Baby Link

People have been doing cosplay for a wide array of different video games or anime series, including The Legend of Zelda, for years. But have you ever seen babies portraying your favorite video game hero/heroine?

Hit the jump to see some more baby Links, and even a baby Tingle!

Click here to see the gallery of our favorite baby “Hero.” 

Source: Nintendo Gamer

  • Unicornsluvu

    how cute

  • Second


  • Ashmic

    Lol @black link, Not being racist its just adorable

  • Josh

    You guys update about the stupidest stuff. Update about cool things.

    • Sakume

      Cool things? It is called "Zelda" Universe, you realize that, right? So they can update about whatever Zelda stuff they want. Anything Zelda is the definition of cool.

      • Banooru

        Super cute. And think about how epic they'll be when they grasp a mythic blade and are trapped for 7 years until they are capable of facing an unspeakable evil.

    • Yeah anything 'Zelda' related is our duty to make sure it is written on our website. Sorry if you think it's not good enough.

  • Tingle!!! :CutenessOverload:

  • Gwydion

    Expect my nephew to join these ranks in a year or so. 😛 Seriously though, adorable!

  • LegendofMerah

    At Katsucon there was a little girl with her mom on the elevator with us, and she was dressed up as Zelda, it was so adorable. Of course, when I was that age, I had to be Snow White. Not nearly as cool. What's cool is that this is really the first generation that will be doing this, because their parents were kids when the first Zelda game came out.

  • Goron

    The link in the second picture is a boss.