While the Zelda franchise had no presence at this year’s PAX East 2013 expo in terms of games and announcements, the spirit was still very much kept alive by some awesome fans and their cosplay outfits.

Thanks to our friends over at Zelda Dungeon who took a ton of photos at the event, you can check out a ton of great Links and an adorable Princess Zelda by hitting the jump. My personal favourite, though, has to be the Medli above – it’s rare to see Medli cosplay compared to other characters. Not only is it great seeing one of my favourite characters get some attention, the accuracy and detail on the costume is fantastic. She even has her own harp!

There were also way more non-Zelda cosplayers and gaming fanatics posing for the camera at the show, and you can catch the full gallery over at Zelda Dungeon.








Source: Zelda Dungeon
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