While today’s Nintendo Direct (a periodical video presentation from Nintendo announcing their latest releases) didn’t reveal anything on any new future Zeldas, one of the features they announced for one of the games they presented got us thinking, “Gee, that would be exactly what fans are asking for in a future Zelda title!”

Masahiro Sakurai, famous for his work on the Super Smash Bros. games, revealed that in the new Kid Icarus: Uprising title–which he also helmed–there is a feature called “Fiend’s Cauldron” which allows players to increase or decrease the difficulty of a chapter before heading into it. However, your rewards increase or diminish conversely. This is not a simple matter of the usual “Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare” but seems to be on a ten point scale.

Isn’t this the sort of feature fans have been begging for from Zelda? The ability to control the difficulty level? And not just at the start of the game, but as you progress chapter by chapter, you can fine tune the level of difficulty to your preference.

What do you think? Would such a feature work in Zelda? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo Direct

  • JesseDCrespo

    I like that idea. A choice at the difficulty… but simply increasing enemy difficulty does not a hard game make.

    • Red Link

      if you mean 'does not make a game hard' then i agree. This is NOT what fans mean by a harder game.

  • parcell

    I agree. However its not just the difficulty of combat that needs adjusting. The puzzles and character side quests would also need to be adjustably more difficult. I breezed through all the dungeons and bosses.I also hated the dowsing ability in Skyward sword and they need to recapture the older games feeling of exploration, dowsing destroyed this. In older games a rewarding story was created by exploring, finding and interacting with non player characters.

    • Or they could just make a difficult zelda with tacticality. For instance, getting stabbed usually deals 1/2 heart damage, but in the next one you would always take a heart.

    • Yes I agree, I love the exploring parts. Its what makes you feel like you really are on an adventure!

  • Sanity's_Theif

    This sounds great, I'd love to have this, enemy difficulty definitely needs to be increased but so do the puzzles

  • Witchking

    That is… PERFECT! Imagine you've already beat the game, but you would like to play it with a little more of a challenge! Heck, why not add a feature where the dungeons themselves change each time you enter them?

    • Robert

      I like that idea, it's a clever way to keep the dungeon fresh through playthroughs. At least, for a little while longer.

      • Zelda facts

        Isn’t that ocarina of time’s master quest and skyward swords hero quest???

        • Zelda3607


  • Jarmihi

    I like the idea of having to play through it first, though, before you can do that. Let Zelda developers tell their story first before changing the game.

  • FrederikH

    Sounds Horribly, the Zelda Games are to be perfect, not something you can just adjust, they are to remain as they are, Zelda is not a RPG, and please never include lvl up!


      IM WITH U BRO.

    • I agree whole heartedly.

  • hyRULES

    I would NOT like the idea of zelda unfolding through chapters, so in this case I vote no. this however would be better for mario, which does unfold through chapters, or levels.


    I SAY MAYBE!!!!!

  • Name

    Hmmm… I kind of like the idea of having every game standardized, meaning the same difficulty for every playthough. Adding different difficulty levels sort of messes with the uniqueness of the game. But this will probably work well with Kid Icarus since it's a level-based game.

    Leveling up isn't such a horrible idea in my opinion. I think it gives you some reward for your hard work and gives you some incentive to go on side quests or fight enemies you would normally just go around. Of course, they would have to find a way to do it so that you could level up without having to employ the tedious tactics of Zelda II.

    But I would really like to see the next game be influenced by the really good aspects of Zelda II or even be a sequel to it. Now that we know the timeline, it would be cool to see the newest chapter of a story that was told nearly 25 years ago.

    (Hah! Sorry to go off on a tangent!)

  • Hylian_Knight

    Better then flying through an easy game and getting through all the story aspect JUST to get to a harder version. (master quests) I remember thinking this when I was playing God of War. There are not only 3 difficulty levels to start but then you can still unlock an even harder mode. I would love this for Zelda.

  • somecrazyguy

    what they need to do is have this difficulty setting for enemies, the higher it is, the better the enemy's AI. in addition to this, make a masterquest, and then a 2nd masterquest, that way players, if they are up for it, can do level 10 enemy AI, on a harder mode then the the first master quest. this would be amazing.

  • mattj


    zelda has had a difficulty setting for years now

    don't pick up any hearts / don't collect or use every item / don't collect any fairies or potions / use difficult items like iron boots

    no one forces you to collect every heart and fill every bottle with potions

  • Faqz

    I like the Zelda games the way they have always been. I don't like changes, especially when they are not necessary because then its not zelda. 🙁

  • dan fu

    I dunnoe, seems kinda pointless to me.

  • B_2

    No thanks….

  • veeronic


  • Haulau

    Better idea– use The World Ends With You’s difficulty system. You just open the menu and change the difficulty from Easy to Extreme and everything in-between on the fly. While it only changes the level of enemy-toughness, if Nintendo could make it bump up the puzzle difficulty as well…
    Another thing they could utilise is a modified form of the HP-Item Drop system. Add in a slider bar where you can increase the difficulty and lower your maximum health in return for higher rewards and item drops.
    Then again, there’s probably a lot of flaws in my logic, take it or leave it. OTL

  • Anderys

    Terrible idea. Zelda needs a few things added, but a difficulty setting isn't one of them…


    Heck yes. Cater to all players.

  • Anon

    To me, it's a terrible idea. Firstly, think of all the work the programmers have to do. Puzzles don't design themselves you know? Every Zelda puzzle is carefully crafted. Do you want them to craft that many puzzles so some of you can either play on very easy or very hard mode? Unless this is limited to mobs, and if programmers are willing, mob attacking ai, I doubt this makes much sense

  • zay

    I have never heard of fans ‘begging’ for this.

    It doesn’t suit a zelda game to have that feature…and here I was expecting some innovative idea that would be awesome for zelda.

    Quite frankly, I think it a bad idea for a zelda game.

  • Tizz

    If any of you have played Ocarina of Time 3D, you know that after beating it you get the Master Quest. It is hard as f*&% and is exactly what Zelda fans need. the end.