A capella

YouTuber Smooth McGroove and his beard have been making extremely well-done a capella music videos for about two months now, and a majority of them are songs from The Legend of Zelda games, including the Song of Storms and the Gerudo Valley theme.

Hit the jump to check out his most recent video!

Source: YouTube (via GoNintendo)

  • Echon

    I don't know if I want to say: "Kitty wants to sing too!" or "Poor cat!"

  • Whopotteravengelock

    Long beard and a cat lover………………

  • Zelder01

    I love these videos he makes.

  • Your video is fun. your hair is very long

  • zelda_RESPECT

    i think the cat want to sing to!!!!!
    anyway funny and good video!!
    this video was so good as your long beard!!!!

  • DarkHyrule


  • Random Person

    Heh, die your beard white and go as Gandalf for Halloween. 😉

  • Destiny

    Lol I love how the cat dances lol

  • Amariel

    So I think I found my future husband.

  • zelda_RESPECT

    i think he made the gerudo valley song so GOOD:)