Iron Man Link

At the recent PAX Australia event, the worlds of Nintendo and Marvel combined in one cosplayer’s unique and very clever costume. Reddit user Bev_McLad uploaded this glorious photo of a Zelda-themed Iron Man suit, customised with Link’s green garbs, Triforce chest plate, and even a gangsta hood. It seems Link grew fond of his Iron Boots and decided to go whole hog with his outfit–or is that in fact Tony Stark, copying Link’s style?

Source: Reddit
Via: Kotaku
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  • Jeromy

    Ganon goes War Machine? 😀

  • Triguy123

    ^LINK WII U! I've got my first confirmation of magic type abilities-a uh Projectile Pulse Thing

  • Slow news day, huh?

    I think an Iron-Man-esque Zelda game would be interesting.

    • reeceh92

      I don't really see why this is any different to all the other cosplay, crafts and other fan-made content we post, so I'd say it's just a normal news day myself.

  • Fahoogagad

    iron link!

  • Destiny

    Wow, the creator must have worked really hard to make that, u gotta give that person some credit, it is pretty cool.

  • zombiefragger

    love it.
    I can see the scenario now. Gannon says you have come to face me. As Gannon turns now you will…. what the hell!! and before link charges he yells hold it. As everyone with a confused look starts to look around Gannon pulls out a script book and puts on reading glasses and starts to read. Link defeat’s tower boss and ascends to the top of Gannon’s tower, upon arriving at the top Gannon gloats and turns to face link in iron man Hyrulian battle suit. With a self angered tone and raised voice Gannon says well F#$% I’ve got read these scripts all the way through before I sign onto crap like this.

  • Scott

    and you thought the Iron Boots made Link walk slow it will be a ten day journey to get to Castle Town

  • kaepora21

    Man, I need to get into cosplay. This would be so awesome to actually wear.