Have you ever wanted to wear something on your hand to represent your love for the Legend of Zelda series and Irish tradition? Possibly not, but I guarantee these Triforce rings will spark your interest if you love Zelda merchandise. Way back in the seventeenth century, a tradition was started among the Irish to wear rings depicting two hands holding a heart and a crown. The idea was to represent friendship, love, and loyalty respectively. Now this traditional ring takes on a new three part meaning with the Triforce’s Power, Wisdom, and Courage. Read on for more details!


Above is the traditional Irish Claddagh ring, which has quite a rich and unique history. The Triforce Claddagh rings for sale come in three different materials, each with its own set of colors. The options are a strong and flexible plastic, stainless steel, or sterling silver. They are produced by 3D printing, based off of the 3D model below.


These rings look quite nifty, and has prices and materials to fit your specific needs. If you are interested, head on over to Shapeways to check it out in further detail!

Source: Shapeways
Via: ExplodedSoda