Eiji Aonuma

Shortly after our recent news post about Aonuma hinting at the possibility of a Zelda game starring the Princess herself, the story quickly circulated and the internet has gone wild with discussion, debates and excitement. The Zelda producer said that if there were enough people interested, then he may consider giving Princess Zelda a leading role as a playable character. Though just a passing comment, there has been an incredible response to the concept here at ZU and elsewhere. Our friends over at Zelda Informer went even further, and wrote a letter to Aonuma that will be sent out this week.

Before it is sent though, they want your support! An excited frenzy of fans has already overwhelmed the comment section, but they could always use a little more, right? Since so many of you here have had very insightful and positive feedback to share on the topic, you can put those words to even greater use by potentially having your voice heard by Aonuma.

As I’ve made clear in the previous news post, I personally am very enthused and in favour of the idea, and would love if those here in our community who share a similar passion could get on board with this. There’s no guarantee that this will definitely get such a game made, of course, but who knows? United, the Zelda fanbase could end up being partly responsible for one of the most unique Zelda games in a long time. Head over and check out the pending letter right here.

As always, continue to show your support here too–Nintendo could always be reading! Even those of you against the idea, go ahead and voice your opinion and thoughts.

Source: Zelda Informer