The last fan created texture we posted on here was the Nicholas Cage package for Majora’s Mask. While not as entertaining (or scary) as that, this texture is definitely more down-to-earth. A fan has begun transforming some of the graphics from Twilight Princess into the graphics in Skyward Sword. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this, but it turned out quite nice. While I think that the original gritty style of Twilight Princess was more appropriate for the game, this texture is worth a look. Read on to view the screenshots!






It would be interesting to play this game with Skyward Sword’s graphics. I am a fan of the Twilight Princess graphics for this game over this texture, but I may be the minority in this respect. The Zelda series has always been changing, and the graphics for games has been a big part of it. Is this graphical package better or worse for Twilight Princess?

Source: GBATemp
Via: Cubed3
  • Leca

    Down to earth.

    Cause you know, the surface and all.


    • Sarah

      I c wat u did ther :B

    • Ryio5

      What you did there… I saw it.

  • zombiefragger

    I’m not going to lie. Skyward sword’s graphics in twilight princess feels right.

    • Gjevre

      I doesn't fit with the dark tone of the game.

      • ThrashMental

        Dude, "brighter" graphics could very easily create a very nice contrast! Just look at Wind Waker, which had some pretty serious questlines, whilst still having colorful and expressive graphics.

      • Cereal Bawks

        Dark tone is best achieved through music and color contrast.

      • bill

        what dark tone?

      • KLZ

        No ones playsTP for its "darkness"

        • Darklink1996

          Yeah, that's what MM is for.

    • KidWiththeBackpack


    • km243027

      I love the games but hate the overall aesthetic. I really want to see a grittier version of Link that feels real. Seriously can we get a Mature rated Zelda? I mean he's suppose to be a warrior, the hero of time and all that.

  • PhoenixWSE

    Now, all we need to do is make SS with TP grapichs :3

    • Ashish Abdul

      I feel like that would mess it up a bit..

  • kkkk

    TP looks much better. That colorful and bright graphics don't fit TP.

  • Guil.

    I like the goats for some reason. Usually I don’t like too many things that look that much like candy coloured but for some reason I like those. I would love to play the game on these graphics. Arbiter’s Grounds might be interesting. And the Snowpeak Mansion too. I bet the Twilight world would look a lot more interesting too, at least you wouldn’t get too much bloom everywhere you go. That’s the thing I really hate about TP’s graphics. Too much bloom everywhere.

    • >:3

      Do you mean gloom, or bloom?

      • James

        Bloom lighting, I believe..

  • Sarinilli

    Now that’s pretty interesting! But now you know… I agree with what PhoenixWSE said. He should totally do Skyward Sword with Twilight Princess graphics instead. I would LOVE to see that. :3

  • calvin

    i really liked the ss graphics but it was too low res.. i really like this it would be interesting to play id also love to see it the other way about too

  • PhantomBeast

    Not bad, I love the TP graphics even if it’s a little dark. But, to be honest, I hate the SS graphic style x_x
    The mix of them is pretty great, the amazing design of TP with a little more colors from SS, the perfect match. But it’s my opinion.

  • kaepora21

    There's a reason TP graphics are so dark; to mirror the themes of the storyline. To change the graphics is akin to changing a character or altering a section of dialogue. It is not simply cosmetic, one is actively changing the composition and makeup of the game itself.

    So to say SS graphics are better than TP graphics simply does not make sense in this context. The colors are too bright, too varied, too "daytime." What good is a game about twilight if the graphics do not reflect that very motif?

  • Koren

    This is very interesting, but I prefer TP’s graphics. I think they fit the game as a whole. I feel like changing the graphics would change the story as a whole. As kaepora2I (?) said, changing the graphics would change and alter pretty much everything… I understand everyone’s point of view what with wind waker and its cheery graphics versus its storyline, but TP’s graphics were dark for a reason…

  • xyz

    I never really disliked TP’s graphics, but I never really loved them either. I must say, TP with SS graphics looks pretty cool though. I’d be interested to see more.

  • Mickii

    Thank you, Kaepora21. A games atmosphere isnt made up by just the music and sfx, but the storyline and graphics too. I 'm sure if the Wind Waker had a more realistic style, it would still fit fine with the plot, but listen closely to Twilight Princess' title. Thats right. Twilight is dark. This is really, really cool, and I'd love to explore the overworld with these graphics, but I don't regret the original TP style, in fact, I like it more than SS, but thats just me.

  • qwerty

    I'd rather see Skyward Sword with Twilight Princess's graphics.

  • MasterDebater

    I still feel like if Majora's mask had TP's graphical resolution then it would be even more amazing, albeit Majora's mask was better than TP already anyway..

  • Bryan C

    Not just because Twilight Princess is my favorite Zelda game, but right when I started SS I immediately thought TP graphics were better. I still liked SS, but thought the graphics took a step back.

  • thren

    I'm in the minority here, but I HATED Twilight Princess's graphics. There was way too much bloom and it physically hurt my eyes to look at it. It's part of the reason I only played it once. I'll have to look into this texture; it might give TP more of a Majora's Mask feel: a dark-toned game without being too literally dark.

    • Enireh

      What do you mean by "bloom"? If you mean how things kind of glow too bright at parts then I agree with you

      • Mahboi

        Bloom refers to how bright light bleeds onto surrounding objects. You see it mostly in the Twilight regions and at sunset in the game. It's supposed to look more realistic, but it also causes the bright glowing you describe.

  • Knukles

    everyone is saying is dosent go with the dark theme of TP…

    well SS wasnt really a bright happy storyline either. i mean demise was probly one of the darkest creatures in LoZ.

    so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and just accept these are only screenshots 🙂

    • kkkk

      Of course it was a bright happy storyline. Just because there are few exceptions, it doesn't mean that the storyline was dark.

  • Google Says

    That looks really nice :o!

  • DarkOwl

    Smiley goats!! 😀

  • Destiny

    I think it's really cool to see how it would look like but I think the TP graphics are better than the skyward sword graphics for the TP game. Twilight Princess was known for its dark, chilling graphics, when u put skyward sword graphics in it, it makes the game feel bright and makes u know that the bad guy won't win, TP went back and forth with which side was winning because the twilight realm confused you, not like skyward all bright and colorful. But no matter what, both games were amazing and have a lot to do with the LOZ timeline.

  • Timeh!

    Halo > Zelda. That is all. You mad?

    • MikeL

      Because you're fourteen years old

    • Triguy123

      Halo 4's multiplayer's awesome, though I've only played offline. I love learning the way Player moves. My favourite aspects so far is its sound quality(/weapon noise direction). I miss Magic Meter draining attacks in Zelda. I'd love if Zelda U brings in a long ranged magic move that requires accuracy as cool as Halo's Plasma Pistol. Or why not simply bring back ! MY ! !!! ICE ARROWS !!! Basically, I desire to wield magical-animation-sounds… that can be cast from a distance. ( The specific-distance-desire's been evoked by Ocarina's magical arrow experience. The distance isn't the soul of my desire) !!!!!! THE SOUL OF MY DESIRE IS WIELDING MAGICAL-ANIMATION-SOUNDS-PREFFERABLY(AN)EVENTUALHOLOGRAM(S)-THAT'SWHATI'MEXPECTING-OUTOFMY-ICEARROWBLUE3DS-PURCHASE !!!!!!

  • Destiny

    Basicly I'm trying to say that TP's graphics were like that for a reason, if they were skyward sword style, it would change the whole story…

  • rookie

    Okay, first off, that is truly fascinating, and I would very much like to play Twilight Princess with the semi cell-shaded graphics of Skyward Sword. it is also is wonderfully (and yet, terrifyingly) strange; as Twilight Princess is (one of) the most dark Zelda games out there. Having it all bright and cheery is quite a comical concept to those with a sense of irony. That is what makes me want to play is as such. Not necessarily for the graphical change, but for more for the whimsical idea of it…. What, prey tell would the Twilight realm look like? I hope to find out!

  • Reily96

    Wow, one of the things that keeps me from replaying TP more than other Zelda games is that I just find everything so subdued color-wise. Many people say the "dark" graphics are representative of TP because it's a dark game but… maybe something is wrong with me, because TP really isn't that dark imo. Storyline wise, when we compare it to Wind Waker, Wind Waker, despite the cartoony, colorful graphics, is surprisingly super dark. Then again, I'm just the type of person who, in the end, doesn't care much about graphics. You can give me a Zelda game in nearly any style and I'm fairly certain I'll play it without much thought.

    Digressed a bit there, but in the end, I actually really like seeing TP in SS style. Chances are, I would replay it more just because I find it more aesthetically interesting to look at versus the normal which can sometimes look like someone went overboard with the sepia.

  • John Doe

    I’ve been replaying Twilight Princess lately, and I gotta say, textures like this would be a godsend.

    I didn’t notice how bad the textures were back in 2006 (because big HD TVs were hella expensive at the time), but playing it after 7 years of graphical improvements in games, on a high-definition television, you really notice that Twilight Princess looks godawful.

    Forget making a HD Wind Waker (because that still looks amazing), they need to make a HD Twilight Princess. Or at least THIS.

  • KidWiththeBackpack

    I like it, Twilight Princess didn't have enough color.

  • Link

    seriousely! it looks a bit more like WW than SS to me. I mean yah that pic of Link in the forest spirit spring I deffinetly see alot of SS in it, but other than that I'm getting more WW than anything! it's cool :D.
    but I do like the TP graphics. I never actually thought of them as being all that dark or gloomy when I first playd through the game, but then again my tv may have just been set alittle brighter than other ppls. who can say? 😛

  • Cuber456

    I like how TP looks with SS graphics. It didn't keep me from playing the game but the graphics of TP don't look very good, especially when viewed on an HD TV(and I am not talking about using Dolphin). They are all muddy and don't have any color. People will say that this "realistic" effect helps to bring a darker tone to the game but I disagree that it does at all. Look at MM, that game had plenty of dark moments and it certainly didn't rely on the graphics to do that. My problem is that it feels like the graphics of TP are incomplete BECAUSE they were trying to go for something realistic. I don't think I would mind TP's graphics style as much if it was done with HD graphics like that WiiU Zelda tech demo.

  • This is my ideal looking Zelda game. Hybridizes the textural aesthetic of Skyward Sword with the proportional aesthetic of Twilight Princess. I… I must play this.

    If you—the creator of this project—are reading this, you have by absolute support. Thank you for inspiring me with an endeavor I might have never even dreamt of, let alone attempted. Your efforts will not go unappreciated.

    Please continue this work. You are doing a great service to the Zelda community by hybridizing these two games. I mean, gosh… I feel a dissatisfaction when playing both Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword because of aesthetic reasons, but this creates the perfect harmony between the two, and in Hyrule proper instead of the "surface world". I'd be interested to see Twilight Princess's textures applied to Skyward Sword, but at lower resolution they might not fare as well as this reverse appropriation. Thank you for doing this. Peace mang.

  • yelbec

    I think this art style would be great for a remake of Link's Awakening. Dream world and all that.

    The textures are indeed fantastic and vastly superior to what was available in '06 but I thought the color schemes were much too bright and cheerful, especially the final battle with Demise. The opening credits were awesome though.

  • Wesley224

    I find it interesting and I'm with the people whome are saying that wind waker was much more intense storyline wise. My reasons why and for some the story may vary dependant on whome you are and were your from. Not to mention whats happened in your life. Though this may go for Story or Graphics mainly due to the way the story is and how it may be conceived. For instance to get to my point I like all four games mentioned but I think all have fairly dark tones why?
    part 1-3

  • wesley224

    Because all of them have to relate to an Armageddon and a Apocalypse , of sorts all zelda games do from day one if Ganon wins and link loses chaos shall reign over Hyrule or other following Zelda worlds and era's, with each respected villain. So I mean what matters is what each of us find interesting and I find it iteresting is that nintendo covered so much ground with their games in style and graphics, not just storyline and other such gimmicks. But I would feel proper to add my 2 cents with pointing out some stuff and then giving my full opinion. Ok here goes and sorry for such long comment. Wind Waker is dark cause that right from the start your sister is kidnapped. Now that doesn't matter much cause Zelda games are and will always more or less be on the plot of your princess got kidnapped go save her. So sister in Wind Waker is not special in that sense, specially when Twilight Princess starts with four kids and your dragged into the twilight realm. Skyward sword was Zelda from the beginning. Now Majora's Mask is of you finding a friend that is lost both to you in a worldly manner and and in a emotional manner so much he find trouble then get slowly tookin over and messes with an entire country in the time it take for you to get into the same area as him but they really don't say how long the trip down the rabbit hole takes to get to Termina the time difference could be seconds to moths. Time in zelda games is never a safe thing. But to get what I should get at is each game has their own dignified art style and it's what strives the very core of a game for some those whome are light hearted or just enjoy cartoony graphics pick WW or SS. Those with serious lives might take to MM or TP. And some of you are for if it's Zelda I'm in kinda gamer that's kool too. Me I'm a if it's Zelda. But let me tell you something the SS had major ups and Major downs that I did or didn't like the graphics were keen in style but not very detailed and though HD TV is not kind to TP possibly true but I seen a side by side comparison of SS on regular and HD not really that impressed. I mean either of these games are made in their respective time frames I can say this if you think on it with the differance of MM and WW being one year apart, all three the others were like 5-6 years apart and were on the next counsel or at the end of the last counsel so that said they at nontendo have to think of what the next interest is for them and the fans. It boils down to what they wanna do and the fads in the world. Though I don't think Nintendo or other companies cater to fans either as much as they should or did. I would mention some examples but hey *cough* Capcom *Megaman *cough *Sega* Cough* Sonic! Man! That hay fever going around again this year and it's strong! Sorry that was uncalled for and off topic just wee ticked at some companies I can't hold it. So now my thought on the pictures I think the switch up is great and probably took for ever to do. And noce work whome ever and can anyone tell me if this is a conversion installment i can get? the same goes for MM job this guy did.

  • wesley224

    I mostly think at the boiling point it's story and gameplay, SS story and play kinda threw me for a loop. Story had a lot of good plots but Ganon not at the end to form the trinity of the story and leavin the wise men out of the making of the master sword like they I think were spose to be I believe Alttp made mention to some degree of that but don't take my word on it. But there were a good amount of easter eggs that I could point out and character development in almost all main plot characters and top it off no two characters sept the robots looked alike. And Girahim was creepy either way his personality is good case of that no needed TP graphics there at all to show that. But TP was very Beautiful the detailed work they put great and I want to see both styles kept. Now gameplay on the other hand SS screwed with me and I kinda dislike it losing the magic meter since WW and coming up with the stamina meter is just a shit gimmick to me. And for some reason the way they laod out the map and this might be me but it felt like a Spyro game for some reason anyone else get that feeling? Well though the cubes were neat thought and the sword beams awesome! The thought of no one thinking of passing items such as the hyalian sheild over to hero mode lame! But they did make it up with passing on you treasure. But hey My medals and Shield and upgrades were way better earned. The one Major thing I hated bout TP was the Twilight realm it was just an off shade of dark world and to off colored first time I got confused and headaches mainly due to both the dog sent finding stuff and the realms odd coloring. And I love the dark world but for me there was only one true dark world and that's Alttp but that's me and no substitutes are near as fun and clever, cause it was an original concept for Nintendo then. Sorry for ubber long novel. Yours truly Wesley224 I do have or had a logg in for here but it's been ages wasn't sure if it still exists. hope I didn't bore nor offend no one! 🙂

  • Andrew G.

    I really like the goats in this style. They look so happy!

  • gavin224

    jesus wes, you sure have alot to say here

  • The Legend of Telma

    I like that Forest Temple with SS graphics! 🙂

  • Conrad

    TP + SS graphics = what OOT sequal should look like! like exactly

  • Ryan

    It will be interesting to see what he does with Midna.

  • Timelord Link

    I'm sorry, but Nintendo took a step backwards with Skyward Sword in terms of graphics.

    • MikeL

      That's what you do when you try something that doesn't work out well, you take a step back and think about what you can do differently. In the case of SS, Nintendo looked back at the only graphics style they had used until then that has aged well: Wind Waker.

  • bryanna

    can u get some of midna. PLEEEEESE!!!!

  • marshall

    Well while a did find Twilight Princess to be a bit bland in terms of textures and colors, I LOVED the game itself to death as well as the mood that the graphics set. I love it being dark, it kind of drove the point home that the world was in peril. In Skyward sword (which I also LOVED) I wasn't a huge fan of the cel-shading. It looks pretty, but Demise is such an evil being, the game didn't really NEED the happy-go-lucky cartoon feel.
    On the other hand while no I am not a huge fan of Cel-Shading I think it'll look beautiful in wind waker on the Wii U. That's just my 2 cents

  • BlackSoul

    Very nice, especially for fanmade textures!

  • I personally think it's lovely! I didn't like TP's overall look. TWW is proof that you can have a very dark storyline without "dark" colors. Skyward Sword's artistic coloring style seems to be a perfect fit for Twilight Princess' design style. I'd love to play TP again with these textures myself to see if I'd feel like the world of Hyrule was less dull.

    How would we use this anyway? Dolphin emulator?

    Maybe this combination will inspire Nintendo for Zelda Wii U!

  • Franko

    Nah! I love the Original Graphics of Twilight Princess better, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was the best out of the whole franchise in my opinion 😉

  • Joe

    Why does everyone hate dark graphics and a dark tone? Is someone dark and evil trying to take over the land through the power if the gods suppose to be bright and cheerful?

  • Michael

    I actually really like it. 🙂