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We’ve known for a long time that A Link Between Worlds is set after the events of A Link to the Past, being the direct sequel and all. But exactly how long after? A day? Year? Try centuries, according to Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen.

Bill sat down with GameSpot to show some of ALBW’s gameplay and discuss various aspects of the game. Among the most interesting was the topic of the timeline, wherein Bill stated that “in terms of specific numbers of years, [ALBW is] sort of, you know, in the range of hundreds of years after the previous game.” Skip to 9:40 in the video after the jump for the timeline discussion.

The majority of the presented gameplay is nothing new, with it being yet another retread through the new Tower of Hera. However, look out for the Fire Rod in action at 3:14! Now that’s gotta look great in 3D.

Source: GameSpot on YouTube
  • DTF

    Sooo…. What do I do with my rupees?

  • CEObrainz

    I wonder how the story will affect Hyrule's history. Hopefully they add evidence as to why the official timeline splits into three, but I'm not too hopeful.

    • Mrperson0

      What evidence is needed for the third timeline? Even though Nintendo didn't explain it as such (maybe they thought we know about the Many Worlds theory), it's obvious that the Decline Timeline is just an alternate universe.

  • A person.

    Will they be really stretching the 3ds, using all the little bits? Or will it be a more demure and nothing too drastic? I hope to see full usage of all the trinkets the 3ds has to offer (except DLC…)

  • A person.

    Pardon the poor grammar.

  • Reask

    In a way it's okay to have this taken place long after A Link to the Past because of the differences in appearance that Link and the Oracle Link had, but I'm wondering what role the Triforce will play if it's even in this at all because the Triforce was still whole by the time of the Oracle series.

    Ah whatever the timeline only matters after finishing the game, I look forward to seeing what it might add to the world of A Link to the Past and I'm interested in what villain will appear next.

  • Rust

    This game just isn't doing anything for me.. I love A Link to the Past, but this feels like Zelda's version of New Super Mario Bros.

    Will be crossing my fingers for the Wii U Zelda (after Wind Waker), hoping it really pushes the series' boundaries to new heights.

    • MikeL

      You're not even going to give it a chance?

      • Rust

        I never said that… I may well give it a shot. I mean, although New Super Mario Bros is underwhelming to me, I still enjoy playing it. Maybe I should have said that earlier.

        I was just hoping for something a little more grand and edgy for our first non-remake (though some would debate that) 3DS Zelda.

        PS – I'm not the one who downvoted you. Rough crowd around here!

  • Kcman200

    Ugh. I like finding arrows and bombs in pots and grass and chests! The stamina bar for the hammer makes sense, cuz it uses ENERGY to life that giant hammer. But this isnt the infinity bow from Minecraft. I still love zelda to death, but this is becoming a bit unorthodox.

    • guest

      As unorthodox as when rupees were your arrows in the first LoZ?

      • Redrake

        What's your point? That because Zelda 1 didn't have arrows, it's alright for this game to lack them? LOL. Don't make me laugh. Zelda 1 was back when the series was finding its footing and had to try stuff, deciding what worked and what didn't. There's a reason why such a feature was removed in later installments and never brought back.
        Also, even Zelda 1 had bombs.

        • Sabooru

          Zelda I had arrows and silver arrows, and the rupees were the metre and it wasn't a bad function. It actually used the rupees for something. Its nice to try something new, maybe the overworld map is the same but otherwise its quite drastically different.

          'Also, even Zelda I had bombs'. Yeah?

  • Norleon

    So it will play hundrets of years after ALTTP….it has to take place between Link's Awakening and the first Zelda on NES then since A Link to the Past, the two Oracle Games and Link's Awakening all take place consecutively, according to Hyrule Historia.

  • Reddrake

    If this game takes place centuries after ALTTP, why on Earth is its Hyrule identical to the ALTTP one?

    • Sabooru

      haha and the ruins were .. well.. ruins in ALTTP, these ones look like they were built yesterday.

  • MidnaTheGreat

    I wonder if they will make another Hyrule Histioria after a few new games. I shure hope so!

  • DarthVitrial

    If it takes place so long after ALTTP…then BS Zelda: AST might still be canon!

    • Mik

      Good lord, don't start this crap again. None of the BS games are canon and that's it.

  • ForcedUser

    Why do they keep doing this? Why does every game have to be separated by hundreds of years? Come on, half the fun of revisiting these places is CONTINUITY! I want to visit people I saw in ALttP and see how they've changed in a reasonable about of time! How about TEN YEARS instead of a HUNDRED?

    I get it, Zelda is all about being a video GAME and not a video STORY, but here's the kicker, INTERACTING WITH THE STORY IS IMPORTANT. Otherwise, why am I doing anything? Why do I care?

    I love Zelda and I always will, but it's getting hard to really care anymore when they pull this nostalgia angle. You can do this (with my blessing) with Mario, his story is simple and always has been. Zelda? I think it deserves more than this.

    And before I get that comment, yes, I'm reserving final judgement until I play it (and yes, I fully intend to buy it, the game looks fun!) but for now I'm just saddened that we're revisiting a specific Hyrule again and making a difference in time that allows the game to ignore continuity and history. It's like Twilight Princess all over again.

    • Rust

      I think that this is a valid opinion, and the angry downvotes slapped onto it reflexively are petty. If you disagree, come up with some constructive reasoning and have a civil discussion as fellow fans instead of being emptily mean-spirited.

      Personally, I think they can still give us a meaningful and motivating story regardless of whether it's a century or a decade. But there is definitely a lot of development value to be had in direct sequels, which is something we've been getting a tragically small amount of over the years. :'(

  • Vonter

    I wonder if they'll take advantage of making 3D models for dramatic cutscenes (like in PH and ST). Also since the triforce is whole at the end of A Link to the Past does this mean it will have importance?