Vinesauce Ocarina of Time

Eggbusters may have ended for a little while, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy more Zelda glitches elsewhere. Vinesauce‘s “Corruption” series corrupts ROMs of classic video games, and then plays the altered version of each game. As it turns out, the results are beyond horrifying–especially in the case of Ocarina of Time.

The music now has a terrifying shrieking quality to it, the text is incredibly warped, and as for Link, well… someone better seriously call an exorcist. Even Ganondorf will surely retreat at the sight of the Hylian hellion.

“Why are his eyes mouths?!”, indeed.

Source: YouTube
Via: Destructoid
  • nielyboyken

    Rofl that looks annoying 😛

  • Jon

    I found this to be quite terrifying and hilarious. It is highly inappropriate of me to be feeling these feelings, but I cannot help myself.

    • Zelda_Styles10

      I personally think Link has multiple personality disorder…..I mean come on the face changing………that is just……I can't even begin to tell you how scared I am. Right? You with me?

  • Bob

    1:48 Lolz

  • kaepora21

    What is this I don't even…

    • Zelda_Styles10

      This my dear friend, is BEN….. if you feel they way I do about this(scared to death I mean come on…I'm not alone right?) we are all scarred for life, forever, until the end of time we will be just fine….I think………

      • veeronic

        ben is professional rom hacking, nothing more, this on the other hand is amateur rom hacking

        • Zelda_Styles10

          Ok have you read the CreepyPasta on BEN? I f you have not, I suggest you do. BEN may be ROM hacking in YouTube videos but, the story is REALLY freaky. Please reply as soon as you read it and, tell me your thoughts THEN.

  • DarkOwl

    These corrupt sounds remind me of the (intended) sinister music in Majora's Mask. I remember feeling quite unsettled when the title music would fade into the sinister sounds, the pitch bends and the off-beat clangs. That disturbed me for weeks!

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    I… can't watch this. Too disturbing. The whole MM Ben thing was bad enough…

  • Oni Link 303

    The distorted sounds make it seem like he's trying to access OoT's debug screen.

  • Glitch Mutt

    I recall seeing this on Cheezburger a few weeks back. It was… strangely humorous. And humorously strange.

    • Glitch Mutt

      *a few days back

  • Lurker

    Ah, the joys of crooked cart.

  • Hylian_Knight

    That was hilarious! xD

  • Ericzander

    I never knew how close I was to Link until now. I didn't even watch the video, but seeing the picture at the start of the article made me physically sick. It made me react similarly as I would if I found out my friend had a deadly disease. Even worse than the Ben creepypasta because this is real..

  • Kcired

    They've also gotten very good results from corrupting Link to the Past, and have even repeatedly encountered a glitchy npc named Sen

  • Zelda_Styles10

    Okay… Link like possessed by BEN? I am permanently scarred….I will never be able to look at my little plush Link(or even the pixeled Link for that matter ..) the same again. Here go my nightmares again….oh dear goddesses. XD

  • PRG

    Forget tiled cart, this is what happens when you put the game upside down.

  • Guest

    this is stupid, who would waste their time even doing this?

    • Zelda_Styles10

      Well…someone with a lot of time on their hands I guess……

  • Kenzi

    Oh my gosh that was worse than MM Ben one!! Someone call an exorcist indeed!!

  • Sabille

    Butterfly mouth…

  • Ben

    My head was freaking exploding on the music. And on the title screen Link seemed to be flying on a broom…

  • veeronic

    link, the epileptic land boat man

  • Zelda_Styles10

    Who noticed that Epona was using Link as a kite…….? Please tell me there is something wrong with that horse because that is just plain…I don't even know…… T_T

  • link


  • intothekey

    stop it on 2:29 creepest face ever

  • mk


  • Ding Dong

    I like his beard. Lol.

  • craZ

    My mom always said I wasn't allowed to jump on m bed. I will just jump on my Epona instead.

  • Flouridation

    This was terrifying. I was just seriously about to call Hylian paramedics. This is scary.

  • javi

    so creepy