A collage of the Zelda series

Hyrule Historia is the gift that keeps on giving.  As more and more pages are translated and vigorously read by fans, we are given more previously unknown information about Zelda each day.  GlitterBerri has been quickly and accurately translating her copy of the book, and a quote from Eiji Aonuma not only reconfirms something that fans have known about for years–or, for some, been complaining about–but also gives us a tiny glimpse into the future of the series.  Read on to see what he has to say.

Eiji Aonuma comments on how the Zelda team focuses on gameplay, and then creates a story to adapt to it:

“Chapter 2, “The Full History of Hyrule,” arranges the series in chronological order so it’s easier to understand, but from the very beginning, Zelda games have been developed with the top priority of focusing on the game mechanics rather than the story.  For example, in Ocarina of Time, the first installment of the series I was involved in, the main theme was how to create a game with pleasant controls in a 3D world.  Or in the DS game, Phantom Hourglass, the focus was having comfortable stylus controls.  Finally, in the most recent game, Skyward Sword, we focused on an easy way to swing the sword using the Wii motion plus.”

He then goes on to remark on the feedback the team is receiving on Skyward Sword, and hints on the future of the franchise:

“The long sailing time of creating Skyward Sword, a game to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Zelda series, has just come to an end.  The voices of those who’ve played it from around the world reach us.  We hear their admiration comments, and their criticism too.   All those voices become energy for the next voyage.  Well, to tell the truth, we’ve already set sail in a new voyage.”

The Zelda series' original hero

According to Aonuma, the next title in the Zelda series is already underway, the latest “voyage” for fans to enjoy.  It’s comforting for fans to know that their praise and critique is heard by developers, even if they live oceans away.  If what Aonuma says is to be taken as a hint, perhaps the next Zelda title’s story will be centered around a completely new gameplay mechanic.  Only time will tell.  What new, inventive gameplay mechanics would you like to see in a future Zelda game?

Source:  GlitterBerri (via GoNintendo).