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Finally, after seeing The Wind Waker HD‘s box art for Japan and North America, Europe’s version is now revealed. It’s exactly the same as the Japanese one (minus of course the Japanese text and a couple of logos), leaving North America’s as the odd one out. You can view a visual comparison of all three of the full-sized boxes after the jump–which do you prefer?

The European box art:

Wind Waker HD European Box Art

The Japanese box art:

Wind Waker HD Japanese Box Art

The North American box art:

TWWHDBoxArtNASource: Nintendo Everything



  • WiiUExposed

    North America getting bad box art again. The difference between the Ocarina of Time 3D box art is staggering, Europe (don't know about Japan's) got much better box art than we did.

    • Rob

      north american box art always seems to just put a gold filter on everything

    • Us brits get the best box art when it comes to nintendo games. Did you see the box art we had for Luigi's Mansion 2, it glows in the dark.

      • lucas

        so did the european one

  • RobertStyx

    Very rarely do I prefer the American artwork over the European, though this is one of those times. I kind of wish though that they did something a bit more similar to the original release artwork, including the gold box.

  • I see no real reasone to make it different for the NA costumers. the coloufull artwork looks so much better.

  • Cider

    I actually like the NA box art the best… It harkens back to the original GC box art, and I like that reference. If anything, the faded sepia look makes it feel more like a redux, which is perfectly appropriate.

  • Linkguy69


  • Link

    Why do we always get cheated out of a colorful box art seriously the other ones look so much betteré

  • Cascador

    I'm from Europe and I prefer the North American box art. It has a classic look with the golden touch on the box.

  • I wish I lived in America, I would get that sweet box art of theirs *jealous*

    Can't complain though, the box art we're (Europeans) getting is pretty sweet too :)!

  • mistertc73

    although the golden colour has a big association with Zelda games and fits it perfectly, in this case i prefer the european and the japanese box art; clearly the same

    • elena123

      true, the golden colour has a history in the Zelda franchise and in particular for this game to the original box art; in this optic the american box art is the better one

      if one only takes in consideration which one is more beautiful then the european version wins in my opinion

  • RPH1

    I like the gold for box art and the colorful one for PC wallpaper.

  • chris

    holy.. i just checked the oot 3d cover, i have the golden one but saw the inside to see that it can be inverted to the original colour cover, my mind is blown. but back to my original post i much prefer the colour version of these, oot 3d pulls it of gold because its mostly just a blank background, but this is missing out on so much just slapping gold on it, glad im in Europe

  • morti

    "Americans don't buy it if it's not shiny-gold" – cit. NOA's mind.

  • DarkLink1996

    I prefer NA's because it reminds me of the classic gold cartridge.
    I hope the disc is gold colored too.

  • MikeL

    I like them both and can't really decide which one I like the most but it's cool that they don't simply dump the NA box art on Europe like they usually do. A lot of games with amazing japanese box art reached Europe with the uglified NA version because Nintendo seem to think the entire continent of Europe is just a subsidiary of NoA. Super Metroid comes to mind.

  • Mickii

    The colorful cases sure are popular. I myself prefer the Zelda style gold cases and cartridges/discs. So its good we'll be getting that here in America. Woopee!