Sometimes the logic in a Zelda game is a bit of a stretch from real life. For instance: Link can seemingly carry around a pair of shoes which are so heavy they cause him to sink in water… but only when he puts them on his feet. Likewise, he can carry a small army’s assortment of equipment… but only 255 Rupees.

In this comic by Katie Tiedrich found on Awkward Zombie, the author pokes at another peculiar bit of logic found in nearly all video games, but especially Zelda: what exactly are Link’s priorities when he is injured?

Source: Awkward Zombie

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  • Merq

    Heh, recognized the artist at first glance of the comic. 🙂 She has a cool style!

    • Ashmic

      me too!

  • LinkofAges

    Isn't this from awesome zombies or something like that? used to visit the site.

    • strawberry

      Any type of book or show or movie or something that involves zombies blow…

      • Ashmic


    • Emilie

      Actually it's akwardzombie, you can see it at the bottom right of the image. 🙂

  • X_factor

    Those bottles are hard to find! You never knew how important those bottles are, until you need them 🙂

  • weevil17

    another thing that doesn't make sense to me is how come link can carry around 300 green rupees but only 6 purple rupees. are Purple rupees really big or something?

    • Astaroth

      A purple Rupee is worth 50 green Rupees. So six purple rupees equals 300 green rupees.