Ocarina of Time LEGO Trio

Were you ever disappointed by the fact that in over 20 years of its existence, Zelda series never had an official LEGO block set for imaginative fans to play with? I’m 25, and I swear that if I saw a Legend of Zelda LEGO set, I wouldn’t think twice about buying it.

Well, if you’re a dreamer like me, your dreams may come true. Recently a dedicated Hylian soldier Michael Inglis revealed his CUUSOO project: Ocarina of Time themed LEGO set. Unfortunately, his idea was rejected by the company because of the need for custom parts that would have to be created in order for Hyrule to shine in all its blocky glory. But he was not the only one to try and take on this task!

A fellow creative member of the Hylian Royal Guard started his own CUUSOO project, which achieved necessary number of votes and is currently in the review stage. We can only pray that this one passes the company’s standard criteria so we can rush to the stores like the true Zelda fans we are and get us our own block set. Then we can embark on a journey to Hyrule — in our heads of course.

Ragaru's LEGO Zelda Sample

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