With the dawn on 3D printing, fan projects are now a lot easier to achieve. Take this ring for an example. At $34.99 on Store Envy, it is by no means atrociously priced for fans seeking these sorts of items. I myself am greatly tempted to drop the cash for this beautiful ring. And can you say wedding rings for dedicated Zelda fans? Read on to view more descriptions as well as the Assassins Creed ring!

The store provides some more details on the specifications of both rings.

The standard size is 18mm however if you need a larger or smaller size you can now choose 16-22 mm. Measurement is for diameter of the circumference of you finger. Stainless steel is infused with up to 30% bronze which can give it a golden tone.

Below you can see the equally impressive Assassin Order Symbol ring. This one is going for just a bit more at $36.99.


Personally, I think that these are impressive 3D print items. Maybe in the future someone will start printing swords, shields, you name it. 3D printing is a fascinating process and if you are interested in how it works, here is the Wikipedia article about it.

Source: Store Envy | Hylian Crest ring | Assassin Order Symbol ring
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