As of yesterday, Youtube user Corridor Digital uploaded an incredible live-action video that features Link and his shadow. The video is just over four minutes long, but I must say that it is spectacular! The music and visuals are spot on in every part. The best part of it might be that it gives us a picture into what a fight between Link’s Shadow and himself might look like in real life. Definitely realistic, this video is worth checking out! And if I haven’t convinced you yet, I will say that the video also features an old man. Maybe not THE old man, but still.

Warning: Video contains a healthy dose of violence that may be unsuitable for younger children.

Source: Youtube
Via: The Escapist
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  • ~Forest Ocarina~

    Its such a beautifully perfect video :'D I bow to the masters of cosplay…

    • Oni Link 303

      The cosplay for Link could have been better. The hairstyle threw me off (more reminiscent of cel-shaded versions of Link than TP Link) and the TP garb wasn't explicitly identical either when it was clearly supposed to be TP Link.

      Other than that the vid was excellent definitely have potential to be a movie.

      • shodow_link

        I agree

  • Echon

    Oh! Beautifully scripted. I liked how Dark Link was a step over Link in skill. That's very reminiscent of OoT's Dark Link and how it feels like, despite the fact he's your shadow, is a better fighter than you – especially when he stand up on the end of the Master Sword.

  • kaepora21

    This was awesome. Dark Link really is a spectacular antagonist, both for his symbolism and mysteriousness. Way to bring it to life in such a visually appealing way!

  • LinkBro

    CorridorDigital did this and they do some really cool work using a mix of live action, 3d, and compositing in After Effects. If anyone wants to see something really cool and funny check this out. Its called Dubstep Guns.

  • Oni Link 303

    BTW did anybody notice that melody after Link's death is the Giant's melody from MM after you free them from the masks?

    Thank you Koji Kondo and Toru Minegeshi :>

  • Lucky Llama

    It has a Lord of the Rings feel to it. I love it! 🙂

  • shodow_link

    I think it was slack. The cosplay was off and the revival could have been better like a fairy coming out of his pocket. Also the dropping shield was weird it is usually strapped to links hand

  • DarkOwl

    This is amazing. It's clear that a LOT of time, effort, and planning went into this. Whilst I'm still not in favour of a Zelda movie, this is certainly the most persuasive opposing argument I've seen! What puzzles me is: *why* it was made? I mean, clearly a lot of people have been involved, and they surely aren't all Zelda fans, so whoever took the lead must have been pretty determined! And it looks fairly high budget too.

  • MYK1217

    Loved it! The design for Dark Link was really well-done. I liked how his costume was more unique, with the face mostly covered and more of a hood rather than a hat. It's definitely better than just being a totally blacked out Link. Also, the yellow eyes kicked ass too.

    I also liked the LotR type of feel to it and the choice of filming location. And the Hyrule Castle in the background at 1:09 was a good touch. The combat was great. The effects were awesome, especially the fairy at the end. The music was well composed (the Giants theme from Majora's Mask gave me the chills). It really did capture the Zelda spirit.

    The only problem I had was the actual Link. The hair didn't look right (and it looks like it may have been a wig) and the hat looked goofy. Really, I don't think I've ever seen a really good live-action interpretation of Link. I know the character looks different in many of the games, but all of the live-action ones I've seen just look cheap. But whatever, the video was still awesome.

    I also wouldn't want a feature-length Zelda film, but I would love to see more professionally done shorts like this. Really the best way you can do live-action Zelda is something short and sweet like this video.

  • lulles

    I could do without the violence, but it is a very well-done video!

  • Kenzi

    Woah!!! That was so amazing!!! They NEED to make a Zelda movie just like that!!

  • Karen

    It was awesome!!!!!!!