Anyone can create a LEGO Link mini figure. Not everyone can create a full blown map of Hyrule using only these plastic pieces, yet that is exactly what a very creative person has done. I myself have made large projects with Legos, but nothing near as large as the map that awaits you if you keep reading!

The credit for this project goes to madoruk who created this massive map for BrickCon 2012. I have no doubt that the people attending this event were impressed by this piece below.

This LEGO creation is the whole over world map of The Legend of Zelda. The map is 256 x 88 studs which, if you do the math, comes out to an astounding 22528 total studs! Apparently, each stud symbolizes a 16 x 16 pixel portion of the map in the actual game. If you have played the original game, I have no doubt you will wish you had this map during your adventuring.

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Source: Technabob