While today’s Nintendo Direct (a periodical video presentation from Nintendo announcing their latest releases) didn’t reveal anything on any new future Zeldas, one of the features they announced for one of the games they presented got us thinking, “Gee, that would be exactly what fans are asking for in a future Zelda title!”

Masahiro Sakurai, famous for his work on the Super Smash Bros. games, revealed that in the new Kid Icarus: Uprising title–which he also helmed–there is a feature called “Fiend’s Cauldron” which allows players to increase or decrease the difficulty of a chapter before heading into it. However, your rewards increase or diminish conversely. This is not a simple matter of the usual “Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare” but seems to be on a ten point scale.

Isn’t this the sort of feature fans have been begging for from Zelda? The ability to control the difficulty level? And not just at the start of the game, but as you progress chapter by chapter, you can fine tune the level of difficulty to your preference.

What do you think? Would such a feature work in Zelda? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Nintendo Direct