Have you ever wanted to travel to Hyrule on vacation? Well these travel guide art prints might make you wish even harder.

GamerPrint is now selling some old style travel posters called Hyrulean Travel.

The designs include well known landscapes from Ocarina of Time and are created and designed by Dean Walton.  They are all very colourful and vibrant much like the Ocarina of Time art style.

More information and examples after the jump!

These prints are available in three sizes or canvas versions, and you can buy them individually or as a set of all five. The UK-based company ships these internationally.

The information on pricing and the details can be found on the GamerPrint site.


Source: Gamer Print (via GamesRadar)

  • Lizzy

    They have a Lon Lon milk hoodie too! http://www.gamerprint.co.uk/products/lon-lon-milk

  • Keimori

    I'd visit sceenic Kokiri forest or buy a cottage on the lake Hylia shoreline anyday.

  • Jigglypuff

    If only this were real!

  • ijuin

    i don't know if many tourists would want to vacation at a place called "Death Mountain".

    • Merq

      You might be surprised…

  • steffexx

    damn i want these.. i want the canvas ones but damn they are expencive ._. and i dont have enough space in my room for these.. sad me ._.