ALTTP2 Screenshot 2

We’ve known for a long time that A Link Between Worlds is set after the events of A Link to the Past, being the direct sequel and all. But exactly how long after? A day? Year? Try centuries, according to Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen.

Bill sat down with GameSpot to show some of ALBW’s gameplay and discuss various aspects of the game. Among the most interesting was the topic of the timeline, wherein Bill stated that “in terms of specific numbers of years, [ALBW is] sort of, you know, in the range of hundreds of years after the previous game.” Skip to 9:40 in the video after the jump for the timeline discussion.

The majority of the presented gameplay is nothing new, with it being yet another retread through the new Tower of Hera. However, look out for the Fire Rod in action at 3:14! Now that’s gotta look great in 3D.

Source: GameSpot on YouTube