Zelda 25th Anniversary T-shirt Contest

Those in the know are aware of the official Nintendo-sanctioned Zelda 25th Anniversary T-Shirt created by The King of Games. These shirts are a limited edition and can only be pre-ordered between December 24th, 2011 through February 20th, 2012 with an expected shipping in early May.

And now one lucky fan has the opportunity to win one, because we’re partnering with The King of Games to present a contest with the 25th Anniversary T-shirt as a prize, generously provided by The King of Games.

Entering is simple but will require some creativity, and we’re taking entries until a minute to midnight PST on February 13th. Want to win? Hit the jump and find out how.

25th Anniversary T-Shirt detail

Contest Details

You’re entering the 25th Annniversary T-Shirt Contest to win one of these official limited edition shirts! The contest is open worldwide and will run from  February 4th until a minute to midnight PST on February 13th.

All entries will be judged based on quality and creativity by a panel of judges comprised of Zelda Universe and The King of Games staff members. The winner and runners up will be announced shortly following the contest (we’ll try to go through entries as quickly as we can to judge, but, as always, we expect a lot of entries).

How to Enter

  1. The 25th anniversary of the Zelda series means a lot to a lot of fans, we’d like to see what it means to you. With your entry include some creative representation of what Zelda’s 25th anniversary means to you. It can be either an image, video, written work, a song, or any combination thereof. Show us your creativity!
    1. Written entries must be 500 words or less.
    2. Video entries must be 3 minutes or less.
    3. Image entries must be 10MB or less.
  2. Submit your entry by filling out the form below no later than a minute until midnight PST on February 13th. Be creative!
  3. Sit back, relax, and wait!
  4. The winner will be announced about a week after entries are closed, along with three runners up. (Only the first place winner will win a prize.)

Contest Rules

We love running contests, but–like all good things–there are a few restrictions. This is just to make the contest fair for everyone, so please read this before you enter.

  • There is no age limit for this contest.
  • Anyone can enter, anywhere in the world.
  • Entries are judged based on quality and creativity only, and they must follow the guidelines for how to enter detailed above to qualify.
  • One entry per person. Multiple entries will disqualify you. Yes, we can tell if you’ve entered twice–don’t even try.
  • The winner will have one week to respond to their winner’s notification. If they do not respond, the first runner up will become the winner.
  • Comments on this post will not be judged. You must submit your entry through the entry form at the bottom of this post


[Contest now closed, entries no longer accepted. Good luck!]

  • Bludleef

    I think it is great that you guys made this T-Shirt for the 25th anniversary, but I find it sad that you do not sell it in any size larger than XL most internet t-shirts stores at least go to 2X!!! This seems to be a big oversight. Guess those of us who can't squeeze into a XL don't deserve to get one of these shirts in your opinion. Gee thanks Nintendo!!!

    • jinlazydays

      If you can't fit into an XL you may want to try and lose some weight instead of complaining. And no I'm not trying to troll or be a smart ass because I've gone from XL to M over the course of 2 years, nothing stops you from doing the same except yourself.

      • Zelda3607

        thats rude.

      • Shaelyn

        dude, just because it worked for you doesn't mean it's worked for everyone. I know people with genetic disorders and health problems that have been struggling to lose weight and can't, and not for lack of trying. one lady I know went all-out vegan from an unhealthy diet and has showed very little change in weight as a result. she says she feels better, but I doubt she will ever be in a different dress size.
        sometimes it has everything to do with how hard you try, and sometimes it has absolutely nothing to do with it. don't judge.

    • bastian

      The maker of these shirts is The King of Games, located in Japan. Sizing there typically does not go over XL because they tend to not have customers that need that fit.

    • OoTfan1225

      OK stop arguing theres a reasonable explaination instead of fighting over something stupid!Bludleef if you want them to make tees ur size send an email to nintendo! jinlazydays thats cool that you lost that much weight. Zelda3907 i agree Shaelyn i agree again and bastian exactly!

  • Zelinxia

    Does anyone know if they will run this shirt in women's size? The design is wicked…but I'm not sure if I could even fit XS. Still, I will give the contest a go.

    • bastian

      The King of Games does unisex sizing. And keep in mind that they're Japanese, so XS might be a bit smaller than the American XS.

  • Zelinxia

    OH, by the way, there's a contradiction in the contest details. Is the deadline to turn in entries a minute to midnight on the 13th or the 20th? Because it says the 20th on the front before the "hit the jump" tagline; but 13th on the rest of the post.

    • bastian

      February 13th is the contest deadline, the 20th is the last day to buy the shirt if you haven't won and want to purchase one.

  • Ochi

    Hahaha, it's probably not going to fit me; I could wear it as a dress xDD
    Nontheless, I'm joining!

    So, do we just post our entries here, or–?

    • bastian

      No. Please read the instructions. 😀

      • Ochi

        Aren't I the biggest dumbass.

        Thank you;;!!

  • If you want to buy this shirt, it's 91 dollars…?

    • bastian

      Doing the yen to dollar conversion, I came up with about $84.

      • McBawse

        Inculding Shipping it's $91. Or over here in the UK £60 with shipping.

        • Shaelyn

          my conversion was $71 + shipping. that's what I paid for a ticket to the symphony…geez.

  • FierceDeityMomo

    AHH!! I went nuts and pre-ordered this shirt along with the red parka and the Dot-S. Thank goodness for tax returns!!

  • saint_tails_09

    Legit reason to make a nerdy video? Hell yes! Guess school work will have to be on the back burner for a bit 😛

  • The 10th Rider

    Haha! I've been preparing for a contest of this type for like, 3 months! I was almost thinking you wouldn't have one.

  • Duncan

    I'm having difficulties submitting my entry. 🙁 It keeps giving me an error.

    • Jeffrey

      if you have an error for the 4 letters at the bottom, than you just type them in lower case no space

  • Sakume

    If I win I'm going to need an XL. Just saying.

  • bastian

    Yay, no one has noticed my horrible photoshoping mistake yet. Or at least no one has commented on it.

  • The 10th Rider

    Can we post a video on youtube and then link to it in the written work?

    • bastian

      Yup! 😀

  • BlackOwlDog

    Already ordered mine! 😛

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  • Shaelyn

    I realize I'm probably asking too much…here's hoping I'm wrong.

    would the winner be able to put his or her own money towards a dotS, since they're otherwise only obtainable with the purchase of a shirt?

    • bastian

      Unfortunately that's beyond the scope of this particular contest, I'm sorry.

      • Shaelyn

        That's fine, it was worth a shot.

  • Shaelyn

    my image file will not upload. I've tried it on Firefox and IE, and on two different computers. it's a JPEG, size 2.34MB – it should be well under the limits. help?

    • Shaelyn

      I can post it on photobucket and link to it…

      • bastian

        That's also acceptable. I can't speak to the issue you're encountering, unfortunately, because we've been receiving jpegs via this form just fine. I'm sorry.

        • Shaelyn

          it took the submission with the link instead of the uploaded file. thank you!

  • Snipkins

    So I don't know if my video submitted… It uploaded but took me to a blank page, do we get a conformation email, so I know I actually submitted my video?

    • bastian

      There's no confirmation as such, but I think it should have brought you back to this page after submitting. Feel free to email me at bastian [at] zeldauniverse.net and I'll check for you.

  • I hope mine was submitted! It's a 35MB video D:
    Good luck to all the entrants!

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  • Janine

    How do I go about finding out if my picture submitted?

    • bastian

      Feel free to email me at bastian [at] zeldauniverse.net and I'll check for you.

      • Ella

        What is your email exactly, I have a fairly important question I needs to ask…

  • Ella


    Now that the entries have closed, I am now able to ask,

    did anyone enter written work? If so, what did you say?

    • The 10th Rider

      I did a picture, a video, and small written work however I can't remember what the heck I said for the written work.

      • Ella

        I thought you were only allowed one entry..?

        • Shaelyn

          you were allowed one entry, but you could have done a combination of things for that entry. so you were allowed to submit a written work and a video for that one entry.

    • Shaelyn

      I did written with a picture to accompany it. I'm not going to spoil it yet, but it was pretty sappy.

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