Zelda 3DS rumor

To paraphrase our new favorite companion: “I calculate a 5% possibility these rumors are true.” So please keep that in mind as you read further.

ScrewAttack noticed a very interesting image over at 4chan: an image which seems to point towards twin Zelda 3DS games, possibly dual-released like the Oracles games.  The image depicts two Zelda titles with the kanji subtitles translating to “Fire Prophecy” and “Ice Prophecy” respectively.

Could these games be real? Hit the jump to read our take.

While the image looks a bit generic, and the titles certainly aren’t as evocative as Nintendo usually conjures up, it is interesting to note that back in early November Eiji Aonuma was quoted as saying:

“We are already preparing a new game, a game in the series for the Nintendo 3DS, but don’t think that it is a direct sequel to the Zelda titles released on DS. We are talking about a new game, but it takes much of what has been done on previous consoles.”

ScrewAttack says that shortly after Mr. Aonuma’s quote came out, IGN editorial team member Sam Claiborn is quoted as saying:

“Nintendo is working on at least two other Zelda games right now, and I can’t wait to see them.”

Originally thought to be a reference to a console game and a handheld each, in light of this rumor it is possible it was referring to these twin games.

Again, this is simply a rumor at this time, and not even a likely one at that. But we will keep you posted on any further developments as we become aware of them.

Source: ScrewAttack

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  • James Fitzgerald

    Oh please be true – owning a 3ds at this time limits you so such few games and with the number of remakes a new zelda game would make my 2012 (Even though with nintendo it wont come out until 2022)

  • Joink

    This reminds me ofthe oracle series…

    All i can do is hope for the bet

  • This would be so insane in a good way:D

  • samsbase

    The source for this is 4chan though…. not exactly reliable

    • Casual Vader

      As much as I would love this to be true that was my thought exactly.

  • I hope its not a rumor

  • Fizz

    This looks far, far too easy to Photoshop, but a spiritual sequel to the Oracle games with classic 2D gameplay like ALttP (I'm thinking top down like the SM3DL level loosely based on Zelda, maybe even using a modified version of the same basic engine) would be pretty much ideal if you ask me. What better way to revive and refresh the classic gameplay than to release two games at once?

  • Zachattack8888

    I was a little suspicious when I heard that he found that on 4chan…
    BUT NONETHELESS!!! If there is a possibility for two new Zelda games then I'm excited!!

  • Mr. Dent

    But when he says two zelda games, he DOES mean a wiiu and a 3DS zelda, because it has been confirmed that there is a wiiu game in development and a 3DS game in development.

    • Radiant Compendia

      Actually, a Zelda Wii u is merely a rumor. Far more unlikely at that, seeing as Zelda Skyward sword was released. The Zelda video demo stuff on the Wii U was just showing off the systems potential. IT IS NOT a new Zelda.

  • Wobert

    A Japanese translator on another site I go on basically broke this rumor wide open. Even without the Babblefish Japanese, the whole thing looks like a quick Photoshop job, and the emblems are pretty much basic circles with effects added on.

  • Pika

    Releasing two games at once… Just like POKEMON!

    • Callin

      Except that when the Oracle series did this, we really did get two entirely different games, not just slight version differences.

    • AzTno

      Legend of Zelda: Fire Red >:D alright!!!

  • This could somehow be the origin stories of Koume and Kotake, how they become Twinrova. That'd be interesting.

    • occultfan

      That's a great idea! 'Mothers of Ganondorf'. If one Gerudo man is born every 100 years… who might the 'father' be? Demise? Gasp!

  • occultfan

    So, I would say that we've largely, I have, at least, forgotten of General Onox and Veran. How might they be a part of The Triforce Wars (is that what they're called?) – and doesn't Veran look suspiciously like Vaati? (…) There is a wonder, when in this world we say birds evolved from dinosaurs, did in this world, the giant birds from Skyward evolve into, say, horses like Epona? I feel like that's a stretch, but as it is. It would be really fun to kick ideas around here. Let ZU be a place which has an active community building up what we, true fans, wish Zelda might appear as. The game is as much ours as it is Miyamoto's et. al. 😀

  • Christopher

    Pokemon Black & White… Zelda Red & Blue lol
    Let's hope it's real 🙂

  • OoTFan1225

    Well its obiviously Fire and Ice so it might have to be either Twinrova(Kotake + Koume) or a new villain that can take on either take on both (Or not) fire and ice.

  • frank

    Ehmm dude… it's a rumor coming from 4CHAN… Posted by the user REVULSIVE.

    You may not know the screwattack community but i do: Revulsive is a user that dedicated his life to stalking one of the screwattack employees…

    so i don't think we have to take this news very serious..

    • "…this is simply a rumor at this time, and not even a likely one at that…"

      It doesn't sound to me like he was taking it seriously, but it's still a writer's duty to report what's going on in the world of Zelda, even rumors. (:

  • Ashmic

    ZU stop posting things from 4chan, did u not learn the last, hmmm 6 articles?

  • occultfan

    that's interesting. It makes me want to see a greater depth of the towns and the characters within. perhaps a game which is far-greater, more-vast in its depth of 'sidequests' and getting to know more characters, to have more characters to interact with. Perhaps.

  • OoTFan1225

    I left something out in my last comment what i meant was it is obiviously fire and ice so what if it is the overall story about koume and kotake and if it is its most likely going to be the last boss……..

    • Dude

      Reading this just got me thinking….. How come in Ocarina of Time when you defeat the witches (twinrova), how come they don't poof in to dust like all the other bosses? They just turn in to angels (or devils). Foreshadowing…..???

  • Awakening

    Awesome idea, undoubtedly fake.

    If you look carefully, you can see the lack of artistic consistency and the rather unprofessional use of composited fire graphics.

    No way this is true.

    Awesome idea though.

  • i8oprah

    The 'Zelda' title on the right was noticeably photo shopped.
    1. The light on it reaches much further
    2. With the light reaching further it indicated an enhanced brightness
    3. Red to purple in a photo shop program is not hard to produce
    Sadly these are most likely faked

  • ss213

    might be fake, but if Not it looks like it will not use cartoony art, which is Good. If it is true, I do not think it will be 2 3ds games (WiiU is being released this year, and if you can play Super Smash with the 3ds, I'm sure that they will make something similar).

    nintendo is looking for something new and unseen, a 2 co-op game based on the 3ds and the WiiU controlelr could perfectly be possible, although it is to riscky to do this with a Zelda tittle.

  • JSKT

    say this is fake, I mean read the japanese. It says: 火 and アイス
    why is one in japanese and the other in english? shouldn't it be more like: 火 and 氷
    and also the を there its kinda strange IMO would be の don't know why XDD
    and why would it say prophesy (プロワエし) instead of (よげん) what ever their kanji equivalent is :S

    • Disciple of Midna

      I may not be fluent, but even I can confirm that the particle is incorrect. >.>;

      • Gordon

        What these guys said.

  • SeriousKano

    What JSKT said. Even as a first semester student the wrong particle is obvious. The equivalent of the English "of" as in "Prophecy of Fire/Fire Prophecy" is no (の). The (w)o character is used for something totally different. I could be wrong, since I'm not a native speaker and who knows what kind of exceptions there are in Japanese. But it's definately odd and the fact that they use a kanji for fire, thus the actual Japanese word, but the "Japanized" English word for Ice (aisu) would be a very weird name choice. Especially since they've been using either English titles (TP and SS) or completely Japanese titles (PH and ST) since TP.

  • Keimori

    I'm going to say this is highly unlikely, While I'm positive they're making a new Zelda for the 3DS, (as if they wouldn't be. ) It's highly unlike Nintendo to release the names and logos of a new Zelda game / games this early in development, they never leak anything that big until one of the big conferences like the Game Developers conference, the Tokyo Game Show, or the E3.

  • rickyspelbos

    Ice and fire *prophecy*… Are you for real? T_T There's no way Nintendo would make up such amateur names for the Zelda franchise. This sounds more like Pokémon, LOL

  • aeolus

    Or a Sheikah, which would explain why there are altered Sheikah symbols pretty much everywhere the Gerudo symbol appears, like outside Ganon's door in WW, or in and around the Spirit Temple in OoT.

  • Sakurai Masahiro

    Are you kidding me?
    Zelda isn't called The Legend of Zelda in Japan. They don't mix english with japanese in Zelda titles.
    Nintendo and any credible company dropped the linked-games ridiculosity ages ago.
    That only works for Pokémon.

  • JcLee

    The fire logo looks like they pasted an art of Earth. If you look at the red orb, you can clearly see what appears to be the outline of South America. Likely fake.

    Even if the resemblance is completely accidental, I am not trusting these rumors.

  • Kwuz

    3d remake of the oracles PLEASE. favorite zelda games ever Dx

  • Gerudude

    Oh no…they're going to do the pokemon thing with Zelda.
    "go play with your friends"
    This would be a great way to increase both 3ds sales as well as the actual game.

    I so hope this is not true.

  • nintenlover

    It's fake. 1. The Legend of Zelda should also be in Japanese, but isn't; 2. the Japanese is grammatically incorrect and was probably created using a translator; 3. It's from 4chan, a highly unreliable source. But it would be awesome if it was real.

  • HeikkiV

    "…noticed a very interesting image over at 4chan…" that's where I stopped reading. UMAD?!? 4chan as a source of information, seriously?

  • Ashmic

    anyone reminded of pokemon red and blue LOL

  • Ukyo

    Sorry, but this looks and sounds fake.

  • Baker1000

    I could see this as true. It would be an ideal way to implement StreetPass in the series. Just not sure what could be swapped though…

  • Soeroah

    Would be cool if it was true. I loved OoA and OoS and if we can't have remakes or re-releases on the eShop, a new linked game would be fun. Especially if one had more time travel.

    But 4chan, I don't want to believe. Even though some of the rumours about SS I think I read before the game came out turned out to be true, but I don't recall if that was from 4chan or not.

  • SeriousKano

    4chan isn't an unreliable source per se. If I remember correctly, it was there where scans of Pokémon B/W from an unreleased Famitsu were leaked.
    However, this is with almost 100% fake.
    I like the idea of another twin game by Capcom though. I'm playing OoA right now.

  • HyruleWeirdo

    The Legend of Zelda: Red and Blue. Soon to be followed by Yellow 😛

  • Jarkes

    Zelda Dungeon has confirmed it to be fake. I'd post the link, but… I honestly don't know how to do that. XD

  • aaron

    plus the grammar in the titles are wrong grammar in japanese

  • Twister2

    hmm i wonder if gannon comes back he has come back alot ww. oot. tp. i just don’t get the kotike and kuma or what ever idea i just don’t get it how would the story line go and how would link come in to place but streetpass would be cool. hmm maby you trade letters or home made potions that you make by collecting plants and animals oh thats a good idea and maby actual daytime times hmm. and harder puzzles but the grammar is wong in the pic and it does look fake and i should know. i know how to do that and maby demis comes back i mean he was imprisoned in the sword and valti came out of the 4sword just saying that it would be cool.