When two game musicians meet at GDC, the annual Game Developers Conference, you just know something fantastic is bound to come out of it. Fast forward (or rewind) to last Friday, and musicians/composers Aivi and Surasshu put out a powerhouse of nostalgia: a Link’s Awakening’s “Mabe Village” duet that really combines retro and modern with a chiptune stack and a synthesizer keyboard.

Hit the jump for the full video.

Source: YouTube
  • !CJ!

    Beutiful! it nearly brought me to tears that was so great! and while listening to it I couldn't help but invision a modern remake of Links Awakening in 3d graphis, and wakeing up and seeing the new look of Mabe Village. it was amazing.

  • onilink

    AWW, that was great

  • Acostar62


  • TotalDeath

    This is awesome. Zelda music is the best music of any type. Thank you nintendo for creating this awesome series and awesome music