The Legend of Zalda

What is this we don’t even.

Look, we’re sorry but there was nothing else Zelda humor related released this week besides the awesome and amazingly funny Zelda: The Musical, on which we’d already reported. Maybe we should have just reported on that again. Yeah, probably should have.

But anyway, here’s this.

View the video after the jump.

Warning: Contains vulgar language and imagery. 

Source: YouTube


  • Hyrule's Shadow

    What in the name of the sacred realm was that? Was the purple guy supposed to be a parody of Ghirahim? I don't get this, Zelda Universe you should have reported the musical instead.

    • bastian

      Agreed. 😀

    • Ashmic

      the purple guy was dark link

  • Ashmic

    the purple guy was dark link
    and was that balls at the end?
    yeah this…is not funny at all no offence..

  • neos

    what the hell is this. this isnt funny this is plain stupid. really if you cant find anything good dont post anything at all.

  • TnzSki

    So a giant ballsac tried to eat Zelda…

  • Troll


    • Ashmic

      when the Troll says WTF, u know its bad, ZU

  • ChainofTermina

    ………..yyyeah, how about you just go ahead and delete this entire post? it's ok, we'll forgive you for not having a sunday funny.

    • Casual Vader

      I agree… this was… I don't know what this was…

  • Nerd

    I think the purple guy was Vaati. I don't know what the giant sac would be, Bucha maybe?

  • somecrazyguy

    … i dont get it.

  • Ezluke


  • QueenxLink


  • Ridiculously Insane

    im scared… ._.

  • Me

    I thought the point of Sunday funnies was to be well…funny.

  • that guy

    I don't know how to respond to… this

  • Hylian_Knight

    There is a saying I go by "When in doubt, throw it out!" Sounds like you guys doubted this humor from the start, so I say..throw it out! It's a waste.

  • Lucius Optimus

    Put simply……IT SUCKS!

  • Heriod77777

    What in the name of Dins @$$ was that? Some gay guy trying to be Vatti said he wanted Zelda to come and then a ball sack came and died. Lol, the more I think about it, the more funny it actually becomes. But that was just gay.

  • knoweyedhermit

    I am quite amused by how bad it is. And by how much everyone else hates it. So in that sense, well done!

  • Noob

    It won’t play for me can somebody tell me what the video is called so I can look it up on YouTube. I know everyone says its bad but I want to see what it is!

    • Hylian_Knight

      It's been removed.

      • Noob

        Is it still in YouTube though and what’s it called? Tell me what happens if it’s not on YouTube anymore either.

  • Guess the creator thought it was bad too since it's no longer on YouTube.

    • Noob

      Can you tell me what happened in it?