Tony Swatton  is a real life blacksmith who every Monday forges weapons from video games, television, and movies. You can see his weapons being forged in his YouTube series “Man at Arms”. This week he has taken the time to forge the most requested item: the one and only, Master Sword. The finished product is quite stunning and fully functional as shown off at the end of the video by slashing through various pots and fruit. Containing many intricate details, the sword was made using steel, bronze, and amber colored glass.

You can watch the entire process and the pot smashing fun after the jump!

You can view Tony’s other work here.

Source: YouTube (via Destructoid)
  • Hanzilla

    Cool! Looks like a lot of fun (and work) making a Master Sword replica. Awesome job Tony!

  • mar Soulstar

    not the best mastersword i've seen. the best one that was spot on was from nintedopower where this guy made it and the hilt actually changes from blue and purple in the light

    • mar soulstar

      i will admit that the process was very interesting and it was fun to see it in action. also it looks closer to the "a link to the past" mastersword so there's that

  • I would love to own a master sword built this professionally. It'd probably be really expensive though! D:

  • Bryan C

    That is just awesome. I don’t even want to know how much it would cost because I would be too tempted to sell my soul to get it

  • RPH1

    How did he find the Sacred Flames?

  • gravyfan

    I'm rather ashamed to admit that it took me a couple seconds to figure out why he was smashing pots. OH. Zelda. Right.

  • Mickii

    While this is totally epic, and I would do anything to wield that sword, I noticed some details were wrong, with a hilt like OoT's, the grip of aLttP, the blade close to TP and SS, and the color more like WW. I'm not bashing his work, its simply amazing, but I made a bet with my brother a few weeks back about how his Master Sword would look. I won xDDD

    • dnomselc

      I think that they did that intentionally – incorporating aspects from every appearance to create a Master Sword not specific to any certain game, but still 100% true to source 🙂

  • hyruleguest1

    Not sure which one I want more…the sword or the chick that helped with the demo

  • Petra

    Finally. Thank you.

  • Link

    Link's master sword*
    it anoys me that he keep saying "zelda's master sword"

  • GreatMidnaFan

    Two words…..Mind-blown!

  • BoomBox

    Wow I can not believe they painted over all that beautiful brass, they should have made it out of plastic if they were going to paint it.

  • GaNa

    I wants this!!!!!!! T^T PLEASE!!!!!