Gaming website Kotaku have just recently published an article stating how the Legend of Zelda series has never been any better since the original was released 25 years ago. A lot of controversy is in this article as they state Ocarina of Time is not even a ‘great’ Zelda game and write that Skyward Sword is the worst of the bunch.

They say that the Zelda series is not the greatest gaming series in the universe but admit it is not beyond saving. You can read what they say needs to be improved in the series after the break.

1. A Better World Setup

Kotaku says the original Zelda was so good because most of the map was accessible from the beginning of the game. They say areas must not have barriers so you cannot reach them from the start of exploration. Also it would help the game become less predictable in where you need to go and what is in store for you. The world must be mysterious and the Zelda rules must be changed and ‘relearned’.

2. A Dungeon Revamp

Kotaku makes a point in saying Nintendo uses puzzles in dungeons to make a Zelda game reach over 30 hours in length. A change needs to be made as a lot appear dull and boring to complete. The Triforce may seem to require puzzles to be completed but they say this has never been the case. They say there is too much of an over-reliance on completing puzzles.

3. Items and Controls Need Re-thinking

The idea of shooting arrows, bowling bombs, flying a beetle, and blowing sand makes Skyward Sword seem like a game that could be referred to as Zelda Party Resort according to Kotaku. There needs to be a much better design and creativity in items.

They also mention how they think the control setup seems too complex in modern Zelda games. They say Link doesn’t need the ability to jump by pressing a button but refer to the controls as needing to be more consistent and easier to use.

4. Zelda’s Difficulty Must Be Changed

Zelda’s difficulty needs changing and it doesn’t involve completing the game with harder dungeon solving. Kotaku says enemy difficulty should be amped up because that’s what made the Legend of Zelda and the Adventure of Link II so good. They say a Link to the Past was far too easy and a letdown to its predecessor. Modern Zelda games aren’t seen as simple; just simpleminded.

5. Zelda Should Not Contain a Storyline

Kotaku says no plot to structure the adventure similar to the first game would work well in a modern Zelda game. Sequences matter too much with a plot they say which isn’t the way to go. Plots make the adventure bend in ways the player may not want to choose to walk in. The first Zelda had situations and sequences you could break to change the game. They say being able to reach Ganon without ever acquiring a sword was a great idea which made you feel like you didn’t need to be bound to a sword.

There is heaps more you can read about this controversial story which isn’t covered in this article.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

What do you think of Kotaku’s reasons for change in the Zelda series? Do you think they are correct? What changes would you like to see made? I’m sure there will be hot debates so write your opinion in the comments now!

Source: Kotaku