Nintendo has finally announced a release date for the Paper Mario game for the 3DS, which was initially announced during E3 2010. Players will use stickers to affect game play, and as such, the game has been titled Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is due for release this holiday season.

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  • concernedcamel

    that was revealed at launch!

  • Tonch

    This was revealed two E3s ago. Pay attention to the news you post.

    • Amanda

      pay attention to what you read they said it was finally given a release date, sometime this holiday season after it had been announced in 2010

      • Tonch

        That was edited after the initial article was up. The initial article said this game was just announced and said nothing at all about E3 2010.

        • Pani

          Yeah, I edited this post shortly after its original posting, after noticing the incorrect info myself. Sorry about the confusion!

  • Keimori

    I geuss you can say Mario is going to STICK IT to the bad guys, eh? eh?