Picking up from the previous and mostly unsuccessful Twilight Princess episode of Nintendo Everything‘s Eggbusters, Austin and Aysha step into the game once again. This time they’re armed with the GameCube version of the game after the prior attempts at forcing glitches were made on the Wii version. Turns out that the GC version allows you to walk on the roof of Snowpeak Mansion and go where you’re not supposed to! Hit the jump for the full video.

  • Craig

    You've pretty much got this all wrong. It's not that either of them are glitchier than the other, it's just that the controls are different. There is no glitch at all, it just happens that you can get onto the scenery but the Wii controls make it near impossible to do.

  • Cassidy

    Whoa, I watched the title screen Twilight Princess glitch, and tried it out for myself on Gamecube and after yours froze when you tried to take Epona, I went on foot to see Ilia. Talo and Malo didn't ask to borrow your sword, and Colin and I went to see Ilia same as always except Epona wasn't there since she was in town, haha. And when you wake up as a wolf in the twilight you've got your sword and shield on your back and Midna sits almost inside your shield it's weird. Otherwise there hasn't been anything else significant.
    I was wondering though, have you tried to get it to glitch out when you're a wolf in the sand? Would you wake up as a wolf? It would probably freeze or something, or just not work…

  • rookie

    Hmmm… I don't mean to be rude by being so off topic, but what the HECK is that one frame at about 9:49.5? I can't quite catch it…

  • GreatMidnaFan

    Link is probably like "Where dafuq am I?"