Eiji Aonuma

Shortly after our recent news post about Aonuma hinting at the possibility of a Zelda game starring the Princess herself, the story quickly circulated and the internet has gone wild with discussion, debates and excitement. The Zelda producer said that if there were enough people interested, then he may consider giving Princess Zelda a leading role as a playable character. Though just a passing comment, there has been an incredible response to the concept here at ZU and elsewhere. Our friends over at Zelda Informer went even further, and wrote a letter to Aonuma that will be sent out this week.

Before it is sent though, they want your support! An excited frenzy of fans has already overwhelmed the comment section, but they could always use a little more, right? Since so many of you here have had very insightful and positive feedback to share on the topic, you can put those words to even greater use by potentially having your voice heard by Aonuma.

As I’ve made clear in the previous news post, I personally am very enthused and in favour of the idea, and would love if those here in our community who share a similar passion could get on board with this. There’s no guarantee that this will definitely get such a game made, of course, but who knows? United, the Zelda fanbase could end up being partly responsible for one of the most unique Zelda games in a long time. Head over and check out the pending letter right here.

As always, continue to show your support here too–Nintendo could always be reading! Even those of you against the idea, go ahead and voice your opinion and thoughts.

Source: Zelda Informer
  • MDH

    Above all, let Zelda remain Zelda. Don't change her into a "Link-like" protagonist, but focus on utilizing her very own unique strengths, weaknesses and ways to play.

    Personally I'm also very open to the idea of playable Zelda segments in a game that otherwise features Link as usual. Think the Peach segments in Paper Mario, only greatly expanded.

    • smcrzgi

      not segments please. make it like spirit tracks, only, instead of just being able switching control between link and zelda only in one dungeon, do it for the whole game. link is limited in what he can do, and zelda is limited in what she can do, and through out the world of hyrule, you will nee the skill sets of both to explore and fight and stuff. think about it. it would be AWESOME!

      • Guest

        That is probably the best idea I have heard for Zelda U. That could be done really well.

  • sigh

    do we really want another wand of gamelon? the same thing happened with mario in Super Princess Peach and nobody bought it. the only point of having zelda as the protag is to pander to fans. first think of new concept, story, and gameplay ideas before making a game that ends out being link with a vagina. the wii u is selling less than the ps vita and at this point nintendo cant afford to put work and money into another game like super peach. its an interesting idea, but not now and not this way. here come the femenist downvotes

    • AStinkToThePast

      Ummm… why do people always bring up the CD-i games when someone suggests that Zelda be the main character? The CD-i games just sucked in general and were NOT developed by Nintendo. Even the games where we played as Link sucked.

    • Echon

      Have a little faith in Nintendo, sigh. After all, they didn't make the CD-i games.

  • RipoffmanX

    @sigh Are you really gonna compare anything actually made by Nintendo to those CD-i monstrosities? NO! This could be a really cool game. You could start out the game in Hyrule Castle, then Ganon or a one-off villain could attack the castle to obtain her Triforce, causing you to go into hiding. Then the rest of the game could be Zelda trying to overthrow Ganon by using her Sheik disguise. I’ve also always liked the idea of a Skyward Sword prequel set during the War between the goddess, Hylia and Demise, where you play as Hylia.

    • smcrzgi

      i think that hylia idea would be sweet as a real time strategy game, where you move around armies and such. the game pad would be awesome for that kind of a game too.,

      • Echon

        I don't think the Zelda series should change genres. I'm kind of neutral on the entire 'play as Zelda' thing, though I don't think it'd be the disaster that some people here are having meltdowns over if Nintendo did make a title where Zelda is the playable character.

  • Davad

    I think an RPG Game with Link and Zelda as characters would be awesome. And that is not the only way I can see this being pulled off. I agree she should still be Zelda styled. Also, Anything Nintendo makes will turn out better than the CDI Games. Zelda needs a personal fighting style if you ask me.

  • I think the best compromise is to have a Zelda game where you play as Link.

    And then after the first dungeon or so, you see a cut-scene about Zelda, and the fans are dazzled by being able to play as her.

    Let's say the storyline is Zelda gets kidnapped.

    You play as Link, who, as usual, tries to go through dungeons and stuff to save her.
    And then you get to play as Zelda, who escapes Ganondorf's capture using magic and stuff.

  • DramaLlama

    Truly, I'd like to see a game on Sheik's perspective 🙂

  • Rofang

    If it has elegant Zelda-style art design, intriguing Zelda-style mythology, and immersive Zelda-style gameplay, why should it bother any (non-sexist) Zelda fans to play as the series's second most prominent character? Is the Mario franchise irrevocably marred whenever Luigi stars in a game?

  • Colton

    If you think about it, when the timeline splits and adult Zelda sends Link back to his childhood-there is potential to create a game with that idea and have a new antagonist in the absence of ganondorf. Perhaps twinrova even though they are 'dead'

  • HylianHero

    “Super Princess Peach” was a wonderful game that I bought when I was 8 and I still love it today! There’s many reasons why I love this game but the main reason why is because of the concept that the damsel is the one doing the rescuing, it builds character that she can take care of her self.

    • smcrzgi

      i really dont want them to just switch character roles. link is not a … gentleman in distress? if they make zelda playable, it has to be either in a spin off with tetra/sheik, oooor it should have the same idea as ST, except with zelda being a more active character. i can imagine having a game where you can switch between link and zelda, with link being able to do things that zelda cant and zelda doing things link cant. kinda like the lego games, but more epic.

  • Doc

    Egh, please no.

    • Mii

      Yes, please no, I hope this fails

  • smcrzgi

    kinda like link and zelda are on a journey together type thing, not where oh, you reached this area, now you play as zelda for a bit.

  • smcrzgi

    this could also potentially make a good two player game…

  • I want a real game new updated and more attractive. That brings good experience for gamers

  • Ashmic

    play as ganon! lol

  • jeff

    i wanna play as Navi! lets write a letter!

  • Mr. Man

    Why would they ever do that? I'm cool with her being playable for little bits, like in dungeons, or in multiplayer stuff. But for the entire game? How would that even work? Where would Link even factor in? Honestly, this is why game developers shouldn't do everything the fans ask for.

  • Skillsofhundred

    I'd rather see a female Link for once.

    • Echon

      Isn't there a vague suggestion Link nearly ended up female in Twilight Princess? *goes to grab Hyrule Historia* He does look pretty feminine in this one facial sketch….

      We should have a poll: Which would you rather play?
      A. A game featuring Zelda as the playable character.
      B. A game featuring Link as a female.

      I wonder which would send the rigid fans into more violent conniptions.

  • Ixbran

    If they made a game with a playable Zelda I'd love to see her with the ability to transform back and forth between her normal self, and her sheik alter ego.

    having control of both forms would be wonderful and add verity to game play. Zelda being able to focus on heavy hitting spells and possibly even have access to levitation and sword play skills. while sheik would be more the item and hand-to-hand combat version of her character.

    maybe even make it so certain quests in towns can only be done while in a certain form. Or while in Dungeons you may need to be Zelda to cast a spell to deactivate a trap, or play as Sheik in order to get to a normally out of reach chest via wall climbing. Maybe even make it so some times She splits her self into two beings, and both Zelda and sheik can work together to accomplish things they could not do alone.

    the possibilities are endless

  • shdow_link

    I would play this game with the same enthusiasm as any other Zelda game. But if Zelda is to be fully playable i think it would be wise to utilise (pardon the rhyme) Zelda's
    sword along with her archery and magic.

  • ReRonin

    They should take note that the top rated comment on ZeldaInformer is one that says "I still don't want this"
    And I have to say I agree with said person.

    Don't fix it if it ain't broken.

    • Mii


    • Echon

      But never shy from improvement just because it isn't broken either.

      Of course, 'improvement' in a series as creatively charged as Zelda is not a black-and-white road. Eh, oh well. Even if it never happens, we will still be debating whether or not it should've been done until the end of the world.

  • Hey, Listen!

    When I was little, I always used to think Link's name was Zelda until OoT so…

    But now seriously, I'd be fine with Zelda as playable character. In Wind Waker we had dungeons like the Earth Temple in which you had to use two characters. Link and what's-her-name-again, but than more expanded. It would be great in some dungeons 'cause it strenghtens the bond between the player and Zelda. But for a full Zelda game… I dunno. What would the plot be? Would it be like Ganon catches Link, Zelda saves Link? I'd be confused… It would be like 'His name's Link, not Zelda' all over again.

    • ReRonin

      Well, not only that. But Nintendo made a point of Link being a blank canvas to portray your own character on (well, they used to, he had a quite established character in SS). Not only that, you could always rename him too. Zelda was one of the few nintendo games which allowed that.

      Zelda on the other hand, has had many different character traits throuhout the games. It would just feel strange to suddenly make her the protagonist. And where would that leave Link?

      And the whole "Make her abke to change into sheik!" thing… I'unno, that's only applicable in the OoT-timeline.

      • Hey, Listen!

        Indeed, same as I was thinking, Aunoma pointed that out multiple times

        But IF Zelda would ever be a playable character in the games, I'd prefer to have her along some time… but not all the time. On my account it would take the sense of 'Link being a lone hero discovering the world of Hyrule' away.

        Aunoma also pointed out that he's a creative mind, and would rather rely on his own creativity, and find a way how to make Zelda playable himself. He has never let me down, so why should he now? If the fans want a playable Zelda, so be it. He'll find a way. He always does. His own way. THEIR own way, that's also what I love about Zelda so much.

    • fantasysign

      I imagine Zelda being the protagonist would be like any other Zelda game except she doesn't get captured.. and neither would Link. They'd work towards the same goal but separately and they'd occasionally run into each other.

      Of course there are many other ways they could go about it. The possibilities are endless!

  • Yami

    I think it would be interesting, but perhaps as a DLC game for TLoZ WiiU similar to how they have made New Super Luigi U as a parallel to New Super Mario Bros. U, instead of an independant game. I wouldn't want it to be a spin off game… I don't think that would really work. However, if they were to make a DLC game which is from the perspective of Zelda for the main adventure that would intrigue more fans. I know that many of us LoZ fans would have liked to play through Zelda's adventure in Skyward Sword (myself inclusive).
    In addition, this approach would give Aonuma more time to think about a new storyline for the next game whilst still keeping many of us occupied. Just saying.

  • Mii

    Let's hope this doesn't ever happen!!!!

  • Red Knuckle

    Get lost, a playable Zelda wouldn’t add anything to the games. There are other areas in the current games that need far more attention.

  • SAB

    Making Zelda a lead character could add freshness to the series.

  • Stephanie

    I think it's a little presumptuous to send such a strong letter to Aonuma when clearly, not everyone is on board with the idea. I for one, want to play as Link. I wouldn't mind a subsection of being able to control Zelda escaping or sneaking throughout Ganon's castle, but please, Link is the hero and he is one of the reasons I play and love The Legend of Zelda.

  • Jarden

    Yeah, let’s let political correctness ruin the Zelda series as well. Sigh.

    I bet 99% of the people crying that Zelda should be playable are Americans.

    • Echon

      Nothing is safe from political correctness! NOTHING!

      Can't say I care either way, although I'm not actively interested in a game where Zelda's the playable character. I do trust Nintendo not to do a botch job of what they know is a very beloved series and I do see potential for the idea.

    • Mickii

      And feminists. I'd prefer a game with Link, but at this rate we just might end up with the lobby. If they do, please let it be Sheik we get to play as. I dont want to see Zelda looking like she did in the series or CD-I again.

  • SoulTriforceSnake


  • Davad

    Don't be jerks about this. It won't ruin the series. If you don't like it just don't play that particular game. You don't have to abandon the Series. I think Nintendo can pull it off. I think a game with multiple playable characters including Link and Zelda would be awesome. Link would not have to be a damsel in distress certainly. I think Nintendo can make it work.

  • fantasysign

    I think this is a cool idea, but I think I'd rather see a totally different story line not based on any of the previous games. Though it would be cool to get a different perspective of Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess, I think it'd be better to just leave it up to the fan's imagination of what happened.

    • Echon

      If we were going to get Zelda's perspective on an already released title, there's really only Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, and Skyward Sword. In the rest of the titles, Zelda has no mobility to traverse the countryside. She's often turned to stone. And while she's captured in every title and/or in hiding nearly every title, in OoT, WW, and SS she's fairly active while hiding and before capture.

      Ocarina of Time would present the most material for a game, after all, Zelda waited for seven years for Link to return.

      Wind Waker would be kind of limited, considering Zelda/Tetra eventually goes into hiding halfway through the game and gets caught somewhere in it.

      Skyward Sword has a lot of potential, they show scenes of what she was up to after falling from the sky in the credits, but Zelda does do a lot of waiting at the end, even before she seals herself within the crystal to hold Demise's seal in place.

  • link

    Ok, cool idea but what will link or zelda will do?

  • Anonymous

    There's 3 articles on the main page about zelda appearing in her own game, within the last 2 weeks.
    I'm convinced this is influenced by feminists.

    Imagine a game centered around Zelda. What are they going to call it? They certainly can't call it "Legend of Zelda". I just can't accept a canon Zelda game where the main character is Zelda herself; it would be like any Zelda game but without Link. Zelda is the bearer of the triforce of wisdom; she's not supposed to go on big adventures. How would you even fit that into a storyline? Princess Zelda, of the Hyrulean Monarchy, of royal blood and the precious daughter of the king, is supposed to save the day. What?

    With each new Zelda game potentially being Nintendo's last Zelda game, it scares me to think that they'd do something like this.

  • Davad

    The Zelda series is not ending any time soon and Link can still be in it. There is also no reason it can't be called The legend of Zelda. Feminists have nothing to do with this. Feminists would want an option for Link to be a girl. This is not that at all. And Zelda can certainly go on adventures if you look at the series. Specifically Ocarina of Time, Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword. Zelda can be playable. It can work. Just think of the miracles Nintendo has already made. They can do it. As the Happy Mask Salesman said "Just have faith."

  • Triforceoffury

    I want to play as Hylia so we can get the backstory to the war for the triforce alluded to in skyward sword if you play as Zelda it will just be the same game from Zelda perspective if we play as hylia we got a vastly diffrent overword and diffrent gameplay mechanics hell the game could play like a jrpg

  • Valgaldr

    Actually I think Zelda should be playable in more than just one title. Where you can control both Link and Zelda, could give the storylines a different twist

  • Aethrian

    I was disappointed with the letter itself. For one, the letter is too specific; it gives story suggestions and details of how it should be done. This is the job of the game designer, and the inclusion of these suggestions makes the letter seem like one of countless fan emails I'm sure they get saying "do this" or "please add this." Two, there was no reason to throw feminism under the bus. There are reasons outside of feminism to have Zelda as a playable character, but the way the letter intentionally tried to distance itself with the feminist movement seemed immature and uninformed. I'm sure that many of the large percentage of gamers who are women would love to see Zelda as a protagonist because they want to be included in a franchise which has been loved by both sexes, but has catered to only one.
    I would personally love to see Zelda as a playable character, but I dislike the angle this letter is coming from.

  • Davad

    I haven't read the letter yet, but Nintendo said it themselves that they like to surprise us so they are unlikely do be too specific with their answers. Based on that I agree their isn't much reason to be too specific. Zelda being playable is all they need to ask for. I personally think it is a good idea regardless of whether people relate it to feminism or not. No reason to try to distance or from it or appeal to it specifically if you ask me. How I see it the only reason not to make Zelda playable is if they want it to be Link and no other characters playable. I however, like the idea of other characters being playable, especially if multiplayer is involved. With other characters Zelda is the clear choice for already introduced characters. Oh and enough Navi comments please, this is a serious discussion.

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