E3 Press conference 2012

Nintendo’s press conferences have become a staple of E3 each year. Normally, Nintendo takes the opportunity in the days preceding E3 to hold a large press conference where it announces new hardware and software for the coming year. However, in a dramatic shift in strategy, Nintendo of Japan has announced that it will not be holding its normal press conference at E3 this year, choosing instead to hold smaller private media venues with a focus on software. With Wii U sales staggering and Nintendo’s viability coming into question, this move comes as a surprise.

While there could be endless reasons why Nintendo would choose to do this, the move could possibly be a part of a larger plan for Nintendo to distance itself from the general gaming industry and convince customers that there is a “Nintendo industry” transcending gaming. We’ve already seen hints of this attitude with Nintendo Direct, where Nintendo has been making the vast majority of its important hardware and software announcements, including its recent announcement of an A Link to the Past sequel on 3DS.

We’ll have more information on Nintendo’s E3 plans as we move closer to June. As with every year, we plan on being there with real-time coverage of whatever Nintendo’s plans are.

Source: Nintendo (via The Verge)
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