Welcome adventurer! This is the second instalment in the Pack for Success series of CD-i month. Some of the items in this guide are carried over from The Faces of Evil, but this guide may be even more important. This is because you will be adventuring as Zelda! This will no doubt take some adjustment, so it is best that you familiarize yourself with the unique equipment in The Wand of Gamelon at the earliest opportunity. Also, some of the items here are different in name and appearance only, so don’t be tricked. With that being said, we’re off!

BreadIconYou have to go grocery shopping to get Bread. Just like real life! You could probably hack the game to let yourself eat these freshly backed loaves, but the primary purpose of it is to throw it away. I’m not kidding. You can throw away as much as you can carry, which would be the seemingly magic number 99. It does have the nice by-product of distracting Arpagos. These are simply birdlike creatures that are out to get you, so go throw some bread away!

FluteIconThe Bell’s counterpart, this handy musical instrument freezes all flying enemies on the screen for the cost of five rupees per play. Now the Arpagos have to watch out for your flute and your bread! What a deadly combo. This is also one of the only times a flute appears in a Zelda game, the other notable time being A Link to the Past.

WoGLanternIconThis is a lantern. It is green though, which makes it more awesome than the lantern in Faces. However, it always requires fuel to run. The first upgrade to the Magic Lantern lets it burn longer. The second improvement is to the Fairy Lantern which supposedly pierces that darkness around Ganon. That would be helpful.

ShroudIconThis my friend, is the Shroud. It is not, repeat, NOT a cape. Yet. In this form, its only use is to dispose of Gibdo, the first boss of the game. Otherwise, it is completely useless. Until it evolves into the next item on the list.

Magic_CapeThis is the Green Rock’s Cape. Alright, that’s a lie, but it functions much the same. Its real name is the Magic Cape. I prefer the former designation. This is unique though, because it charges you rupees to use. I mean really, this cape has an attitude. Can you imagine trying to use this? You try to jump across the ledge, but before you do, the Magic Cape stops you and says, “Wait a second, you have to pay me five rupees first!” So you stop and dig into your pockets for the right amount of money, give it to the cape which puts it goodness knows where, and then you jump. What a hassle!

Magic_CloakDid someone say fashion statement? Because I think this beats winged helmets. The Magic Cloak allows you to attain the state of invisibility for six seconds at a time. Unfortunately, this cape also makes you pay toll before serving you. Every time. It is worth it though for the fashion. Purple is a man’s color! Wait a second. You play as Zelda though. Doh, scratch that.

Hanyu_SporeThis is the Hanyu Spore. It may or may not be poisonous. You may want to take it though, since it allows you to build the Power Glove. Just be nice to it.

Fairy_DustYes, this is Magic Powder, but don’t get too excited. It merely functions as a trading item to upgrade the Shroud to the Incredibly Selfish Magic Cape Of Pains In The Butt.

Wand_of_Gamelon_IconAnd finally, the item you have no doubt been holding your awesome smelling breath for, the Wand of Gamelon! It looks cool, sounds cool, and functions exactly like the Silver Arrows in The Legend of Zelda and the Book of Korodai in The Faces of Evil. You use it to kill Ganon, and only Ganon. Although with your cape, cloak, and wand, I bet you make a pretty sweet looking wizard.

Those are all the the new and disguised items for you to digest (not literally). In addition to these, you have the returning items from The Faces of Evil. The sword, bombs, empty bott- I mean canteen, power glove, shield, and rope. With all of these items, and this incredibly awesome guide of course, you can take on the forces of evil with your eyes closed! Although I recommend you keep them open.

Grab your stuff and go adventuring!