I’m going to classify this post as something you did not know you wanted. 1930’s Disney cartoon meets video games! The talented folks at Indie Gogo have drawn up scenes from The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Trine, and Street Fighter in a cartoon style reminiscent of Walt Disney’s cartoon drawings. I would say that these are incredibly nostalgic, except that I doubt the majority of you all were alive in the 1930’s. However, they are still pretty neat to check out. The Zelda themed one is obviously on the front of this post, so read on to view the other three!




Source: Indie Gogo
Via: Nintendo Life
  • Zelda Fan Guy

    If I had to guess about the Zelda one, it actually looks alot like Kakariko Village from Ocarina of Time. The house with the staircase near it kinda gives it away, but the tree is really outa place from the real one 😛

    • morti

      it's the tree where the emo guy (gork? grok?) can be found at night.

      • kkk

        If that were the case it would be a stump, not a tree.
        It's Kakariko Village.

        • Guest

          bro, you've lost me.

          I suggest replaying OoT, and maybe pay more attention to the minor details before you open your mouth. and I got a present for you 😉

          • Zelda Fan Guy

            Yea, I thought you were right when you said that, I remembered some depressing guy being there at night :p

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    Also forgot to say this in the first post, but I really like it actually, it almost has the same charm to each one of these as Wind Waker does, even the other 3 ones. Just imagine them in color it'd feel even more happy 😛

  • Those chickens on the Zelda one resemble the penguins from Adventure Time.

  • Legend of Zelda & Pokemon were never arcade games.