For those of us not lucky enough to have ordered a copy of the book in time, Hyrule Historia’s pages and pages of Zelda concept art has been a bit elusive. With only periodic scans and uploads from various fans, we’ve had to satisfy our concept art cravings a bite at a time.

No longer. Now you can gorge yourself on the full entree, thanks to History of Hyrule’s collection of every last piece of concept art to be found within Hyrule Historia.

Now you can feast your eyes on the humble beginnings of the original Legend of Zelda all the way up through Skyward Sword via hundreds of images, collected and arranged into convinent folders for your perusal.

What are you waiting for? Visit their flikr here to see it yourself!

Source: History of Hyrule

  • Ashmic

    i think they shoulda used this for tp ganon:

    but all aside hes awesome either way

  • Callin

    Interesting seeing human Ganondorf art for the oracles games.

  • Z-MAN7

    Judging by Skyward Sword's artwork there was going to be more members of Shiekah tribe besides Impa and more Gorons as well.

    • minidudes

      Nah I think that was beta Fi

  • carty

    I was just looking and link has blonde hair in all the orginal pictures for the first game.

    • sam

      Yeah, and it also looks like he was originally right-handed, and green eyed, too.

  • cloverplayer

    I've gotta say it, Link looks like he is about to throw the Triforce off a cliff in the picture.

  • MDH

    I find the Twilight Princess concept art amazingly surreal and imaginative. Look at all those designs for Midna!

  • jim

    hmm..preferable ghiranhim here: