What do internet browsers, Zelda, and dubstep all have in common? The answer to this odd question is the newly created browser game dubbed Skrillex Quest. There have been better combinations of things and as such, I was skeptical at first of this new browser game. As it turns out, Skrillex Quest is a surprisingly fun browser game with dubstep and a little dash of Zelda. Keep reading for more details!

The credit for this project goes to Jason Oda who also created the Perfect Strangers browser game back in May. Game play wise, Skrillex Quest puts you in command of an individual named “P1″ who looks suspiciously like Link. The only controls available to you are the arrow keys, for movement, and the space bar for sword attacks. It is a little confusing at first as to what the game wants you to do, but it does not take too long to get the hang of it.

As to the plot, the opening sequence shows a spec of dust floating down towards a golden game cartridge entitled “Skrillex Quest”. The dust spec floats into the cartridge and corrupts it, messing with the normal game inside. It then cuts to you being asked by the king to save the world, or in this case, cartridge. During your quest, you encounter a princess, glitches, and annoying shopkeepers. It almost feels like a real Zelda game! Take a look at the screen shots below.

Minus some directional confusion, it is a fun diversion from your normal activities. You may find yourself playing it a couple more times to try and improve upon your last score. So check out Skrillex Quest (alternative link to game here) and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: Skrillex Quest
Via: Kotaku