If you’ve ever wanted to take your 64 away from home, but want it to be more close to your wants, here is your chance. Clarky and Smith have created a portable Nintendo 64, but with a Zelda twist. This system has a golden color and a light-up Triforce on the back.

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So, do you think the Zelda Edition is cool? Would you get or make your own? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Clarky Creations Youtube (via Zelda Dungeon)


  • nyra

    That's boss! i want one 😀

  • orangeninjadaniel


  • Alieth

    Shut up and take my money !

  • Midnight C.


  • Iamarandom.

    As much of a Nintendo fan I am, played N64 since Mario Kart, Lylat Wars and all, and as awesome as this is… I personally would hate having one, it would take up as much room as my 3DS in a carry pouch with 6 games inside would these days… carrying N64 game cartridges would be a pain… and I would prefer the Triforce to be printed on rather than a light up Triforce.

  • PeacefullyCrazy

    Huh. Light up Triforce on back always gets a plus in my book.

  • VanitasXII

    Think it's cool? THINK it's cool? No, I KNOW it's cool.

    This is every Zelda fan's dream, and the envy of every non Zelda fan. I must have it.

  • Hart

    the Z button. it's on the right.

  • ask

    Lame seal of approval.

  • I'm throwing my money at the screen, but nothing's happening. How can I get it?!

    • I've seen your exact same comment on other posts from different users, lol… but still, I want one too!!

  • Mugen Kagemaru


  • Ashmic

    they need jobs at nintendo

  • Not gonna lie, this is awesome.

  • neos

    i…i really don't know what to say besides this is freaking amazing. i want one so bad i would trade an xbox for it. well if i had one, but you all know what i mean.

  • nate

    its amazing how you could make a hand held n64 i want one because my drunk cousin took my nintendo super nintendo and my n64 so tell me how to get one

    • dude tht sucks for real i dont let anyone touch my nes,snes,n64,or my wii.I tell people dont touch them dont even,look at them,dont look at me either.I even tackled my dad when he tried to pick up my nes still in the box.

  • anthony

    I MUST HAVE THIS !!! can some one please email me on how to get one i will buy one of these no matter the cost!!!

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  • Fuckmuck

    Ugly like a cheap prostitute. Wish the design was better.

  • What about the R and L buttons?

  • RPH1

    You could just play it on the 3DS and it would take up less space and would not have those pinchy playstation + like buttons. The 3DS version looks better, too.