This is it! The final stage of Zelda Universe’s month long puzzle-solving adventure contest has now begun! We’ve opened the doors leading to Ordon Province. Enter and solve devious riddles and at the end of the this week you’ll be entered for a chance to win over $500 in awesome prizes! We have no clue what could be waiting beyond the temple doors. All we can do is wish you good luck on your temple quest!

(Stuck on a puzzle? Head to our Temple Quest Help forums for some good advice. But beware of spoilers!)

  • confused

    None of the Temple Quests have worked for me. I've tried FireFox, IE, and Chrome. Every time, all I get is a near black page with the temple logo in the middle, nothing happens and there's nothing to click on.

    • bastian

      Temple Quest works on all modern versions of all major browsers. Try making sure you have the most recent version of Chrome or FireFox.

  • jon

    Just wanted to say thank you and congratulations to the makers of this awesome game. I just finished it, and whoever was involved in making this deserves praises, and I wish I had the talent you had. You could be a game designer some day.

  • kaepora21

    Ditto what Jon said, this was terrific.

    Any idea how the prizes will be handed out?

  • WWCH

    why am I so lazy to continue the gaaaame T_T

  • Pascal

    We do have till the end of the month to finish the game, don't we?
    Because I can only start the last week tomorrow…

  • RPH1

    What if you have clicked on every thing that is clickable and still can't find any passwords? How do you know what to type in for the ones that have a field to type in and "ok" or "cancel"? Not the ones that have a "browse" button. I've typed in names from the games, key words from the temple quest and random things like open and password. The only thing I've been able to do is translate the gravestones, navigate the Lost woods, and been given art work from Zelda games to use in the" browse" ones.

    • mcdude910

      You haven't even begun the quest, then. It takes actual puzzle-solving; not just random clicking and guessing. If you want any help, visit the forums.