We’ve all been in the situation when the harmless cucco has had enough of the incessant abuse, and strikes back! But what would happen if something like that really happened? What would it look like?  Hit the jump to see the video!

Pretty close eh? If you’ve messed with the cuccos, you know exactly how this kid feels!

Somehow, those cuccos always get the better of us. No matter how hard you try, one can never win against them. We decide it would be fun to hit the cucco and see it squawk and run into the corner. The fun runs out quickly however when, out of nowhere, a horde of cuccos fly out and kill you! Want some real fun? In Oracle of Seasons, throw a mystery seed on an angry cucco and see what happens!

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Source: Youtube (Via Kotaku)

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  • Haha i remember being seven years old playing Ocarina of Time thinking how funny it would be to slash the chickens in Kakariko Village. What a shock it was to see the chooks kill Link right in front of my eyes!

  • that guy

    that was my first reaction to the cucco attack in OoT 😐

  • heXdot

    pretty funny to look at a little child who is really afraid of something and is crying out loud; man I love to laugh about that sh_t; f_k that

  • Ridiculously Insane


  • Zelda&Mario Fan_3607

    XD lol poor kid


    There is your Zelda movie right there, "When Cuccos Attack!"

  • Merq

    First time playing OoT I had some trouble remembering the controls. In Mario 64 to pick up a Bob-omb you press B, and so in OoT I kept messing up and slashing the poor cucco… and then they attacked me… I was lucky though, I accidentally fell in a grotto before they managed to kill me.

  • clubchloe1

    The Cuccos are EVIL!!!!! They said it was a dream, but I always believed they were evil!!!!!! Try to slash one with your sword in OoT!!!!! They will MURDER anyone!!!!!

  • I have cuckoos, and I'm convinced that they're also ninjas, lol.

  • I have cucoos, and I'm convinced that they're also ninjas, lol.

  • I have cucoos at home, and I'm convinced that they're also ninjas, lol.

  • Keimori

    Qucik kid, run indoors, that'll reset them to docile mode!
    That or run out of town, they can't falow you into Hyrule feild!!

    • Ashmic

      imagine if they could >> so many casualties!!!

  • fourswordslink

    to be honest i always was scared when cuccos started attacking me from nowhere but the pigs from wind waker really freaked the hell out me. i mean they run really fast at you all red and can do a total of three flippin hearts if they make contact with you, THREE HEARTS. and cuccos just seem pissed off when they attack you.

  • Ashmic

    is it bad that if my kid was crying from this, i'd start laughing? (i don't have a kid, just sayin)