The power is in your hands. Threadless is a t-shirt company who offers would-be designers the chance to have their design made into shirts if enough people vote for them to be made.

Designer quick-brown-fox had submitted an earlier version of this shirt, but received complaints about it lacking the Hookshot, one of Link’s most recognizable (and reoccurring) pieces of arsenal. So he’s added it in and has resubmitted the design.

There’s less than a day left to vote on this, so if you feel this should be made into a $5 t-shirt, click here to vote now!

  • RedBearLuX

    I'd buy it

  • Triforce216

    I want that shirt.


  • Banooru

    I won't vote for it til' it has a clawshot.

    Just Kidding! Already voted for it. This shirt is awesome. If it doesn't make it to shirt-dom I will be upset.

    • Lex

      The hookshot is between the red ruppee and the steel hammer.
      This shirt is cool!

      • Lex

        ah, sry, I read "hookshot" instead of clawshot (@Banooru) – my bad

        • Banooru

          No Prob.

          I just added that in as a joke since people complained about there not being a hookshot in the previous design of this shirt until it was added in.

  • Ashmic

    I'd rather have the Link in Park image U showed previously as a tee-shirt instead of this

  • Zelda

    I want it!!!!!!!


    Maybe if it wasn't a V neck. Sorry.

  • CLASSIFIED2417 – Chances are of it gets printed it would be on a regular shirt. I've submitted over 150 designs to Threadless over the years and I think that has to be the first time I used a v neck for the mock up!

    A massive thanks to everyone who made the effort to vote, the score was transformed overnight from a 2.3 to a much more respectable 2.7!

  • Ezluke

    I hope this ends up getting printed. Threadless is one of my favorite sites and I buy most of my shirts from it. =)

  • TheMaverickk

    The issue is that he's gone and tried to wedge a square design onto an angled shirt…. it's better to give a design more flow.

    If you want to see a cool weapon based design on clothing for Zelda look at this sweater;

    There's several nice designs incorporated into the body of the clothes. It flows and looks so natural. It's also just more engaging.

    Also if people want to see another piece of cool Zelda merch, they have the Zelda playing cards here too;

  • Me

    The shirt is okay, but the wording is kind of dumb. maybe if they changed it to something like "It's dangerous to go alone" or something similar.

  • adventuretime

    it should be