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If you’ve been a Zelda Universe regular for a while, you may remember that back in December there was a bit of controversy over a joke news post that appeared on the site while G4TV’s 2011 Game of the Year Deathmatch was ongoing. Skyward Sword came up against Skyrim, and the match was almost neck-and-neck with both games receiving a similar number of votes. As we’d already made a post during an earlier round of the deathmatch calling for Zelda fans to vote for Skyward Sword over another game, a joke post was made urging fans to vote for Skyrim. A few people were confused and/or upset by this post, and we ultimately had to clarify that Zelda Universe is not a Skyrim site. All that said and done, Skyward Sword narrowly won out.

So why do I bring up this not-so-ancient piece of history? Well, an article has appeared on Kotaku that brings both of these games together again. But rather than considering them both as contenders for the best game of the year, one person tells of his disappointment for both games.

A writer by the name of Sloopydrew is a fan of both the Legend of Zelda series as well as The Elder Scrolls, the series in which Skyrim is the fifth game. He feels that both games suffer from “sameness”–that been there, done that feeling. The Zelda series was good up until The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess was enjoyable (but not brilliant I assume he means) but Skyward Sword just leaves him cold. He also believes that The Wind Waker is graphically superior to Skyward Sword.

On Skyrim, Sloopydrew complains that the games in the series got better up until Skyrim‘s predecessor, but Skyrim itself doesn’t bring anything new and is also glitchy. He hasn’t completed either game and laments that he probably won’t.

“I just feel like I’ve played these games before and, when I did, they were better,” he writes. He also insists that he’s not out to troll gamers by complaining about two of 2011’s most popular games and knows that he’s most likely going to be the odd man out. “I’m looking for anyone who agrees with me, just to validate that I’m not going crazy.”

Do you think that any, or all, of these complaints are valid? Or is Sloopydrew really just crazy? Comment below.

Source: Kotaku
  • Zaros

    shes probably an alien

  • Zaros

    or he whatever

  • ZeldaGurl_

    Sorry, but I cannot support his opinion for Skyward Sword. The game is a gem of it's time and is with no doubt, a milestone in the Zelda series. It's almost as if you can really see who is emotionally deep enough to connect with the characters of the game, and see why Link wants to go after Zelda when she is taken. And, on top of that, you have to be able to allow the music and stylistic graphics of the world to envelope you and take you straight into the story with them. Skyward Sword by far, has the whole package that a video game should have.

    I've played only parts of Skyrim, which is vast in its world and NPC's, but lacks in personality and little details that make the game so much more lovable. To me, Skyrim is more of a game I could go to set out as a cold explorer and finish the ton of quests I unlock. Yes, it's glitchy/buggy at times, but it's favored for a different reason than Skyward Sword. Honestly, this whole argument is like trying to compare apples to oranges.

    Overall, he need to give the games a little more respect, and see them in their own category first before he goes mashing and bashing them together. In my opinion, I see no support. He's cray-cray.

    • skyrim " lacks in personality and little details"? Are you kidding me? one of the things that impressed me MOST about the game was the incredible length they went through to create all the little details that make the game just that much more immersive. They even wrote out dozens and dozens of little books to line the shelves of the game, which you can actually read. There are too many discoverable areas to count, almost all of them with their own quests and stories. All the little things like that in the game are what keeps me playing it.

  • TnzSki

    Is he basing his opinion of these games on how they compare to other games in the series'? Maybe Skyrim and Skyward Sword aren't as good as previous games (although most people would disagree), but is that what he bases his opinions of the individual games on? I just don't see how anyone could actually dislike Skyward Sword or Skyrim by themselves.

  • Vio

    Very bored of sites comparing two completely different games with one another, I have to say.

    • I hear where you're coming from, I really do, but people just can't help but compare when two of the most anticipated titles of all time come out in the same year. Like ZeldaGurl_ said above, it's like comparing apples to oranges, but it's still exciting to judge the merits of each of them. 2011 truly was a great year for gaming.

      My opinion: I love Skyrim, and I LOVE Skyward Sword.

  • scyen

    Skyward Sword suffers from "sameness" but he enjoyed Twilight Princess?

  • Keimori

    He's not crazy, he just sounds Incredibly picky.
    He sounds like he may be a bit of a OCD perfectionist type, ya know, they type that needs everything 100% or else he won't be satisfied.

    Both are great games in their own right, especially Skyward Sword, simply the best Zelda in years that literally made me grin the whole way through.

    It's a shame his nitpicking prevents him from enjoying them.

  • Supportedcoffe

    Skyrim is my first elder scrolls game and it's a great game for sure lacks emotion towards whats going on and is not really jaw dropping like skyward sword was for me.

    • heroofmasks

      and its really over rated then again so is the awsome skyward sword and all the cod games

  • They are both awesome games in my opinion. No one "looses". The player who enjoys is the winner.

    • Harrison Garrett

      So therefore SloopyDrew loses? Makes planty of sense to me. You are right though; a game's quality is largely dependent on the player as much as the developers.

  • Sanity's_Theif

    I agree with him on Skyward Sword, probably won't play it again, but I disagree with him about Wind Waker, that and Skyward Sword are my least favorite Zelda games, I already sold Wind Waker a few years ago, and I recently considered selling Skyward Sword as I'm sure my first playthrough will be it, I think I'm just going to play TP again, or maybe OOT or MM those are the only Zelda's I keep going back to, I never played ALttP so I might try that too

    As for Skyrim, from what I get, Morrowind is usually considered the best because of how much crazy stuff you can make your character do, you can have them jump hundreds of feet in the air and even levitate, then they took it away in Oblivion, and Skyrim didn't bring it back

    • TLM241

      Just another stupid, know-nothing 'fan', 'ooooh cartoony graphics, this game sucks!'. Go play some CoD, Zelda's obviously too much for you.

  • ChainofTermina

    I am a fan of both these games, I think they are BOTH awesome games, I love to play BOTH of them, I think the BOTH have really good game play, really good stories, and are all around really good games. BOTH of them. that includes Skyrim. I know this is a Zelda fan site, but that doesn't mean we have to insult and dump on every other game in existence, or even every other game in the genre. Zelda is an awesome game, and Skyrim is an Awesome game. and no amount of childish "Skyrim-Bashing" is gonna change my mind.

  • Glenn

    I dunno, this reeks of the "These games don't make me feel like I did during my childhood so I think they're worse" mentality.

    Instead of making vague emotional criticisms of these games, break it down and think through them logically. If game X has better gameplay, graphics, story etc etc then it is the better game despite the fact that it doesn't give you the same feeling you had when you were younger.

    Oh and by "up till Wind Waker" he better mean that Wind Waker was included in the good Zelda game category. I would also love to hear how Twilight Princess was good while Skyward Sword had to much "Sameness"

    • Harrison Garrett

      Agreed. Nostalgia can be a dangerous thing. People often fall into the trap of "back when things were better, simpler," when the reality is that THEY were the ones who were simpler. Appreciate the classics for what they were and still are, but don't lock youself out from the present. He complains that the series suffers from sameness, yet he only goes back to PAST games. Am I the only one who sees that as contradictory?

  • SS is ugly on the wii but beautiful on Dolphin emu with 32x ani

    they could have tuned down the graphics and upped the ani for the wii 😛

    • HyruleWeirdo

      Yeah, say that again, but this time use English.

  • "He also believes Wind Waker is graphically superior to Skyward Sword." – Eh, no. I don't mind WW's cel-shaded visuals, but Skyward's impressionistic animation is possibly my favorite they've utilized. Still, I prefer gameplay over graphics, and even SS excels there, IMO.

    As to Skyrim, I have never played it, but recently a friend of mine got it and I do want to try it out. However, Zelda will always be in the forefront, and with Skyrim I just want to see what all the fuss is about. I'm sure it's a tremendous title in its own respects, but read recently from a reliable source that it is…lacking in some things.

    • mooktwice

      go for morrowind, elderscrolls 3. then play oblivion. you will understand. graphically better, but all weapons and armor are visually lacking in a noticeably lackadaisical manner.

  • Hey guys. I've been a Zelda fan since I was a kid, and I still am.

    Skyrim is a better game. Skyward Sword is a great game, no doubt there. Skyrim is just better. More content, arguably better gameplay, better graphics. There's dragons in it. DRAGONS.

    While I found Skyward Sword's new control scheme completely functional and even intuitive, I'd still prefer buttons and a stick.

    Nintendo seems terrified to let the player do anything unless it been explained to them at least twice. Does an unskippable dialog box really have to pop up each time I pick up a special item and tell me what it is, just in case I forgot since that last time I played? This has nothing to do with aiming for a certain age group, this is just a bad – and frankly – outdated design choice.

    I still love the Zelda formula, I just wish they'd modernize it a bit. And I don't just mean better motion controls.

    This is just my opinion, so please don't freak out.

    • Soeroah

      That's your opinion, as you said; I respect it, and the following is mine :p

      I don't really want them to modernise the Zelda formula if it means it will wind up 'the same' as most Western games. I feel the Zelda series has a unique genre and I love it. I agree that the over-the-top instructions are annoying, I'd prefer there to be a speed-text button like in Ocarina of Time.

      For me, I ran into a bug in Skyrim that completely killed my interest to play it. I want to finish the game, but I can't stand the thought of logging in anymore, until they fix the bug. I don't think they ever will, its a fairly big one that plenty of people seem to be affected by, and it hasn't been touched since the game came out.

      • Noob

        What bug is it?

      • Oh yeah, Skyrim is SUPER buggy.

        It's also super awesome.

    • heroofmasks

      dude no offence but no one cares about dragons dragons are sragons

    • No Ma'am

      There ARE dragons. ARE DRAGONS

      So ungrammatical. No shock that you prefer Xbox crap over Zelda.

      • Hey thanks for your reply, friend.

        There IS dragons? That doesn't sound right. I could be wrong though.

        I actually play it for PC, though.

        "Xbox crap"? No matter how you look at it, console or platform elitism is stupid and a waste of time. I actually have all three consoles, so I wouldn't say I prefer any other another. UNLESS we're talking about the PC. I just prefer playing games with keyboard and mouse. I also understand that not everyone can afford (or just be as bad with money as me) to have all 3 consoles and a powerful PC.

        I also never said I prefer Skyrim over Zelda. It depends on my mood. They're two separate games that I enjoy. But side-by-side, I'd have to say that Skyrim is better, bugs and all.

        Bethesda is the only studio making game as huge and open-ended as Skyrim and Fallout. I think it's really awesome what they're doing.

        • I'll correct my spelling before anyone else does 😛

          Bethesda is the only studio making GAMES as huge and open-ended as Skyrim and Fallout.

  • HyruleWeirdo

    I tried to play Wind Waker after playing Skyward Sword again. The grapics looked comparitavely bland.

  • Vale Lywoud

    I recently got a lot of flack from my friends because of my views Skyrim actually. Yes, I own and like the game and yes I own and like skyward sword. I'll freely admit that I like Skyward sword so much more than Skyrim for various reasons. But that's not why they got upset with me. They got upset with me because we had a mutual friend say that he felt left out because he didn't own a copy of either and I told him that he wasn't really missing out on anything.

    Not let me clarify this. I by no means am saying that either game is horrible. I merely was pointing out that he doesn't need to feel like he was "missing out" because neither game will be like some holy moment in which everything in his life will hinge upon as many people seem to think.

    As for the "apples and oranges" argument I tend to have to agree with this. They are two different games with their only similarities being superficial at best.

    So is this Sloopydrew person crazy? Not at all. The games just didn't appeal to them and that's just fine. You can't please everyone all the time after all.

  • KekeRox1

    Skyward Sword has one of the best story lines, possibly the best graphics (although Twilight Princess did have really awesome graphics), and has amazing gameplay. I personally LOVE Skyward Sword a lot. It does have it's downsides in which yes, it can take someone off of it but in my opinion, it's not the "same" as all the others. Fact, NONE of the games are the same. Skyward Sword is different and only someone who has an open mind can see that. Nintendo always finds a way to get the LoZ games to be something that'll make the fans excited (and impatient) for the next upcoming games. Skyward Sword really isn't as bad as this guy thinks it is. Oh and the graphics, NOTHING like Wind Waker. It has it's own feeling to it.

    Skyrim, I can't hate on seeing as I haven't played it yet. But I have loads of friends who LOVE the game and can't help but be so addicted to it. Yeah I've seen some of the glitches that can happen and obviously you'd figure there'd be that some people hate the glitches A LOT, but if some little glitches make you feel "disappointed" in a game, then you clearly need help when it comes to having an open mind. And besides, no game (or anything for that matter) can be PERFECT. NOTHING is perfect. So deal with it.

    Both Skyrim and Skyward Sword are in completely different categories. For him to compare the two together is wrong. They are both completely different games in completely different styles. I agree it is fun to compare games to each other but this whole "Skyrim is better!" "Skyward Sword is better!" thing is really getting out of hand in my opinion.

  • Prometheous

    I haven't played Skyrim, but I own Skyward Sword. When I first got Twilight Princess, I was exited and beat the game in a couple days in true gamer fassion, but with Skyward Sword, I think they went a bit overboard with some of the good things and ended up making them bad to an extent. I do love the game, but I doubt I'll beat it any time soon. Maybe in my leisure time.

  • Prometheous

    Also, there would have been a winner but they took an arrow to the knee.

  • LunarMew

    Well, I never played Skyrim, so I can't judge that game, but Skyward Sword felt like a change in pace for me. Not only were the controls different but the layout in overworlds and dungeons were different, as the 3 areas you visited felt like overworlds within an overworld, which also had around 2-3 dungeons of their own These mini overworlds also changed as you progressed through the game with the enemies changing and new puzzles coming up as you progressed through the story.

    The bosses were also affected with something as subtle as a "gimmicky" motion control mechanic. They were no longer about finding their weakness, mash the B button when they are down, rinse and repeat, they actually felt more interactive.

    Now I respect a person's opinion, even if they are different than mine. However, how can you complain that a series is becoming the same old thing over and over, but enjoy Twilight Princess? Don't get me wrong, if you enjouy that game, then good. No problems. Even I like that game. However, Twilight Princess is an entry that is nearly identical to Ocarina of Time in terms of gameplay and progression. Maybe a hundred times more identical than Skyward Sword. Isn't he kind of contradicting himself here?

    And even if the games are starting to get similar, that doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad thing. If it is too different, then it wouldn't be a Zelda game anymore. Or does a Zelda FPS suffice? Or a GTA style game or something? He must want a Zelda game in a different genre because changing it dramatically wouldn't make it the adventure game that it is.

    • LunarMew

      By "B" button, I meant "A" button. Apologies for that. >___>

  • Alekoukos

    Actually…I too was disappointed of SS. Dont get me wrong it is a really good game. Buuut i expected so much more that my bar was set skyward high…. The story had such great potential but midway they kinda make it look like it was wraped in a hurry. (What happened to Kaebora and turned into owl, what happened to skyloft, damn what happened to the ugly girl i was supposed to marry??) Maybe because it's 60 hours? Yes nowdays 60 hours are a good amount of time spent, but when it comes down to Zelda we are GREEDY. We want minimum 100 hrs. Just remember that TP was about 110 hrs or something….The gameplay now wasn't as tragic as Gamespot wanted it to be but it was sluggish at moments. To make a long story short after 5 years of patience, i kinda expected something like OoT. The new flagship of the series. And we ended have "just" another good/great game. To be honest in a lot of ways Xenoblade was better….

  • Punisher_skull

    Well, honestly i was specting more from Skyward Sword but it's not what i was waiting but im not saying it's a bad game it's very good and it has more things that other zelda games don't for example for the first time link can dash and roll at same time but the only thing i didn't like was the stamina thingy you can't run enough and it gets empty fast but anyways, the thing is the game is really good but again i was specting a little more for example i missed the part of going to the more basic temple the Water Temple i always loved that temple on all zelda games and in this one i got a cistern ._. wut?….. and also i hate Ghirahim and Demise i miss Ganondorf so much those details were disappointing to me u.u

  • batteryfarm

    I do like Skyward Sword, it feels fresh in lots of ways but still have that classic feel, and some good concepts taken from previous games. Though – they have to think of something NEW, like Majora's Mask after OOT! Seriously, using the same game and graphics and making another which is just as great only by adding "real-time" and the gameplay change dramatically. Sure, motion plus is kinda new to the zelda series but doesn't change the games atmosphere.
    The greatest games have always been the "new-thinking" ones…

  • Alwime

    I've played both games, first was Skyward Sword and It wasn't what i've been expected… It's a big, great, beautiful game, but to me it's just the way Twilight Princess (terrible on wii, acceptable on cube) should have been… the graphics are ok but nintendo is fighting in a hd era so… the story is nice, cute, but it's not epic as ocarina was, and at the end, demise is a terrible final boss, once you have figured out how to beat him it's a piece of cake to take him down…
    Skyrim it's a gorgeous rpg but it so… rpg… you become the dragonborn literaly, you need to live in skyrim for the rest of a week probably more to end just the main quest… it's buggy gltichy… alduin it's like demise for ss… it's hard to reach final levels… its a year game…
    Both are great games… but skyrim could be a lot better than currently is and Skyward Sword could be beaten by imaginating a Remake of some past zelda game and we can't forget SS it's just a child from ocarina of time…