A collage of the Zelda series

Hyrule Historia is the gift that keeps on giving.  As more and more pages are translated and vigorously read by fans, we are given more previously unknown information about Zelda each day.  GlitterBerri has been quickly and accurately translating her copy of the book, and a quote from Eiji Aonuma not only reconfirms something that fans have known about for years–or, for some, been complaining about–but also gives us a tiny glimpse into the future of the series.  Read on to see what he has to say.

Eiji Aonuma comments on how the Zelda team focuses on gameplay, and then creates a story to adapt to it:

“Chapter 2, “The Full History of Hyrule,” arranges the series in chronological order so it’s easier to understand, but from the very beginning, Zelda games have been developed with the top priority of focusing on the game mechanics rather than the story.  For example, in Ocarina of Time, the first installment of the series I was involved in, the main theme was how to create a game with pleasant controls in a 3D world.  Or in the DS game, Phantom Hourglass, the focus was having comfortable stylus controls.  Finally, in the most recent game, Skyward Sword, we focused on an easy way to swing the sword using the Wii motion plus.”

He then goes on to remark on the feedback the team is receiving on Skyward Sword, and hints on the future of the franchise:

“The long sailing time of creating Skyward Sword, a game to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Zelda series, has just come to an end.  The voices of those who’ve played it from around the world reach us.  We hear their admiration comments, and their criticism too.   All those voices become energy for the next voyage.  Well, to tell the truth, we’ve already set sail in a new voyage.”

The Zelda series' original hero

According to Aonuma, the next title in the Zelda series is already underway, the latest “voyage” for fans to enjoy.  It’s comforting for fans to know that their praise and critique is heard by developers, even if they live oceans away.  If what Aonuma says is to be taken as a hint, perhaps the next Zelda title’s story will be centered around a completely new gameplay mechanic.  Only time will tell.  What new, inventive gameplay mechanics would you like to see in a future Zelda game?

Source:  GlitterBerri (via GoNintendo).

    so maybe a game that is built for 3d game play mechanics…….or The Legend of Zelda: The Tablet to the past…….a game built using the Wii U pad……

    • scott

      I would love a game with TP style graphics and WW style gameplay. Lots of sailing and island exploring. High seas adventures with a serious zelda look and story….

  • genjgenj

    Oh god

    Please be a WW sequel with Toon Link and everything.

    No “realism” BS.

    • Phantom Hourglass was the sequel to Wind Waker with Toon Link and everything.

    • Danny

      No. There's been six Zelda games with Toon Link. If anything, consoles should have realistic graphics and handhelds should have cartoonesque graphics.

      But Zelda realistic, so still fantastic and colourful.

      • lootic

        Yeah, not realistic in the way that makes you wonder if the TV is a color-TV or not.

    • heroofmasks

      already 2 ww sequels

      • McBehrer

        He didn't say there WEREN'T any. He just said he hoped the next one was. Personally, I trust them do to it well. I haven't been disappointed once.

    • kkk

      Are you an idiot or you just wake up from a coma? There are already two games chronologically set after The Wind Waker, one being a direct sequel.

    • graysonb

      They've already stated that they won't be doing anymore games in the future with the Wind Waker style.
      They choice to add on to the story of Wind Waker because the DS's technical limitations called for a more simplistic art style with a dependent story that leans on a console game's.
      But with the 3DS, the console which proved it could contain such an amazing and independent game as Ocarina of Time with IMPROVED graphics and orchestration (staff roll song), they can now make a game that is more of it's own instead of a pre-existing story-dependent game.
      If you really think about it, the 3DS, weather other 3rd party developers and companies realize it or not yet, has the potential and really IS the first portable console. You can argue with that, but OoT and Star Fox 64 on the go is gonna be my main argument.
      I fully support Nintendo to push to what they aspired to do with the DS in 2006 but weren't technically capable of pulling off: making console games for a portable system. And I, as we all do, fully support Nintendo, or more specifically the Zelda series, to push what they've been consistantly striving and succeeding in doing for nearly 25 years: making games that are as mechanically and generally original, inventive and revolutionary as they are generally fun and heart-warming to play.

      • Link17

        I want a MM or TP sequel with realistic graphics.

      • Blaze

        Eh.. no. They said the next handled Zelda title is not going to be like that, just that.

    • veeronic

      no, those graphics are banished to the ds!

    • wwtoonlinkfan

      To everyone replying to genjgenj:
      I believe that he does not like the DS Zelda games because of their inferior use of the Wind Waker art style and, like me, he wants a full realization of the art style on the Wii U's superior hardware.

    • eliot

      i'm with you dude, realism is for retards and closed minds!!

    • LinkedTHRULife

      You mean on a console, right? If they go this realistic on a tech demo, they might troll us with another cartoon-style guy. In a good way <3

  • Mike

    Does that mean that they started development on a new Zelda?

    Hell yeah!

    • kkk leader

      no shit son.

    • ijuin

      Given that Zelda is such a long-running series with such success behind it, they would be fools not to be starting on the next game as soon as its predecessor is out the door. It will take two or three major flops in a row (or the demise of Nintendo as a top-tier game producer) to kill this series. I expect that at present they are halfway through production on the first native 3DS Zelda title and deep in preproduction on the Wii U title. I'd expect to see the 3DS title announced as soon as Tokyo Game Show 2012 and released in 2013, and the Wii U title announced in 2013 and released in 2014.

  • Peter

    It'd be neat to see puzzle gameplay centered around the 3d of the 3ds; ex: a more complicated version of those areas in Super Mario 3D Land where you need 3D to see the actual location of coins.

    • Mike

      As someone who has an extremely hard time seeing 3D, whether it be on the 3DS or with 3D glasses, I think this is a terrible idea.

    • Sonicman1011

      Same 😛 (with the terrible idea part and the 3d is horrible part 🙂

  • GuildedBlood

    More boats, YIPPEE!

    not sure if I'm happy or afraid about this…

    • Zoraaa

      why on earth would you be afraid???

      • GuildedBlood

        Endless sailing? Triforce fetch quest? EVERYTHING THAT COMES WITH BOATING

  • Anthony

    I wanna see Zelda and Link KISS!!!

    • K.L.

      This. 🙂

    • ChainofTermina

      I………..don't think it's ever gonna go quite that far. at the end of ST they hold hands, and I'm pretty sure about as much visual romance as we're ever going to get.

      • Anthony

        Then they shouldn't tease fans with 'romance' trailers.

    • Banooru

      Adventure of Link. That's the best its gonna get.

      • Anthony

        With the curtain lowered, you can't know for sure if that was a kiss or just a hug. And don't mention the Oracle-games, those weren't made by Nintendo.

    • occultfan



  • HeroOfTime98

    "The Legend of Zelda: CDi Collection 3D" I would so buy that…

    • Sonicman1011


    • occultfan

      :owns all three:
      clarifying note – [original, no 3-d]

  • MDH

    It's a given Nintendo will do some smart things with a 3DS Zelda. And I think the Wii U controller offers a ton of possiblities for new and interesting methods of gameplay while still appealing to people that may have been alienated by SS' Wiimote motion controls. Not to mention Zelda's jump into HD. I'm excited!

    • Mike

      I hate to break it for you, but SS's motion controls are here to stay. People who are alienated by them might as well stop playing Zelda games.

      • MDH

        Not that I have a problem with that, but the Wii U controller is not exactly designed to be waved around like a Wii remote. And making the Wii remote itself a prerequisite for playing a new Wii U Zelda means forcing customers who may not have had a Wii to buy a Wii remote for a new console, which is very poor marketing.

        • Noob

          It would also suck to have to switch between the wii and wii u controllers.

        • Gward

          They will need to buy wiimotes anyway. The wiimote is still a controller of the wiiU. The tablet controller is simply a new controller that is, I suppose, the MAIN controller of the console, but the point of the wiiu is to use the wii controller WITH the new wiiu controller.

          • Noob

            I meant that you would have to keep switching back and forth between the two controllers, not buy them

          • Gward

            I'm talking about MDH's post, not yours Noob, lol

  • Katie

    People would disagree with me on this, but I really want to see a Wind Waker prequel happen.

    • that guy

      Ocarina of Time was the prequel to WW

    • ChainofTermina

      you're talking about the event where Ganon escapes and the Godesses flood Hyrule in order to stop him, aren't you? I don't think we can ever have a game where that takes place right before our eyes, because the whole POINT of that event was that there was no Link to stop Ganon. if we played a game where that event took place, we would have to be playing as some one other than Link, and yeah, THAT would tooooootally be a-ok with fans….

      • Soulless Creature

        Link loosing to Ganondorf in a Zelda game would be bad, but it would be good if you loose (in which Hyrule is flooded) but then do the second best thing and give him a thrashing in a final boss battle.

        • Soulless Creature

          The thing is if Link looses he won't be remembered as the hero and even if he beats Ganondorf Hyrule has flooded so he has failed, the only other option is another split in the timeline.

          • shakuvendell

            It's my understanding that Majora's Mask is that prequel. That's why the hero did not reappear. He was in Termina.

    • Epir Music Soul

      Wind Waker is already one of the sequels to Ocarina of Time. The WW's prologue explains everything that happened between one of the endings in OoT and the events of WW.

      What I would like to see is a sequel to Skyward Sword that is, at the same time, a prequel to Minish Cap, explaining the origins of the Hyrule Kingdom as well as why is the Piccori Sword (a.k.a the 4 sword) used instead of the legendary Master Sword. The Minish Cap prologue already says that the events of another story took place before.


        this is just a quick theory: IF its true minish cap comes after skyward sword (which i dont have trouble believing) i like to think the master sword is forbidden of being pulled from the pedestal (albeit no one can except link…) because when link pulls it out of the stone he always releases either (the way to the sacred realm which enabled ganondorf to take triforce of power) or releases ganondorfs powers (in wind waker) and so on. HE needs to pull it out, but at the same time theres always drama when he does…which makes for a GENIUS STORY!! zelda rocks

    • Alex Longclaw

      But OoT kind of is WW's prequel.

  • MasterQuestMaster

    I realize that you all should't be worried about a continuity snare (for those who don't know what that is, it's when they make it hard to make a sequel/prequel to a game by adding a concrete timeline) because they only put the order of the games, not the direct dates. We could fit a game in almost any place, minus the very few sequels that have been made, which were all really great games.

  • caleb

    I've actually been looking forward to a "The Legend of Zelda 3D" You know, Keep everything the same, except with the fact that Your point of view is that of OoT. That is the ONLY difference. The original Zelda, from a different view.

  • Is this next project for the 3DS or WiiU? Either way, I'm excited. 8)

    • Ezluke

      I think it would make more sense for it to be for 3DS… OoT 3D was a major Zelda title, but it wasn't exactly a new game. Considering they worked on Skyward Sword for so long, I think it's more likely that another team has been working on a new handheld title.

      • Joey

        I think they even said something about that a while ago, that the next Zelda game was going to be a fully realized game on the 3DS, instead of just a remake ( not that the remake wasn't amazing) that was kind of just to show off the capabilities of the 3DS ^_^. Here's hoping it blows every-ones minds in way of portable gaming.

  • legoturtle92

    Give me the more realistic console style Zelda, with Skayward Sword mechanics, an even more vast world, deep story line filled with a lot of back story like Majora's mask, and maybe have a reappearance of Majora and the Fierce Deity.

    • A prequel to Majora's Mask set in Termina where the origin of both Majora and Fierce Deity are explained perhaps…? Great marketing if they did MM3DS too, take notes Nintendo.

    • shakuvendell

      I really dont think the graphics of Twilight princess were the right way to go. In a game with spring loaded grappling hooks and warner bros. style bombs, where you're fighting jelly blobs, crawling Venus fly traps, and suicide-bomber fish, all while collecting heart shaped crystals and gold-plated insects, high detail, realistic graphics seem to be kind of contradictory. TP looked great, but the gameplay sucked all the realism right out of it. That's fine, too. Zelda was meant to be whimsical from the start. Realism was never meant to be part of the equation.

  • Dual Wielding (A blade in each hand). That would be interesting on the Wii wouldn't it?

    • Sonicman1011

      2 Wii remotes at once FTW! They tried it with Wii Play after all, and I LOVED it :)!

      • X-factor

        Where's Link going to get a second Master Sword?

        • lootic

          Obviously he meant the master sword and the picori blade!

  • aJax

    I want the new HD Zelda game to be the last chronologically, with the last Link and Zelda closing out evil for good from Hyrule. Being last could also put Link into a more technological world. Think Metropolis. That’s my vision anyway!

    • okilydokilyguy

      Personally, the trains in Spirit Tracks is my limit for technology. I'm all for mixing up the formula like they did in Skyward Sword, but if Link started shooting guns and had some sort of laser sword… it just wouldn't feel the same.

    • shakuvendell

      I personally love the series too much to see it end. Why, exactly would you want that? you aren't a Call of Duty psuedogamer, are you?

  • Maybe it will take place in New Hyrule again, or in the lands of the Adventure of Link. I'm ready for a new world.

    • KKK Leader.

      My Reggie is body.

  • Tobi!!

    Id like to see another game like MM. Not in the way of story-line copying, but just copying the mood of the story-line, and how it always seems to be a dark game, not physically but mentally dark. Just all the darkness and how when you think deep about the game it seems so sad and etc etc. Just another game kinda like that mood. and I think iv actually enjoyed every zelda game cept the ones with toon link, It just looks too funny, and im not normally agaisnt toons, but I dont think thats the direction for zelda games.

    • Alex

      Majoras Mask definately is begging for a sequel, or maybe just something like it…
      I loved the atmosphere, and the whole "Mask Collecting" aspect the game brought, like a nice Mask Collection game with a huge Psychotic twist that will destroy the world you are in, in three days.

    • shakuvendell

      Toon Link has been a success so far, so I'm not complaining. Zelda is meant to be whimsical. graphic realism impedes that.

  • 1996isover

    Perhaps I'll be right! Maybe the Wii U game will be a prequel to Wind Waker!

  • ToonLink

    Skyward sword just came out a little more than a month ago! can we please take a break from getting hyped up for another zelda game? its great that another one will be coming out but in how long? 2 or 4 years? lets just enjoy the games we have now and maybe get hyped up for a new one when its a little closer to its release!

    • Banooru

      I'll do both. My game hype stamina meter is full, but I still have plenty of Zelda to hold me over. Thanks Nintendo for an awesome year.

  • AtrueZeldafan

    A windwaker sequel with cell shading graphic (no damn "oh cool dark graphic im playing cod" BS) and with a deeper story (not the ordinary "you are the chosen by the gods and you are going to succed all along")

    • Banooru

      That's why I like the idea that there is a timeline where Link fails in OoT

      • Sonicman1011

        Same 🙂

  • Clax

    I would love another Majora's Mask related game. That is by far the best Zelda game I have ever played!

  • All I want is a game with realistic graphics, don't feel offended but I don't like cartoonist graphics or cell shading graphics, and in the timeline I would like to see a sequel to SS and prequel to MC, or maybe a prequel to MM (no ocarina of time) where they explain the creation of the majora's mask (like the manga)


      why would nintendo ever do a game ABOUT the creation of majoras mask, how the heck would they implement a good driven fun gameplay game. link doesnt come to termina before skull kids obtains the mask so we wouldnt be able to play as link…most zelda games need a completely new story, they are only few sequels to a zelda game. a sequel to skyward sword involving something different than the triforce would be very appropriated since ganondorfs rise is in OOT. so something like majoras mask perhaps since majoras mask doesnt included zelda or the triforce. a quick good idea would be the hylians being installed in hyrule finally, then this evil demon or monster doesnt appreciate them being there and threatns them. i DUNNO just throwing some things out there!

  • VanitasXII

    Regardless of what the hints mean, we know for a fact that this next Zelda release will be awesome. Wait, did I say "this next"? Sorry. I meant "these next", as these next two Zelda releases and even future releases will definitely be awesome!

  • IcyFlameGamer

    Maybe the next game will explain how the "New Hyrule" was found and set up Spirit Tracks

  • colossalt

    Make the gameplay similar skyrim! FPV and 3PV, able to steal stuff and get bounties, realistic (no toon link) graphics, have a companion of link fly him around, or even use a boat, but still keep a zelda storyline going

    • Sonicman1011

      Link is a hero… ergo, NO STEALING OR BOUNTIES (except for Link's Awakening and Twilight Princess, THEIF 🙂

      • Zach

        No, Zelda is Zelda, Make it as big as a world and such with much more sidequests

      • occultfan

        lulz. see what you get when you steal?!!!

        :Rat Photographer takes photograph of you stealing, does not report you to proper authorities. stands idly-by while you are zapped into oblivion:

    • shakuvendell

      That's blasphemy.

    • shoop whoop6


  • halsen

    Heres my plans: In 2 years (2014) we get a cell-shaded zelda game for the 3ds. A year after that (2015) We get a new zeldagame for wii u with realistic hardcore graphics, with a deep story like MM had.

  • GregoryThe2nd

    A voyage?, hmmmm, So my guess is there putting the next zelda title in the wind waker timeline, I hope its a current one, not another prequel

  • zeldajames

    I'd like to see the creation of the fused shadows in a game with the dark interlopers

  • Rick420

    Anyone else think it would be cool if the made a Kid link (not toon link) with Tp graphics.
    I for one would like to see that. I thinks its long overdue and he should be in the next game 🙂

  • King of Hyrule

    Aonuma has stated already that the new game will be for the 3DS. Also IT WILL NOT follow on from WW.

  • Nghsk

    I hope it's the 3DS exclusive they were talking about a while ago, it would be awesomemomeomoemome too if they started from scratch and made a completely new style, like when Wind Waker was introduced. [/fantasies]

  • Nintendo lover

    If Nintendo do a Zelda like the older one (Zelda I, LttP,Four Sword… MC etc…) I would like to have a Zelda like that…Zelda in 3D is really fun but I love the older! (SS rocks!)

  • GhiriMask

    how good would a 3DS zelda be, if it went in between Oot and MM. showing us the creation of the majora's mask and told us why navi ran away!

    • Supermegablue

      Agreed, a game to tell more about the majoras mask would be great, maby history of termina too.

  • wwtoonlinkfan

    I believe that the next Zelda game for the Wii U should utilize the Wind Waker art style precisely because it is overused. The only really good Zelda game to use this art style was Wind Waker, and everything after it was subpar (except for maybe Spirit Tracks). The Wind Waker itself looks like a current-gen game if played in HD with the Dolphin emulator. Actually, I will be content with any art style, but I prefer at least a rerelease of Wind Waker as a downloadable title or a new game with the same art style.

  • mikewj93

    i would like to see a game that jumps around in the timeline. it would show events from various times in the history of hyrule in greater clarity. for example, part of the game would be link's journey back to hyrule after his trip to termina, part would be link and tetra discovering New Hyrule and beginning to build the civilization there, and stuff like that. like…. a collection of mini-adventures. who else thinks that would be cool?

  • mikewj93

    another game i would like to see is one where the people have to return to old hyrule from new hyrule

  • Zeldaissweet

    "It’s comforting for fans to know that their praise and critique is heard by developers, even if they live oceans away." Givesme a thought that that might actually be a hint for MM3D.. Just a thought, I just hope for graphics no less realistic than SS if they are talking about an entirely new Zelda title which I know they for sure have underway too.

  • occultfan

    Only because I'm a kick-butt reality master do I love all [official.] Zelda designs!

    I would imagine that something should be written that would 'resolve' the three stemming time-lines recently published. Something which perhaps we see Demise and Ganon and Vaati and Agahnim somehow combined in an ultimate dark or evil. Remember from FF8 and 9 how the two characters (spoiler-ish alert, skip to next paragraph, please – I too hate spoilers, we all do- done warning now – skip!) – that both the final and ultimate enemies (this theme is presented many times, but I lurve these examples) try to completely destroy all life that they may control everything selfishly? Well… that kind of evil.

    So, something to resolve all the time-lines, something with a 'kinect-like' technology, where we need a full room to run around and play in!! Mwaha! 'pushing blocks', swinging our blades! … boomerang might be hard to pull off, but you can see how cool that would be!!

    Ok, that's my piece for now. Good night, Hyrule.


      U R A WEIRDO

  • neos

    i think a good spot for a new game would be between phantom hourglass and spirit tracks. i think this would work because i was just looking at the timeline and it said that between phantom hourglass and spirit tracks a new continents is discovered and hyrule is reborn. also the evil king maladus is revived. so explaining where he came from would work. im sorry if im incorect as ive never played spirit tracks of phantom hourglass, so dont hate just correct me if you can. but in my opinion i think a game after majoras mask and before twilight princess would be good. because in the end of skyard sword fi says everything that happened needs to be forgoten from human history but in twilight princess ther have the same names for the provincess and there in a gap. so if there was a game to explaine why the province names ore the same it would work very well.

  • Scott

    The realistic Zelda should be for the Wii U and the Wind Waker graphics should be for the next 3DS this year. Plus Majora's Mask 3D sometime maybe in 2013.





  • Ninja-Of-Ice

    This is what i want from the Next Zelda Game…… I want…. Link to hold a Shield and Sword Killing enemy's to save Hyrule(or other kingdom) from an ultimate evil. I don't care about graphics. I just want an AWESOME Legend of Zelda game.

  • Linkof1987

    Nintendo should just poll the entire Zelda community on which graphics to use for the next installment. If the game has Cel shaded graphics the large part of the gaming community that feels that this makes Zelda look childish and the critics will critise Nintendo to the ends of the earth again. If the game has realistic graphics the gaming community that appreciates over the top amazing visuals will think its awesome but the critics will lampoon any think they believe to be slightly wrong with the game.

  • RedVirtue

    I hope the Wii U launches with a Zelda title along side it like the Wii did.

  • fiercedeityfan

    by saying "set sail to our next voyage"…its obvious its a game that takes place in the ocean. Either a wind waker sequel or a phantom hourglass sequel… awesome!!!

  • edna jones

    skyward sword was a boring game. nintendo better get it together

  • Truth

    Online Mode! On Wind Waker's Great Sea! Shadow Battle! 20 Players VS 20 Players! 6 Hour Time Limit!

  • Forgreatmasks

    Sequel to Majora’s Mask plz.

    So people will stop assuming The Hero of Time simply died in the lost woods and MM was just a 3D Links awakening(dream).

    Then release MM3D a year later.

    • Rauru

      People assume MM was a dream? Since when?

      • Horendfals

        There were a lot of people who assumed that.
        If Nintendo wants to do something completely different they can finish the Hero of Time’s story.
        They left it so open to speculation. The only thing required would be Link had to arrive at home at the end.

  • EdwinLopez13

    Personally, I want a new Zelda game on the Wii U with the Wind Waker art style. I don’t want them to put it on the 3DS because as good as the system may be, it won’t make the game look as great as it should.
    Everyone is saying they want the realistic graphics. I’ll admit that that would look amazing in full 1080p, but if they release it too early in the U’s life cycle then I don’t think they would be able to tap into the the system’s full potential. Twilight Princess used the realistic style and it looked amazing, but it wasn’t using the Wii’s full graphical power, it was just using top notch GameCube graphics. I don’t think the cel-shade graphics are too hard to make so they would still be able to make it look amazing. Then later on they can use realistic graphics since they’ll be able to do a lot more with the graphics after they know how much they can do.
    But graphics aren’t everything, I’ll be satisfied as long as it’s a good game.
    Although, I think it’s more likely they’ll release a Zelda game using realistic graphics first. I would think that the new Super Smash Bros. is going to come out within the next two to four years, and they need to use a new model for Link. Unless they decide to use Link from Twilight Princess, because I know Toon Link wouldn’t be used as the main Link.

  • Sakume

    Love the Majora's Mask storyline. So much depth to all characters (not to mention Kafei and Anju).

  • mofi

    i hope it´ll have the same art style and motion controls as skyward sword

  • Alyssa

    I would love to see some sort of connectivity between the Wii U and the 3ds and have the games be interconnected. Maybe more dungeons open up if you connect your 3DS game or you could transfer inventory items. I doubt it would happen, but I think it would be cool.

    As much as I want a pre MM game I doubt it would happen unless Link is the playable character. I suppose you could set it far back enough that there could be another Link.

    One last thing- with the Wii U having HD I want a realistic game. Skyward Sword worked well because of the Wii’s limitations- of the limitations aren’t there then show that fact off! Plus, we just had a non realistic art style game.

  • TheFinalKey

    I'd like to see a game returning to Termina, i mean it's just such a deep meaningful place that it deserves at least one revisit.

    • Supermegablue

      I'd also like to see termina again, maby a prequel where we get the history of termina or sequel where Link returns to termina

      • Iamlftor

        I’d rather not see termina again.
        I love MM but there really is no reason to revisit it(except MM3D).
        How would you make a prequel to MM anyway?
        Not enough events happened to Link between OOT and MM.
        I am hoping feverishly for a MM SEQUEL to properly end the Hero of Time’s journey.
        The concept would be of him making his way back home(MM prophecied he would) and because Nintendo left it so open they could create an entirely new world filled with deep and rich characters.

  • guest

    i would love it to be a prequel to WW or sequel to WW and prequel to PH

  • Nope

    Here I am hoping it will be in another land than Hyrule,like MM.

  • John



  • mini link

    i wanna see the great sea again!!!

  • concerned fan

    Now all there is for Nintendo to realise that the people who fell in love with Zelda all those years ago are now older, and to release games targeted towards bringing in new gamers in such a niche series with such a complex backstory and history would be stupid, because it would mean detracting from the aspect of 'building on the story' because that'd confuse new gamers.
    All the people that love Zelda are now without a doubt in their 20s (maybe even 30s and 40s), and Nintendo needs to realise that as the target audience for this game matures, the game needs to too. What's wrong with a bit of blood, a bit of darkness and horror? I know Nintendo have a strict no sex policy, so they needn't go that far but COME ON NINTENDO!

  • Amber Relic

    God, I love this period of time right before we know anything about the next Zelda. It's all about being creative and imagining every possible gameplay and storyline we fans can think of.

    I look forward to days of researching and imagining and writing about it! And now that we know the official timeline, it gets even better because we can actually theorize about where the next title will fit in.

    I lessthanthree Zelda.

  • Popero44

    I want 2 Zelda games… A link to the past in 3D sounds interesting! I also want a Majora's Mask 3DS version >.<