day one.

  • craZ

    Can't buy it day one like zordons, but definitely asking this baby for Christmas. Also, if I get the money and get the bundle and Nintendo Land (pre-ordered), probably gona ask Wii U games or gift cards to Gamestop for Wii U games.

  • Philip Akkerman

    A gold cartridge would be epic.

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    I like all the gold box art, it takes you back to when Zelda games came in gold cartridges! Can't wait for this game, I will be getting it day 1, but with school and work I may be too busy to play it until winter break. I still need to beat ALttP first though!

  • Echon

    I understand the nostalgia factor involved with the decision, but I think the art would look better colored rather than shaded in gold. The flipped Tri-Force is rather heavy against the gold and keeps stealing the view.

  • wandersage

    I'm really excited for this, and if I get that new cheaper 2DS it'll be the first game I buy but I think I ought to go back and replay a link to the past first

  • RPH1

    What if the front of the game card was gold and the back was black?

  • Seshimaroo

    Am I the only one who noticed the Nintendo Network logo in the top-right corner?! This means there will be some sort of online functionality! Could Four Swords make a triumphant return…?