Those animal hoods have been all the rage this past year so its not surprising to see a new brand of them pop up. What is surprising, however, is that said new company’s logo bears a striking resemblance to a certain crest we’re all familiar with.

SpiritHoods 2

crests comparison

Wow, pretty similar, eh? Do think this is a foul play on their part? Should they be worried about what Nintendo would have to say about the similarity?

Source: GoNintendo

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  • robotortoise

    I sense a lawsuit coming.

    And I don't need huge, unsettling eyes to see that.

  • Guil.

    Am I bad for wanting a lawsuit coming their way?

    • Rojo

      No way man! Zelda FTW!!

  • This is…odd. I don't see why anyone would copy the logo (for legal reasons), and yet I don't see how anyone could replicate it so similarly. This is just…odd.

  • darkgerudo

    I don’t think that this was done with malicious intent (giving the benefit of the doubt), but I also don’t think that Nintendo would simply let this one slide.

  • It isn't EXACTLY the same, so they aren't infringing rights and I doubt it'd hold in court.

  • Timboes

    Terrible product.
    Bring em' down big N.

  • Amaty

    It also looks a lot like the Thunderbird.

  • chris

    what the fuck is this … its not the whole using a similar crest im bothered with its using it on this ideotic peice of garbage

  • HeroofTime

    If they’re going to put the crest as their company logo, they should at least make it a wolf like version.. that’s all I’m saying..

  • Zachattack8888

    They better check themselves before Nintendo wrecks em'!

  • Wheatley

    What the hell are they advertising anywho?

  • Can't be creative???

  • In similar news, Zelda Universe borrows Zelda Skyward Sword soundtrack rip from slippyToad's FFShrine thread without asking or giving credit.. -_-

    • MidnaFTW

      It's not like they need to ask permission or give credit, ripping music isn't the same as composing music. Plus, this is the internet, it's filled with illegal music distribution. You expect people to be nice about something that's already illegal? 😛

      • Well giving a little credit would have been nice…been following slippyToad's work on the SS rip for a few months now, and he spent a LOT of time ripping each track (including the multi-channel tracks) and organizing them together into an arrangement where all of the many arrangements/variations of each track (such as the Bazzar with it's several shop/character variations) are presented wonderfully. Not to mention he had to create names for the tracks, place them in order (the raw Wii music format names them in long mutli-number/letters, instead of actual names), and use his bandwidth to originally host them. Ok, I'm done 😛

  • Ashmic

    the guy looks epically hot but the rest = lawsuit

  • Merq

    Possibly copying the logo is one thing, but what I find more upsetting is that these things are "all the rage"? Seriously? I suppose I'm officially old now, weirded out by random things people actually wear.

    • KidNintendus

      I have no Idea how old you are. But I am 12 and I'm like: Da F*** is this S***?!?!?!
      Its really stupid.

      • KidNintendus

        To the style of hoods I mean. Not to your comment.

  • OtakuChii

    I wonder if they were purposely trying to start a fight…

  • Psi

    Uh…it's a stylised bird. Honestly – and i mean this in the nicest way – to think this is infringement is ridiculous. Are Nintendo the only company allowed to have stylised birds? Are they the only company allowed to use geometric designs? The fact is, this logo possesses two wings in a style that, quite frankly, anyone could and would design while coming up w/ a bird-like logo; and it clearly has a "head" and a "tail". It certainly doesn't equal good "reporting" when assumptions, claims and accusations are made – if SpiritHoods had truly "borrowed w/out asking", you'd perhaps see the Triforce. But you don't. You see a stylised bird; and just because it's a stylised bird doesn't mean Nintendo owns the logo and anyone has "borrowed" or stolen it.

    Perhaps birds should sue Nintendo and SpiritHoods?

    • Casual Vader

      That last line is funny because it would be like the human race suing the makers of restroom, school crossing, and other signs with human figures on them.

      • GorCoronSumo

        I'm so going to try that!

  • pheebzz

    Uhh, that symbol was used way before Nintendo. And Spirithoods were like the girdle to make these animal hoods. So shut up, you’re really annoying. And do research before you post things like this.

    • Art1st4786

      Could you provide a source for this previous use, please? I'm curious to see what you found.

    • Rojo

      … Dude, SpiritHoods was created in 2009. Zelda was made in like 1986. Soooooo I don't think it came before.

  • asdfesff

    Who cares lol. Im buying one just for the wolfy aspect of it. Maybe you should delete this article?

  • Casual Vader

    On a related topic, there are signs in Bioshock 2 with the Zelda logo font. No, I'm dead serious.

  • Emily

    I don't think that will do anything. It is looking almost exactly like the Zelda logo, except with no tail and legs. And if I were the designer of the logo, I would have chosen an american native drawing style instead.
    At least that company is using faux fur but… as cute as their hoods may be, they cost way too much money to become any more popular. I certainly wouldn't pay over 100 bucks for a hood! Jeez!

  • KidNintendus

    I don't think that Nintendo will be too mean about it. I mean remember what they did about the PETA thing? They just replied with that smiley face. I myself am EFFING PISSED OFF!!!! But Nintendo probably won't mind that much.

    • roy chacon

      as long as they get credit for something i bet

  • HylianHeroine

    SUE 'EM!!!! grrrrr. I want a lawsuit for these people.

  • Loftwing81

    They should make a link wolf hat, and add the zelda crest 😀

  • TTL

    Yeah, sorry, abstracting a bird in that way is pretty common. Nintendo was clearly pulling from historical imagery to create their Hylian crest.

    No need to go after these people over something so trivial.

  • Hylian_Knight

    It feels more like a tribute then a rip off. I don't think Nintendo will really do much about it.

  • Craig

    To be honest, I would have thought people would love this… That logo on clothing that looks like a WOLF (Twilight Princess anyone).

  • rik209

    nope, it's the silhouette from solaris from sonic the hedgehog (2006) http://images.wikia.com/sonic/images/2/21/Solaris

  • Me

    Actually that logo looks familiar (I mean besides from Zelda.) I'm almost absolutely sure that I've seen that specific logo on my dad's hiking backpack, or at least a logo very similiar.

    • Me

      misspelled similar : )

  • Timboes

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
    Or battery…

  • Timboes

    Also, I only see these things on teenage girls that obsessively shop at hot topic.
    I hope this "rage" dies out soon.

  • ZiggyStardust

    Clearly some hipster douchebag was playing Oot on an "old school" console and thought it would be "way smosh" to rip off a logo he thought nobody cared about anymore. It looks like a subtle tweaked version of the Hylian Crest with the phoenix body. http://www.zeldawiki.org/File:Hylian_Shields.png

  • neos

    nintendo should sue them back to the silent realm, then the quardians can have there way with them. but nintendo should do something about this like really thats not right.

  • Baylee

    I don't understand… the crest has nothing to do with the design of the hood and yet the company is risking a lawsuit over it?! What…?

  • Kwuz

    If this were an issue nintendo wouldn't have ever used the triforce…. http://premium-ski.de/images/fischer/logo-fischer… << see?

  • I love my spirithood lol.. i used a coupon code: "emery" that saved me 15% off these things. i found the code at http://www.spirithoodsinsider.blogspot.com

  • Keri

    as far as im concerned it looks similar to indian symbols and such, so couldn't we say they're BOTH imitating? god who really cares, its not even significant to the hoods, without the logo they would still sell. some people are just so nit picky and looking for controversy.

  • Zelda678a

    The Zelda logo looks better. The Spirithoods logo has weird lines, they must have a sucky graphic designer who likes to steal ideas. Spirithoods was always a huge knockoff anyway, they stole the idea for animal hoods from other people at burning man. The company is owned by a bunch of druggies and douche bags. No surprises here.

    • Peter Sather

      You certainly sound like a douche bag ^.^