Nintendo of Japan has just announced New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS via their April 21 Nintendo Direct broadcast. Not much information is know about this new announcement so far, however we’ll get more information posted as soon as we can find it!
Hit the jump to see some pictures and discover the release date (well, month) and watch the Nintendo Direct presentation about the new Mario title!





New Super Mario Bros.2 launches in Japan in August of 2012. Get excited! 

(You can also see other parts of the Nintendo Direct broadcast on GoNintendo here.)

Update: The first screenshot shows Mario in his famous Super Leaf suit, which enables Mario to fly for short distances while the P-Meter (shown at the bottom of the screen) is filled. This is the P-Meter’s first appearance since it’s debut in Super Mario Bros. 3! This could mean more nostalgic goodies to be revealed later!

Update Two: You may also notice in the third screenshot that there are golden Piranha Plants and Koopa Troopas in a winter setting. This has never been seen before in a Mario game, and tells us theres a good chance many new features will be packed into the new title!

Source: Twitter, YouTube (via GoNintendo)

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  • RPH1

    They also tweeted that there will be a 3DS Home Menu update on 4-25-12. What are they changing? I like the menu.

  • This is awesome and I WANT TO BUY IT!
    wait a minute things like this make me forget that Zelda Universe is a Zelda website and not a Nintendo news website

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    Hey hey hey, as good as this is, I have other Nintendo news sites pushing it in my face. Stop spamming my RSS feeds!
    (I don't really mind that much; I just don't like the fact that Mario gets some kind of priority over any other Zelda-unrelated games).

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      Mario is the backbone of Nintendo. It's important for the series to be healthy or else everything in Nintendo, Zelda included, is threatened.

  • Will it be a multi-player game? :O

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    I thought this was a Zelda website? …

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      Again someone saying the same thing that's been said on many past articles. It is a Zelda website, but it publishes Nintendo news.

  • Can’t wait to play it!