The third chapter of Zelda Universe’s month long puzzle-solving adventure contest has now begun! We’ve opened the doors leading to Faron Province. Enter and solve devious riddles and at the end of the fourth week you’ll be entered for a chance to win over $500 in awesome prizes! We have no clue what could be waiting beyond the temple doors. All we can do is wish you good luck on your temple quest!

(Stuck on a puzzle? Head to our Temple Quest Help forums for some good advice. But beware of spoilers!)

  • Soeroah

    Bleh, I'm still stuck at what I believe is a bug. I can't use those things together, as Sam would say.

    Enjoying it otherwise, though!

    • bastian

      Try deleting the boomerang and re-acquiring it.

  • jon

    All done 🙂

  • cloverplayer

    Still stuck on the 2nd one, because of time restraints : Might be able to when this semester ends, though.

  • CaptainSpaz

    I think I deduced the word without actually finding all of the letters, but do I actually need to find the letters to finish the puzzle?

    • Elienkae

      Nope. If you think you know the password, just whisper it.

  • zeldaboy2001

    how do u play it

  • gravyfan

    Finished week 3. The puzzles were once again, brilliant. I can only eagerly await the opening of the fourth door.

  • Merq

    I'm so confused…

  • clavier223

    about what to do? … think "outside" … the website.