Skyrim Skyward Sword

If you’ve been a Zelda Universe regular for a while, you may remember that back in December there was a bit of controversy over a joke news post that appeared on the site while G4TV’s 2011 Game of the Year Deathmatch was ongoing. Skyward Sword came up against Skyrim, and the match was almost neck-and-neck with both games receiving a similar number of votes. As we’d already made a post during an earlier round of the deathmatch calling for Zelda fans to vote for Skyward Sword over another game, a joke post was made urging fans to vote for Skyrim. A few people were confused and/or upset by this post, and we ultimately had to clarify that Zelda Universe is not a Skyrim site. All that said and done, Skyward Sword narrowly won out.

So why do I bring up this not-so-ancient piece of history? Well, an article has appeared on Kotaku that brings both of these games together again. But rather than considering them both as contenders for the best game of the year, one person tells of his disappointment for both games.

A writer by the name of Sloopydrew is a fan of both the Legend of Zelda series as well as The Elder Scrolls, the series in which Skyrim is the fifth game. He feels that both games suffer from “sameness”–that been there, done that feeling. The Zelda series was good up until The Wind Waker, Twilight Princess was enjoyable (but not brilliant I assume he means) but Skyward Sword just leaves him cold. He also believes that The Wind Waker is graphically superior to Skyward Sword.

On Skyrim, Sloopydrew complains that the games in the series got better up until Skyrim‘s predecessor, but Skyrim itself doesn’t bring anything new and is also glitchy. He hasn’t completed either game and laments that he probably won’t.

“I just feel like I’ve played these games before and, when I did, they were better,” he writes. He also insists that he’s not out to troll gamers by complaining about two of 2011’s most popular games and knows that he’s most likely going to be the odd man out. “I’m looking for anyone who agrees with me, just to validate that I’m not going crazy.”

Do you think that any, or all, of these complaints are valid? Or is Sloopydrew really just crazy? Comment below.

Source: Kotaku