Eiji Aonuma

There are a few more interesting tidbits from the Eiji Aonuma’s EDGE interview we mentioned yesterday, wherein he confirmed that A Link to the Past 2 will run at 60 fps. The Zelda director also teases “a big surprise” for players.

The boss man has also expressed his desire to work on non-Zelda titles before his retirement. Read on to see what he has to say!

“This new title will feature lots of things that are new to the series; right at the start of the game, there’s a big surprise that will shock players. We started out with the new play mechanics, such as Link being able to become a painting and walk along the walls, and then figured out from there how to build a story around them. Rather than forcing elements of the original story into this one, we’ve instead focused on bringing back the characters, so you can see what happened to them after the events of the first game.”

He also confirmed that the 3DS’ gyro control will not feature in the game, as this would destabilise the 3D effect. It has already been confirmed that the game will feature a Dark World like its predecessor, though interestingly Aonuma added that “Link’s ability to become a painting will be related to that.” What could this mean? Maybe we’ll find out next week at E3.

He also went on to discuss his development plans before he retires from his position at Nintendo. It seems he plans to retire when he reaches 60 years of age, giving him just ten more years to continue making games.

“I’m 50 now, so I only have about ten more years to make games at Nintendo. I want to try all sorts of new things before it’s too late – I don’t want to get to the end of my career and only have worked on Zelda. But every time I come up with some good new ideas, they end up being used in a Zelda game! I need a six-month break to get away from the Zelda cycle and focus on something new [laughs]. But I’d probably end up making a game that’s similar to Zelda; after all, A Link To The Past was my biggest influence.”

Source: EDGE