In an exclusive interview with Nintendo Life, Eiji Aonuma has discussed the idea of making downloadable content available for future instalments in the Zelda series. He says that it’s definitely a possibly Nintendo is considering, but they would have to ensure that such content would be “worth it for the user”.

“We’re certainly looking at different ways to add on content that would enhance the experience for the user – maybe more places to explore or just to enrich the experience beyond what is on the disc. But we also have to take into consideration that if we charge for this content then it needs to be worth it for the user. So it’s certainly a balancing an act, but I can’t say that it is something we’re not considering.”

Miyamoto also touched on this in a previous interview, describing it as “definitely an area that we’re still looking at and we’ll continue to look at”.

This is clearly a touchy subject for many, considering the feedback in that Miyamoto interview and given that we’re living in an age where horse armour DLC is a real thing. However, looking at Nintendo’s handling of recent DLC in other titles, such as Crashmo, I don’t see Zelda DLC becoming a mere shallow, greedy business practice.

If there are ways to extend the adventure, then I’m all for it–and Aonuma appears to be putting the consumer first. Just think; new dungeons, weapons and worlds could satisfy during the wait for the next Zelda title.

Are you skeptical of the concept, or confident that Nintendo can provide satisfying expansions to the series?

Source: Nintendo Life
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  • jarlsja


  • jduff725

    This could be a good thing. Nintendo isn't the kind of company to sell us an incomplete game and then make you purchase the rest of it via DLC later on. I think Nintendo could make good DLC for a Zelda game.

    • kkk

      You have to consider this though- Fire Emblem awakening has over 50$ of DLC.
      The game itself is 40$.

      • jduff725

        True. But the Fire Emblem: Awakening's DLC is all additional content. The game itself is already packed with more than enough content to keep you busy. The DLC is completely optional levels that grant you the use of characters from previous games.

        Another example of Nintendo's DLC is in New Super Mario Bros. 2. The original game came with a full eight worlds as a normal Mario game always comes with. Then their was Coin Rush mode on top of the main game, which had several courses to play through. The DLC for that game was purely for those who enjoyed Coin Rush mode and wanted to do more. Perhaps their mose creative use of DLC in that game was their classic course pack, in which you could play through levels from older Mario games like Super Mario Bros. 3. You paid $40 for the whole game, yes. But if you wanted more, you could purchase more.

        Keep in mind that there are some companies who make players pay for things that should already be in the game. Beautiful Katamari's DLC was literally just to unlock levels that were already on the disc. And then there are times when companies release pointless DLC. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion's Horse Armor DLC is an example of this, as is every single micro-transaction from Zynga. I think we can trust Nintendo to do DLC right.

  • Nielyboyken

    Wait, Wait, I don't understand it… We gonna pay €60 in the shop, and then need to buy a DLC pack for the rest of the game? O_O

    • Rob

      No, im surprised a lot of you don't know the meaning to DLC. DLC is "ADDITIONAL" Content to be added to a game. Once you complete the game there isnt much to do, so they are talking about adding new areas to explore once youve completed the game. Or new items and so on.

      • kkk

        It's really not surprising.
        A lot of companies do precisely what he was afraid of.
        In fact there's a new free to play fighting game coming to the Xbox One.
        The only catch is, you start with only one character.
        The rest you'll have to pay DLC for.

        The game will have no campaign and each of the likely 60 characters will be sold at 2.50$
        A little math and you'll realize they're making a shit ton more than they should for a game that's not even a complete experience.
        Assuming you want the WHOLE game.
        Then they'll simply come out with more and more characters.

    • That One Ring

      Idiot , the add on content will be non important stuff that is optional such as another horse etc. it would not be something that gives you the rest of a game. At least thats what i figure knowing that nintendo is not like other game companies and they probably produce more games that kids and adults alike will enjoy than other companies

  • B

    No, this better not happen. I’m actually surprised he is considering such a thing.

  • CEObrainz

    I think people are seeing this wrong; adding DLC such as a whole new story to do after the game is complete would be awesome. Image for example after completing Ocarina of Time, there was an extra DLC pack that let you play as Sheik during the 7 years Link was sleeping. There are such great things that can come out of this. Also remember this is Nintendo DLC, it's 99% of the time a great deal for money.

    • RPH1

      I imagined playing as Zelda in Skyward Sword for DLC.

      • heroofmask

        why just why it showed at the end of the game what zelda did goto 2 dungeons prayed while getting caught saved by impa then she played infront of the gate of time then went to the past and waited for link that would be the most boring dlc ever

  • GreatMidnaFan

    This sounds like a good thing to me but at the same time Nintendo is a company with millions of dollars and now they think people should pay more just to enjoy a game?? On the other hand it might actually be worth it, something I would actually buy if it had the right stuff but hey at least Nintendo isn't going to treat the new game like an app where you stop 5 minutes through the game and pay just to get to the next temple or new items.

  • Ryano

    I'm so confused by some of these posters…who wouldn't want this? Clearly the article shows that Nintendo isn't going to hold back something vital or just throw meaningless content at us. They've never been cheap like that.

    I'm sure they would release a whole and complete game, but it opens up the opportunity to explore more, maybe some sidequests or a new area with a post game dungeon. I think DLC in ZeldaU would thrive, especially if they do include some form of multiplayer.

  • Why not make it so that you insert the disk (which one would buy for full price at the store) and then the disk lets you download the entire game, which would be more than what would fit on the disk from the cloud? That way we get the entire game right there.

    • cresendo

      because that's what Microsoft are doing with Xbox One and believe me it's not a popular decision and i don't think you understand, there not giving us half a game and making us pay for the rest. there going to complete the game, then after say a year they will bring additional content, for instance Wind Waker complete game yes?. now if DLC was a think back then the game would have been out for a year lets say, then they would have brought dlc out with the unfinished dungeons that where cut from the game. and probably more,

  • Glitch Mutt

    I think Nintendo could really pull this off.
    They've been pretty generous with their plans for DLC so far – Super Luigi U, I'm looking at U! I mean ah… you. //shot
    But seriously, I support this idea.

  • Echon

    DLC stuff usually isn't as high of a quality as the main game is though. To make file downloads smaller, I guess?

    Maybe I've only seen bad DLC examples. The article says DLC for that "Crashmo" game was done well.

    I'll…be cautious about this.

  • Vladislak

    The most important line in that quote is "maybe more places to explore or just to enrich the experience beyond what is on the disc."

    That would imply it wouldn't be on-disc DLC, which we all know is the worst kind of DLC. As long as they stick with making the DLC AFTER completing the game to the fullest then I think they could do some pretty cool things with DLC.

    After all, they did say they want it to be worth the price for the user, so it's not like they're going to become EA or anything.

  • Very smart decision.
    Makes me think of all the new content that previous Zelda games could have had if there were additional DLC.

  • RPH1

    What did they do with the DLC for Crashmo?

  • Hylian_Knight

    As long as they do it right like: "Here is 100% of the game for $50 and here is some EXTRA fun stuff that you can also download if you've finished but you don't need to get the whole experience/story of the game." And not the wrong way which is "Here is 50% of the game for $50 and if you want the rest, you can pay $10 more for the DLC in order to get the whole experience/story" I'd be down with it if they did it right.

  • Mickii

    I dont think of Zelda as the type of game to have something like that, but I'll have faith. Who knows? It could be interesting, when you think of the possibilities.

  • rikki

    Ugh, it's like half the people have never heard of DLC's.

    I'm looking forward to it. It'll be cool to be able to download additional sidequests and items. I don't see why people would see this as a bad thing. Nintendo is pretty good with making their Zelda games feel like a complete experience. There's nothing wrong however with giving players extra content on the side and if anything will give gamers incentive to replay their games if there's new stuff to do with them.

    • Echon

      It's more like half of us have only ever seen trashy examples of DLC.

      But, the only incentive I need to replay a game is a good story, not extra side-quests. Seems like a lot of people have faith in Nintendo, though. I'm still gonna try to reserve judgement since so many here do have positive attitudes towards DLC for LoZ.

  • Im pretty curious about the idea, in fact it didn't sound bad at all what they wanted to do with the original Ocarina of time idea.
    Also, imagine a game like Windwaker how fun it could be to download a whole new island with some sort of sidequest story to it.
    I see a lot of opportunities here, ways to tell more about the story, or even go into detail about some things using dlc.

    • Yann

      What did they want to do with the original Ocarina of Time idea?

      • They actually wanted to put DLC in the game, expanding the world as much as possible for you to explore more and more, making it even more fun with multiplayer.
        They however didn't do so as we know.

        Aside from the multiplayer part, Windwaker would have actually been a great opportunity for something like this.

  • tom

    why not, for example 1 or 2 additional dungeons which are harder and more difficult as somewhat of a replacement for no hard mode and make it a large dungeon in which all of the inventory items are needed, maybe also in an even different ways as they were used in the game itself

  • DLCIsACheapMonsyGrab

    NO. Please no. We don't need Nintendo to start making us pay for everything except the starter weapons and main quest too.

  • epic armadillo

    hey, this could be a really good thing, think of fire emblem awaking, you get a long story line and around 25 (i'm to lazy to get my 3ds) chapters, but you can pay a litte extra to get extras added to the already epic storyline.

  • Miyamoto

    as long as it doesnt involve story elements and such its fine

  • Sam

    I hope they do make this feature, it would further exemplify what a Zelda game truly is

  • Kane9887245

    I am a fan of this for one simple reason; if there is one company that genuinely loves their fans (for the most part) and can do something correctly such as DLC, it is Nintendo because they honestly do, with the most important or popular games, make quality content worth buying. With Aonuma at the helm, im liking this already.

  • Chaz

    Nintendo proved they can do DLC correctly with Fire Emblem: Awakening. I’m all for DLC in the Zelda series.

  • Odalys Sanchez

    The problem I have with this is if they put story related things into the DLC. I don't mean them giving us 50% of the game and then making us buy the other 50%. I mean they give us the full game, but then create DLC that has little story details that you can't get playing the original story. Not stuff that actually matters, but just some of that little background information that fleshes it out more. I love that kind of stuff and would hate to have to buy it especially since I probably wouldn't (poor college student that can't even get FE:A DLC at the moment). I don't care if it's just random sidequests though that don't really have anything to do with the main story and are just for fun

  • sanguiluna

    It'll only work if the content is substantial. Only a complete idiot is going to pay $1.99 for extra colors for Link's tunic, and I'd like to think that complete idiots in Zelda's fanbase are a relative minority. Maybe I'm just too optimistic…

  • Joy

    I think they should put the New Zelda on the regular Wii game and not the DLC, so we can play it on the big screen and not a tiny screen, thats no fun!! 🙁 I dont think they should put on a DLC or DS Systems. Too Tiny to play a Zelda game like that! I like playing the Games of Zelda on big screen like i have in the past with Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Skyward Sword, and Twilight Princess! Its almost like your there with them, and it gets intense. Thank you! Please put on the Regular Wii System and not on the Wii U either, too small!!! I would defenetly buy it if it was on the Regular Wii System!!! God BLess!!! 🙂

  • Kenzi

    Wait, we'd have to pay for armor or potions, not with rupees but with real money? No, no, no!! Not in Zelda! That would completely ruin the experience! I can't believe he's even considering that! Please, no!!

  • Eric

    I wanna see a sequel to majoras mask with adult link