It’s that time again. Time for another Legend of Zelda metal cover. The fans have really outdone themselves this time with a glorious metal cover of arguably the best song in in the series. It’s always great to see such a positive response from the fans no matter how old a Zelda game may be!

Jump to hear the song!

 Source: YouTube

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  • zerandomguy

    Where be song? 😐

    • MysteryMan

      It's not appearing for me either 🙁

    • kaepora21

      If the embedded player doesn't work, click on the source link. Problem solved.

      • cloverplayer

        thanks 🙂

  • Troks

    I prefer this version.

    • N_S

      I agree, it's honestly a lot better.

  • Zelda3607

    Epic.Video O_O