E3 Press conference 2012

Nintendo’s press conferences have become a staple of E3 each year. Normally, Nintendo takes the opportunity in the days preceding E3 to hold a large press conference where it announces new hardware and software for the coming year. However, in a dramatic shift in strategy, Nintendo of Japan has announced that it will not be holding its normal press conference at E3 this year, choosing instead to hold smaller private media venues with a focus on software. With Wii U sales staggering and Nintendo’s viability coming into question, this move comes as a surprise.

While there could be endless reasons why Nintendo would choose to do this, the move could possibly be a part of a larger plan for Nintendo to distance itself from the general gaming industry and convince customers that there is a “Nintendo industry” transcending gaming. We’ve already seen hints of this attitude with Nintendo Direct, where Nintendo has been making the vast majority of its important hardware and software announcements, including its recent announcement of an A Link to the Past sequel on 3DS.

We’ll have more information on Nintendo’s E3 plans as we move closer to June. As with every year, we plan on being there with real-time coverage of whatever Nintendo’s plans are.

Source: Nintendo (via The Verge)
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  • Shadow Links

    Can’t say im that surprised with the decision. And to be honest im fine with it.

  • So from the looks of things Nintendo will be focusing on showcasing their software, interesting to see how it turns out.

  • Joe

    Well, then, now there is no reason for me to try and watch E3 this year. I couldn’t care less about the PS4 or new Xbox. Nintendo is the only one I think will be having actual games and not “partially interactive movies”

  • SupMan

    I’m a bit disappointed. I’ve always been excited when E3 rolls around, and Nintendo’s conference is part of the reason why. I was so hoping to see the next smash bros revealed on stage..

    • heroofmask

      now now they didnt say where not gonna show any new games basically there not gonna show as much

  • I'm okay with this. We'll be getting updates from ND, looks like they just want to distance themselves from Sony and Microsoft.

  • Zach

    Lame. E3 is all about the hype… there's a certain feel of excitement before a huge press conference. Remember Twilight Princess's reveal? I want that, not a lame video of Nintendo Direct. My 2 cents

    • Kalek

      I can understand that. But to be honest, as long as they gives quality products, I'm fine with whatever way they use to tells us about it. =)

  • Hylian Hero


  • This is pretty disappointing, as I always look forward to Nintendo's conference most. Still, now all that means is we get huge announcements all year round! Which is nice for us and, probably best in the long run for NIntendo. So many great games go under the radar when everything is announced within a single hour

  • RPH1

    Does anyone know why they stopped doing Nintendo Show 3D? That would be a place to showcase games without e3.

    • Keimori

      I frankly feel Nintendo Direct dose a better job of showcasing the latest news they have to offer.

  • Valgaldr

    A bit disappointed to be honest, hopefully there will be lots of Nintendo Direct at E3 and so on.

  • Baker1000

    It's hard not to be disappointed. I'm sure all Zelda fans know about the roar of appreciation which went up when everyone in the hall realised they were watching the Twilight Princess trailer. You just can't match that atmosphere in Nintendo Direct.

    • MikeL

      Maybe they simply don't want to make that mistake again, i.e. get people so hyped up about a game and then release a game that doesn't really live up to that hype.

      • TheGrave

        Who says it didn't live up to the hype? You? Oh yeah, that's right, because your opinion obviously matters most.

  • Keimori

    This Is a rather disappointing development, I always look forward to their presentation for three reasons:
    1) Miyamoto's slightly awkward "bromance" tech demo with Bill and their mandatory technical difficulty.
    2) a Hype lineup of software to hit in the next year that'll get me pumped for upcoming Nintendo games.
    3) Reggie's mandatory meme generating ad lib moment that happens when someone drags him onstage after his script runs out.

    That aside, I guess while it's in some ways beneficial to have this, I can see why they cut it.
    With Nintendo Direct they no longer need to present large scale presentations like the press conference as all the material they would put into the conference is already put out in small doses over the year rendering the E3 conference mostly useless.

    Also, I imagine that conference space must be mighty expensive to pay for, cutting the conference and relying on ND videos that must be a lot cheaper.

    not holding the conference might be an amazing savings to the company which is doing relatively well in tough times but times are still tough, it's best to pinch the proverbially pennies were it hurts the least.