Zelda News

Midweek news wrap-up video time!

This week we cover a new rumor about Retro, Zelda dungeon “Yelp” reviews, a newly found Ghirahim glitch, Pacman Zelda-style, Mario Zelda-style, and more!

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  • Soulless Creature

    3rd best ending, OOT lost to two shooting games 🙁 How is that possible it's the best ending ever; time is being broken because of a strugle to destroy evil, friends are reunited (just before and after the final battle) then torn apart (the ending) because Zelda sends Link back in time to live his life.
    P.S. Colds are evil.

  • HeroofTime

    Shooters are gay and they should of never be on there >.>

    • Soulless Creature

      They don't have interesting plots.

  • whorseride

    no,shooters are straight, and they should always be on there