With E3 literally around the corner, there has been a rumor for renaming the Wii U for release. This rumor has yet to be confirmed or denied, but at E3 we will most likely learn the truth. But why would Nintendo rename their new system? Jeff Cork from GameInformer looks into both sides of the argument.

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The Wii U as a system has many Nintendo fans on board, but why would it need renaming? Jeff Cork points out a few of the upsides for renaming the system:

  • The Nintendo 64 had a successful name change from Ultra 64, even though the name was close to the system release.
  • The Wii is known as a casual gamer system, so changing it would appeal to more hardcore gamers.

Those points are reasonable and acceptable, but they leave to question why not to change the system name. Cork says this about why Nintendo should keep the name:

  • The Wii U still uses Wii technology, which is why the Wii U would be accurate.
  • It paints a pretty picture for parents who thought the Wii was a kid-friendly system.

So there you have it. Nintendo could go either way with this one. We won’t know the truth until E3 comes around, and it still may change.

So what do you think of the possible name change. Do you support it or not. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: GameInformer

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