Not a big fan of Android phones? Well, you may be after this! This awesome application was recently released by Abusive Studios. This animated wallpaper is completely free of charge and rotates just like it does in the game. It has a rating of 4.7/5 stars which is very exceptional.

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Source: Google Play (via Zelda Dungeon)

  • Disciple of Midna

    I have a sudden urge to purchase an Android…

  • Craig

    I downloaded this the other day… except it refuses to work. The settings come up but not the actual wallpaper… If it’s not optimized for Xperia Play, then it shouldn’t be on “Play Shop” (new name for Market).

    • LEL

      Don't know what phone you have, but on my incredible 2 it was under "Live wallpapers" when choosing what kind of background i want.

  • neos

    i like the idea but you can tell they didnt get nintendo's permision. you can tell because it does not have a full triforce and the designe and simbols are different except for the symbols for faron, eldin, and lanayru. other than that the idea seams nice.

    • Better that they change a few things and make it than not be able to afford it because they have to buy a license from Nintendo.

    • wwtoonlinkfan

      That's unusual…The version I have has the full Triforce.

      • Will

        true here too. I downloaded it moments ago and it's awesome! It has the full Triforce and all the symbols. It's cool, you can customize colors, rotation, distance, and whole bunch more stuff too.

  • Craig

    Well as long as one part is different, it's fine. They could use it under the fair use act… It's the same as texture packs for mincraft – you're allowed to use texture dumps from games like Zelda, if you've purchased the copy because you have full ownership over the game… Whereas if you've illegally downloaded the game, the fair use act is null and void. It's exactly the same as ROMs for emulators – If you already own the game, it's legal to also download the same game from the net, as long as you own it from retail as well.

  • Error

    I agree, this wallpaper is amazing. I’ve had it on my phone for almost a week and I really like it. Highly recommended. Works well on Droid tablets as well.

  • And here I am stuck with this iPod Touch. *cries in corner*

    • Craig

      Uhhh… iPod touch has android, you can't be THAT dumb surely.

      • Rabura

        Uhhhh, no, you're the dumb one here. iOS and Android OS do not interchange. That's like running Windows and claiming you can run a heap of Mac-only programs.

        • AwkwardPigeon

          It is possible to get Android running on an iPod touch if you know what you are doing. Thought i wouldn't recommend it if you have no experience in that field.

        • Lawrence

          You can run windows on a mac…so yeah, your simile doesn't really hold water.

          • Ashmic

            just stop complaining and calling people you don't know dumb

        • Craig

          To be honest though… I've used both an iPod Touch and my Xperia Play – They BOTH have the same Market icon (well, not now as it's now Google Play on Xperia Play) but nevertheless, the wallpaper won't actually come up for me – just the settings.

          • Jeremy

            On the home screen just touch and hold, it will bring up wallpapers. Hit live wallpapers from there and set it. Easy

      • Brian

        Wow, iPod touch has Android?? *brain explodes* I think I just found a new sig 🙂

  • Merq

    That’s very pretty, I just downloaded it. It’s a bit distracting though, since it keeps moving. And it sort of looks funny having both this and the Terminian clock on the screen… But it’s pretty. 🙂

  • Author here —

    The screenshots up on the Marketplace shown here are actually very old and out of date; I've just been too lazy to make new ones. I'd much rather be writing code. 🙂 I'll probably put up new ones when I hit version 1.0 and call it 'done'.

    Also, just last night I put out a new version last night that has a small intro/launch screen that helps people get the wallpaper set if they're unfamiliar with how live wallpapers work. It's also got a SECRET FEATURE that a few people have figured out how to activate. How many other live wallpapers are out there that have secret features? (note: harvesting personal information and spamming you with ads don't count as features)

  • Linkrulz

    whats the secret guys? seriously i have been staring at it for hours and it hasnt done anything.

    • Linkrulz

      I have tried everything. I have flipped it, turned it. I even threw my phone at the wall thinking it has something to do with the battery. I just need a hint.

  • LinkZone

    I did it a number of times. I opened and closed the gate a few times, then locked and unlocked my phone and press the volume up. When I did that, the phone made the "item get *DANANA NAAAAAA*" sound. I got it to do it about 3 times but then I can't anymore -.-''

  • Hero of Stuff

    Can someone post a link to the Play Store? I can't find it. Although I'm on 3.2.1 so I might not be able to get it 🙁

  • Waker of Winds

    Doesn't work with VTAB1008 on 3.2.1
    D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

  • THE SECRET IS… keep tapping the main gear of the gate of time. The starting point for this is when it is closed and the triforce is visable. Tap a few times until the 3 elements symbols glow their colours, then shake your phone danananaaaaa!

  • guitaroftime

    rofl press the top and bottom of the gate at the same time >=)

  • Guest

    This app is sick