Majora's Mask cel-shaded

After experiencing the timeless, simple beauty of the art design for The Wind Waker, have you wished you could play either Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask in a cel-shaded style? Well thanks to the arduous efforts of one awesome fan, you can.

Djipi has been hard at work for quite some time now and has finally just released his texture mod as a gift in time for the holidays. If you’ve been waiting for an announcement from Nintendo on the eventual Majora’s Mask 3D remake, perhaps this will tide you over for a while.

More screenshots and information on how to download and apply the texture mod can be found on his thread regarding his mod at EmuTalk here.

Source: Emutalk


  • Sweet. I've love to see either this or a mixture of 3D and the cel-shaded graphics in the MM remake if it ever took place.

  • mustachedwaffle

    Simply amazing.

  • Phil

    I'd rather have my Jugular vein torn out than see a Cel-shaded Ocarina of Time, a Cel-shaded Majora's Mask, or a Cel- shaded sequel to Majora's Mask.

    • GuildedBlood

      Its not really Cel-shaded as much as cleaner graphics. It makes the N64 actually more playable and cleaner and crisper than ever before and if you can't see that then well…


  • Osama Bin Laden

    Cel Shaded for MM???

  • Rakshael

    This mod is finally gonna get me to finish Ocarina of Time. Lost the drive to finish after the second Master Quest dungeon, but this makes me want to play the normal version with upgraded graphics!

    (I finished MM with all masks ages ago, it was epic!)

  • operationmoonfall

    Love it.

  • Chip

    This changes many of the essential colors of the characters and of some props entirely. Why? For that reason alone I don't like this. If it had been a straight HD texture mod, and not something that clearly took creative liberties in changing what made this game great, then I'd have supported this. But they lost me as soon as I saw Happy Mask Salesman wearing brown. This is not the Majora's Mask I knew and loved. Why not also remake Mario 64 in HD and make Mario wear purple overralls, change his hair to green, while we're at it?

  • it's cute, but i didn't like Link's eyes xD

    • Chris

      I know right? they weren't proportional to the size of his head, made him look like a beady eyed soulless monster…

  • Mitch

    How about a MM remake for the Wii U instead of the 3ds.. full blown HD revamp (;

    • starcow123

      how 'bout both? 🙂

  • Rocksor

    Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask whats next?

    • Sammy

      Hmm, how about Wind Waker? >u<

      • RomaniRancher

        No! That game never gets old, it doesn't need to be remade 😀

  • Sakume

    I liked it until I saw Anju's hair being blue. Unfortunately I have to agree that there's something about the major characters having color changes that just doesn't abode well enough with me for me to approve it.

  • Sammy

    I'd love to see MM in 3D but I'd rather have it after Nintendo releases an original. game.

    • RedBearLuX

      I certainly want an original game, but it really wouldn't take up that much man power to make Majoras Mask for 3DS especially if they (and I think they should) Get GREZZO involved again. Personally I'm hoping for a double dose of Zelda 3DS at E3 😉 Hopeful? Yes. Would it be wonderful? Hell yeah it would!!

  • Trk

    The title of the video says that is Hd Texture, not a cell shading one.
    Fail to Zelda Universe.
    But at least it looks good.

  • N64dudeman

    The cel-shaded OOT mod has been done for at least two years now, and its awesome (without random re-colored characters). However the HD Retexture for OOT is absolutely beautiful, and the Twilight Princess Texture pack for OOT has the main logo look beautiful. Emutalk had, (and hopefully still has) a ton of great texture packs, dont let this pack by Djipi turn you away from his OOT, or let the cel-shaded pack turn you away from Retextures in general.

  • veeronic

    the lack of clear instructions is unimaginably irritating.