At the beginning of the month we learned that the impressive Figma Link figurine would be coming to the United States later this year. Various online retailers were offering these action figures, and now a major American video game retail chain will have these available for purchase. GameStop will be selling Figma Link for $49.99. As listed on their website, the release date for these figures is later this year on October 30th; however, this is subject to change. GameStop is also offering Zero Suit Samus and Varia Suit Samus Figma figures.

You can purchase your Figma Link from GameStop here.

Source: GameStop (via GoNintendo)
  • anon

    The Zero Suit Samus figure is actually a statue and not posable. Kinda unfortunate that Gamestop has it listed as a figma since it'll probably disappoint and confuse a lot of costumers.

  • The face still creeps me out…

  • insidejoker

    i hope gamestop will eventually sell the pit and dark pit figma

  • lol

    Order one

    • link


  • I am going to buy one of these @[email protected]

  • Chase

    This is the best day of my life! I love figmas and finally a bit more convinent for us. I also love Zelda, the series has been such a joy. My life feels complete. Totally a purchase to make in the very, very near future. 🙂

  • Tropxe

    You can get it for $20 less at just about any figure shop online – Hobby Search, for example. Don't give Gamestop almost double the money.

    • Chase

      That’s so true! Anouther place to go to is Big in Japan. They have great shipping and I get most of my figures from them, however it is better to get it local.

  • linkpower14

    thanks gamestop. I'm totally gonna get this….BTW, older link's face looks a little bit like a girl…just saying!

  • TheKingofIkana

    Thats why I only go to GameStop.